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I'm Lisa a wee 20 something history student with a dangerous skin care obsession. I started my blog in 2013 after battling a horrible eruption (quite literally) of cystic acne and receiving treatment which made me feel depressed, worthless and generally unstable. It was one of the worst periods in my life but with this blog and a new plant based diet I fought back and the skin gods have been reasonably good to me ever since. I have really enjoyed the creativity that has spawned from me ever since and have met some amazing people along the blogging journey despite a few setbacks. 

I called this blog The China Doll Diaries because at 5"2 I'm a bit on the small side and when I was in school teachers, friends of the family, and those who didn't know me well used to always say I looked 'like a little china doll'. So that's the story behind the unusual name!

When I'm not blogging/studying I work in social media part-time for a charity which I absolutely love as I get to take charge of my own work load from home and set personal goals and objectives. I'm a little twitter crazy but I'm not huge on selfies. I like gin ALOT and I have been seriously bitten by the wanderlust bug ever since I traveled and lived abroad last year in Portugal. You might find posts on anything from vegan recipes to make up wish lists to personal anecdotes on my blog.

Enjoy my content xo
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  1. oi meu nome é Paula de Moçambique acho te uma moça cheia de garra.


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