Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Specsavers #loveglasses Press Event

Being a blogger sure has some perks and one of them is definitely being invited to events. Any sort of event offers a unique opportunity to network with bloggers, PR's and Journalists in an intimate way that you can't quite do online. A couple of Thursdays ago I was very kindly invited along to the Specsavers #loveglasses Press Event in the BoConcept store in Glasgow...

Before we continue I have to admit something. Despite writing this blog for almost three years now I rarely go to events. Sometimes I am far too busy to attend or have work or uni and other times I just crumble with anxiety at the thought of having to attempt to make myself sound interesting through the medium of small talk. I'm shy around people I don't know well, which if you do know me sounds ridiculous because I probably do your head in talking half the time. Having made a promise to myself this year to say yes to (almost) everything, however, I cheerfully went along. Most events are set up to put those attending completely at ease and this one was certainly no exception. Those organising and running the event were friendly as ever from the moment I walked in the door till I left at the end of the evening, goody bag swinging on my arm. 

As I strutted up to the venue I couldn't help but notice that it's window had been beautifully decorated by local artist Clare Barclay to welcome us all upon arrival. The store in itself was amazing, and I honestly felt quite ashamed that I had never once been in there before despite walking past on quite a regular basis! On being led upstairs I had a little nosy at some of the lovely homey bits before being met by a delicious spread of canapes and sweets which had been laid out for us. I also marvelled over the equally delicious non-alcoholic cocktails I was made at the bar. 

I made the rounds to conquer shyness and speak to some of the Specsavers brands about their glasses collections even bumping into a friendly face who I'd met at a previous social event on my way around. I also had a good look for the golden glasses before settling down to have my nails filed and polished by the lovely Rachel from Bespoke Beauty. I absolutely love having my nails done so this was an absolute treat and it was so nice being able to chat with someone who is so passionate about what she does and of course getting to know more about the salon as I love to support local businesses! I will most definitely be paying a visit there in the future!

Next I was determined to have my locks braided by the lovely girls from Blow. I'm not going to lie I was there quite while due to my ridiculously long and thick tresses but it was so worth it! There were also some representatives there from Blythswood Square Hotel and Spa offering miniature Spa treatments but unfortunately I didn't get around to that as I had dinner plans meaning I had to head off fairly quickly after a quick run around of the event. Despite not having a spa treatment I still left feeling gloriously pampered with my freshly painted nails and braided hair. 

Although I had to slip away quite early on in the evening I still made a beeline for a sneak peek the new Cath Kidston collection before doing so. I am seriously considering investing in a pair of these after spending so much time with the girls trying them all on and trying to decide which frames suited me best. There were also lots of gorgeous frames from the likes of Karl Largerfield, Love Moschino and GANT but I definitely think Cath K's collection was my firm favourite. After the event I was given a few discount cards along with a packed goody bag full of yummy treats, press packs, and beauty samples. It was definitely a lovely evening and I'm so thankful for being invited along to be a part of it!

What events have you been to lately? I'd love to know in the comments!
Lisa x


  1. Lovely post. I'm glad to see it isn't just me that suffers from anxiety around events! It seems like you had a great night 😊

    1. Awww yeah I can imagine a lot of folk are the same especially as my blog is quite small! Glad I went though :) x

  2. Don't worry you're definitely not the only one quaking in your boots about these events! Glad you've decided to start braving some of them :) Sounds like you had an amazing time - I'd have been straight to the Cath Kidston table too! They can do no wrong!!
    Jess xx

    1. Thanks for the reassurance lovely! I think everyone finds these things a little daunting sometimes Im so glad I decided to actually make the effort to go along though :) x


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