Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

Every Christmas without fail I feel overwhelmed by how good everyone is to me. From just a Christmas card to a new pair of shoes I appreciate every single gift and my friends, family and boyfriend never fail to amaze me. I always like to show you guys the things I get and this year is no exception. I am by no means showing off I just really enjoy reading these posts so I like to do my own too...

Without a doubt my favourite present from my mum and dad this year was my new Tripp Suitcase. I've been looking for something like this for so long and although I know these cases last so well I still grudge having to part with so much money for something I use only about 3 times a year. This was a complete surprise too as I hadn't asked for it! Another gift which I know my mum bought for me specially was the Mio Liquid Yoga which I've seen people raving about and just new I had to get some. It's a lot of money for just a bath soak I'll admit but it smells incredible and I'm so excited to use it.

My parents also gave me some beautiful silver studs, the Pixi Gift of Glow and loads and loads of stocking filler bits. I wish I could have taken these pictures before I actually ate half of the chocolate I was given but I just couldn't help myself! One of my favourite stocking presents was a little Gin and Tonic Hand Cream and matching Lip Balm. I love cute gimmicky things like that!

From Lewis this year I got the Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch which I pretty much hinted at him to buy me all year. This was really expensive so I wasn't expecting him to get me much else but he also got me some Calvin Klein sleepwear, a HTC Tablet and a Radley London purse. I couldn't believe it on Christmas morning when the gifts just kept coming and coming, however, I was so excited to get a small gift from him which was the Lonely Planet Guide to Bali. We are planning a trip there next year and its making me pretty excited flipping through it and choosing places that we want to go.

I also got some really cute and thoughtful things from my friends like perfume, candles, jewellery and my friend Isla even managed to bring me back some Sephora goodies from Thailand so I'm really excited to try them, while Lewis' family got me some really nice clothes, chocolates and wine. I even got the obligatory chocolate Santa from his mum which I've managed not to eat yet haha!

Last but not least I got some cute bits from my younger brother who always somehow manages to do so well with gifts for me (probably with help from my mum). He bought me a perfume that I have been wanting for so long which is the Liz Earl Botanical Essence No.20. It smells incredible. If that wasn't enough he gave me a Cowshed Winter Candle which I'm so excited to burn.

I'm honestly so overwhelmed with all of the cute gifts I received from everyone and I just want to say thank you to anyone who bought me anything, sent me a card or a text message. Your love and kindness is appreciated!

I would love to know in the comments what your favourite gift was or how you spent the day? 
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Lisa x


  1. These are so cute, glad you had a good one :)

    I dont see these posts as showing off too, I personally love reading them.


    1. Thank you lovely! Yeah I figured that I love reading them so others probs do too haha x

  2. Sephora sheet mask with avocado is one of my favs :)
    Silvia | www.andoutcomesthegirl.com

    1. I haven't even got around to trying it yet I can't wait ! X


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