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If you are a brand who would like to send me something for review please contact me using the email address ! I am open to all sorts of a collaborations and if I feel a product fits into my blog I will be more than happy to write up a review of my experiences with said product. I will also feature sponsored content here on my blog which I charge at a rate of £10 per hour; please be aware that such content will also display a disclaimer as I aim to be as transparent as possible in order to maintain a good relationship with my readers. 

Please note that I do not write posts featuring press releases or content from other blogs. It is not normally beneficial for me or my readers and therefore I do not do it. I like the process of writing my own material and that is why I also won't publish any kind of content that hasn't been written by me unless I ask someone personally to write a guest post. 

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I'm always open to suggestions and thoroughly enjoy working with other bloggers and brands!



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