Thursday, 26 January 2017

Trying Out Threads Eyelashes

I have always aspired to be one of those folks who apply false eyelashes like an absolute pro. I always think they look amazing on people who wear them and can really open out the eyes when used correctly. So when Threads asked me if I'd like to try a couple of pairs I was thinking in the back of my head that I really hope these are easy to apply because if not I'm in big trouble. Funnily enough I actually got on pretty well with them which if you watch my Insta stories (Instagram here) you might already know...

I received the Charleston and the BeeBop Lashes which are both very similar and relatively natural looking with the latter of the two being slightly shorter and finer. I'd say that they looked quite similar to other lashes I've bought in the drugstore before, however, the actual Threads Website holds other slightly quirkier designs. My one struggle with lashes is that I always have to trim them down to fit my eye shape and these were no exception.  They were easy to trim down and I like that they have quite a discreet lash line which is easy to disguise with a small amount of black eyeliner. I also found that the Charleston Lashes were much more suited to my face shape and flattered the shape of my eyes so if I was going to pick just one set then it would most definitely be those!

The application was fairly easy although I'd imagine for someone who wears them regularly it would be no problem at all. I like to use my tweezers and put a mirror both in front and underneath my face so I can really see how close I am getting to the lash line. After applying the glue I always tend to give it about 30-40 seconds to get proper tacky before sticking it on. I use my tweezers and my ring finger to ensure I am positioning the lashes correctly and hold for around 10 seconds to set in place. With these lashes this was all pretty straight forward and there wasn't too much faffing around. I also really think the adhesive that comes with these is a dream. I've been banging on for ages about my Esqido Eyelash Companion but this one is even better! 

Overall, I really think these lashes are perfect for someone like me who likes to keep things quite natural and wants as 'fuss-free' an application as possible. All falsies are a little bit fiddly when you think about it so the results I had when wearing these were definitely worth it. Unlike other brands I've tried they didn't come unstuck at the corner during wear and they were reasonably comfortable. I was quite aware of them but that's probably because I'm not that used to wearing eye lashes at all. These come in at £9.00 which I think is a tiny bit steep considering you can get pretty decent ones at the drugstore cheaper than this, but it all depends on how much wear you are going you get out of them! I might try another design next time! 

What is your favourite eyelash brand? Are you a pro at putting them on or a nightmare like me? I would love to know!
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