Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How I Made Christmas my Favourite Time of Year...

Its the most wonderful time of the year. The shops have started opening late, the Christmas lights have been switched on in my local town and I've even been to Costa for a gingerbread latte. I have to admit I never really used to be a huge fan of Christmas but as I've got older this time of year has become more and more special to me. To be honest I'm not mad about actual Christmas day itself but I love the build up to it and every year I try to make it as exciting and fun as possible...

Advent Calendars
I recently bought this Beauty Advent Calendar (pictured) from M&S and it's really making me excited about it turning December the first so I can open this bad boy! It's filled with amazing beauty brands such as Pixi, Burts Bee's and Emma Hardie and goes right up until Christmas day! I'm so buzzing about this because now despite spending every penny I own on others during these months I will still feel like I'm treating myself every day too. I also have a traditional chocolate advent calendar because how could I not right?! I absolutely love the countdown to Christmas and now its just an excuse to either pamper yourself or eat chocolate very day! 

Christmas Shopping
I think for most people this is one of the most expensive things about Christmas and I will admit it's probably the time of year my finances are struggling the most. I can spend a lot of money mainly because buying gifts is one of my favourite parts of Christmas! That little boy from the John Lewis advert circa 2011(link) is actually me. I absolutely love seeing my mums face when she opens her presents from me because she is one of these people who would spend her last penny on my brother and I before even thinking about treating herself. I also like using Christmas as an opportunity to buy Lewis the clothes that he really looks good in as opposed to the ones he wants (if your girlfriend isn't secretly doing this is she even your girlfriend though?!). My best advice is to try and start as early as possible or to put money away throughout the year. Even £40 a month will land you with a tidy sum of £400 to start your gift buying come October. I have personally finished my Christmas shopping although I still have a few bits to get for my gift guides which will be going to all of my friends...lol sorry guys if you are reading this! 

Christmas Candles
Candles are a really good and relatively inexpensive way to pamper yourself at Christmas if you feel a bit down in the dumps. I got this huge Gingerbread Scented Candle from Home Bargains recently for less than a fiver and despite the small price tag it definitely fills the room with scent and it also smells like proper gingerbread too! I know that sickly sweet Christmassy scents aren't for everyone but Asda sell Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle which is a more affordable version of the original brand and they do some amazing fresh scents like Candy Cane and Fresh Balsam. There's honestly nothing better than being wrapped up all cosy in blankets with your hot chocolate and scented candles when its really cold outside. 

Christmas Music
This is something that may not appeal to a lot of people but I'm such a sucker for Christmas music. Anything by Darlene Love gets me going and up on my feet. I love how music has that nostalgic effect of sending you back to your fondest memories and Christmas music always makes me think of my friends and I in the pub on Christmas Eve in 2014 having the actual time of our lives! 

Gift Guides
I know that gift guides are meant to be used to plan what you want to give to your loved ones or even to give you some inspiration but personally I use these to plan what I'm going to but myself in the sales come boxing day. Boots for example normally half price all of their perfume gift sets so I normally warn people against buying me perfume and get it there the next day instead! I tend to be of the mindset that sales tempt you into buying things you don't really want (my mum always says 'if you really wanted it you'd have it already') but this way I already have a plan of what I'm going to buy come boxing day and I normally just go online and order rather than trekking my hungover self all the way into town. 

Parties and Get Together's
Normally this time of year is when my social life begins to perk up. Suddenly I'm no longer living like a hermit with my Netflix and snacks and propelled into a world where I actually put on red lipstick and high heels. I love that Christmas brings people together. I always find that friends who I haven't seen in a while are keen to get together and have nice days or nights out. It's my favourite thing about Christmas! I like the opportunity to be able to go out, get dressed up and the fact that my social calendar is normally buzzing in December means that I have endless things to look forward to!

How do you celebrate the run up to Christmas time? Do you like Christmas or is it just another day to you?

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Lisa x


  1. I do love Christmas, there was a time I added everything gold and red at home, now I can't because of cats :( sigh sigh

    1. Haha poor you! But at least you have fur babies to love instead :) x

  2. I need to pop into home bargains now! That advent calendar looks incredible!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Awww they have so many different Christmassy things! Dont worry I'll be doing a review of this calendar on the blog when I'm finished with it and know what's inside !! X

  3. The run up to Christmas is one of my favourite things, it's the whole festivity of it! The lights, decorations, colours, candles, music, food, everything just makes me feel really light inside and I feel like it just brings everyone together xx


    1. Awww I'm so glad someone agrees with me it's just such a nice happy time of year ! :) x


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