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Introducing Kiss

One of my most favourite things about blogging is that quite often you get to try products that you may not have ever had the opportunity to otherwise. I always tend to stick with the same brands, and make up items that have always worked for me and that is why I completely relish any opportunity to try new cosmetics! I've even discovered some of my favourite brands this way! I recently got the chance to test out some new Kiss Products and I've been loving every minute of it...

Before we get started I'd like to just introduce you to the brand themselves. Kiss Cosmetics are an innovative brand committed to creating products that help us to get salon results at home. Reasonably priced and creative this is the brand for anyone who loves to pamper and take care of themselves but doesn't perhaps have the time or income to spend on beauty treatments. The concept is awesome and I definitely think they are going to go far! I was so excited when I was sent some products to try and I couldn't wait to share the results with you!  

Wing It Eyeliner
This was the one thing I was really intrigued by when I first saw the press release and I was so excited to use it when it popped through my letter box! Its essentially a black gel liner which is also water proof and smudge proof, however, what I liked about this most was that it features a dinky little eye stencil with 6 different looks to create. I probably wouldn't use this every day as it is a bit fiddly but the concept is fun and creative and the stencil actually really works to help you create the most perfect flicks every time. I have had a lot of practice over the years with my cat flicks as I wear them every day, but perhaps if you aren't as used to winged eye liner this could be a good place to start.

The actual liner itself was really good quality and its definitely more of a gel texture than other liners I have tried which can be quite mousse like and you really have to build up to the correct pigment. This is really creamy and goes on perfectly straight away. It's also super long lasting and I actually tried this out in the shower to see if it would hold up to its claims and it more or less stayed in place. For the price of this I think its great quality and would make a nice addition to your make up kit or just as an every day eye liner.

The one thing I didn't like about this was the brush but I haven't ever bought a gel liner where I used the brush that came with it so if you are like me you probably have your own eye liner brush anyways. For reference I use the Zoeva Wing Liner Brush which is one of the best in my brush collection! If you wear gel liner a lot then this brush is a great investment! I promise!

Natural Flourish Blooming Lashes-Daisy
As I mentioned previously in Thursdays blog post I have tried a lot of different false eye lashes over the years trying to find the best shape for my eyes and ones that sit quite comfortably on. It's something that I'm really getting used to now. These lashes are a little bit different to anything I've ever tried before as they use multi-angle technology to create the most fluttery voluminous lashes. In other words the lashes fan out in different direction to create a more natural look. I am obsessed with these as I much prefer adding volume to my lashes rather than length. I wore these to an event and they look so natural and really give my eyes such a pretty almond shape.

As normal I did have to cut these down a little so they would fit but I don't really mind too much as I cut them from the outside so that they would retain their natural shape. In terms of application I still find this the most difficult part although as I said its something I am trying to get used to. These lashes are also probably the most comfortable and wearable ones I have ever tried. They are incredibly light weight and if you light to wear lashes daily these would be a really good choice. They are also super affordable and I would without a doubt repurchase these. I also tend to not apply mascara or other products to my falsies so I can re-use them so even if I wore these just twice it still works out great value for money!

Kiss products feature lashes, acrylic nails and other cosmetics which can now be found in selected Asda, Boots and Superdrug stores across the UK!

Have you tried KISS Cosmetics yet? Would you use these products?
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