Thursday, 12 January 2017

5 Reasons to put Hamburg on your Travel Bucket List

My other half and I are not long back from a rather festive trip to Hamburg. The decision to go there was based on the fact that we wanted to go somewhere quite chilled out but that also would be quite festive where we could spend our New Year. We immediately thought of Germany and after a little bit of research Hamburg seemed like the perfect city to lose ourselves in for a few days. I though I would recap on all the things that made this city the ideal break for us... 

1. The Beatles
Who knew that one of the biggest British bands to ever grace this planet came from humble beginnings playing through the night at a host of sleazy clubs in Hamburg? Well actually anyone who has seen backbeat will but OF COURSE you should go and check it out. The city offers tours of places where they played and of course who would we be if we knocked back the opportunity to get a photo with the band at the famous Beatles Platz. I have to warn you if you plan on coming to the Reeperbahn to see Beatles memorabilia make sure you do so during the day as things get a little sleazy past dark. If it's good enough for Paul McCartney its good enough for us right?!

2.Its the 'Gateway to the World'
Did you know that Hamburg is one of the biggest port cities in the world? I did, but that's only because I researched it first. Because of this you will find endless lakes, boats and canals and being one of those people who is immediately relaxed at the sight of water I could not resist a hot chocolate by the Alster Lake. I also recommend taking a trip to Hafen City which by the way is bloody phenomenal. It is home to some of the most industrial looking buildings you have ever seen in your life overlooking the port of Hamburg. It also combines new with old with many newly built student flats and offices on historic grounds. It's a really interesting place and if you like maritime history you might want to pay the Maritime Museum a visit. We didn't have the time and Lewis wasn't so keen but if I ever go back its on my list!

3. Tourists need not apply.
This might not be such a positive for those who seek home comforts away from home but the only other tourists we met on our trip were actually from other parts of Germany. We only heard one person talk with a Scottish (or British for that matter) accent the whole time and how wonderful it was! We also got spoken to ALOT in German which shows that we didn't stick out like a sore thumb like we might have had we headed elsewhere in central Europe. I'm so glad that we were left to our own devices to explore and eat where we wanted instead of being enticed into some over-priced eatery or forced to go on some expensive bus tour.

4. Shop till ya drop.
I was definitely impressed with the range of shops in Hamburg city centre. We took a leisurely stroll through the Europa Passage in the Alstadt district and I was personally gutted that we only had taken hand luggage when I realised just how many shops there were. On the Neuer Wall there are also a lot of designer shops such as Tiffany's, Gucci and Michael Kors so there is a bit of something for everyone and all budgets. Its really accessible by the reliable train service and it was actually within walking distance from our hotel although it was so cold that we usually did just hop on the train. Also because we were there during Christmas all of the streets were beautifully decorated and there were so many Christmas Markets, which are much more affordable than ours!

5. It's the Ultimate 'Affordable' Cosy Winter Break
I could not believe how cheap Hamburg was in comparison to some other German cities I've been to and even though it was freezing, most of the time it was dry, crisp and sunny with bright blue skies making it perfect for sight seeing and strolling around the city completely free of charge. I'm not entirely sure whether its like that all the time but it definitely made things easier for us. I don't often go away in the winter so wrapping up in hats and scarves was definitely new, but I have to say I enjoyed it. There are plenty of markets and pubs with outdoor heating for you to snuggle up in as well as numerous places to grab a coffee or a hot chocolate to go. I recommend a trip to Groninger Privatbrauerei to grab yourself a very German stein of freshly brewed beer. I actually managed to drink a whole two of these even though it took me ages!

Overall we could not have enjoyed our time here more and its definitely been one of my favourite city breaks ever. I love how laid back it was and I felt so at home. If you are looking for a new city to explore on a budget I think Hamburg is definitely doable!

Have any of you ever been here? Where is the next place you want to travel to? 
Lisa x


  1. This sounds fab! This is will be on the list of places to go next week for Christmas markets!! I would love to see some of Germany!
    Nicole xx

    1. Awww I recommend Germany in general such a huge place with so many different cities which are so different from one another! Happy travels! Xxx

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