Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Shopping for Bargains in TK Maxx

I think when it comes to buying beauty products so many of us want to save money. Unfortunately, beauty products are expensive and sometimes unjustifiably so, which can be a real problem if you want to try out different products and create new content for your blog. Recently, I've been trying to be a little bit more careful with my money and make the pennies stretch a bit further, and I have probably visited T.K Maxx about 4 to 5 times since September intent on buying luxury products at low prices...

I have to admit if you want to find yourself a bargain in one of these stores you have to be clever about it, particularly if you have your heart set on buying some luxury beauty products. Normally by mid day people have been testing out products opening up boxes and swatching eye shadows that are actually for sale. Many of these products often end up smashed and damaged which is such a shame and its one of the reasons I always go early in the morning. T.K Maxx literally sell so many good beauty brands these days from Victoria's Secrets to This Works to Neom Organics London; I'm definitely impressed at how they've upped their game in time for the festive season.

A few days ago I found the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer for under a fiver, which if you think about it is pretty spectacular considering it retails at around the £15 mark. I think the T.F products had come in that very morning as the packaging seemed to be in perfect condition, so much so that I actually bought four of these which I think will make lovely gifts for some of my friends and family! Next I picked up a Laura Mercier Full Coverage Under Eye Concealer for just £5.99! While the box was a little worse for wear (the reason I got it so cheap!)the product inside is in perfect condition and after using this for only a few days I already think this might just become one of my all time favourite products!

I've also been on the hunt for a decent beauty sponge or blender for a little while too and when I came across this Marvel Blender from a brand called Nanshy I immediately popped it into my basket. I've used brushes by this brand before which I got in a beauty box and I quite liked them so I was really happy to find this for just £2.99. In addition to this I've been so happy to find that some of my favourite brushes from Real Techniques are now available in T.K Maxx however on this occasion I decided instead to opt for the Brush Cleaning Gel. I'm so bad for cleaning my brushes and I always forget so hopefully this will get me in the right mind-set to do so.

I'm actually ridiculously happy with everything I picked up not to mention the gifts and giveaway prizes I managed to accumulate too (all will be revealed soon)! I actually think I might have to buy about 90 per cent of my Christmas presents from here since they also currently have a huge range of designer clothing and accessories in stock! I have my eye on some beautiful Lulu Guinness bags and purses so I'll have to put them on my own Christmas list.

P.S. I've tried my best to link to the products on the store website but it wasn't always possible and the items very in price depending on shades etc. so its worth taking a trip down to your local store if you can't find them online.

What bargains have you picked up lately? Has anyone else been shopping in T.K Maxx recently?

Lisa x

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