Saturday, 15 October 2016

Taking a Break from Social Media for the Sake of my Sanity

Recently (well actually around two months ago) I stopped posting on my blog and really apart from the odd Instagram or Tweet about Celebrity Big Brother actually also stopped posting regularly on social media. I run the social media sites of a well known charity as a volunteer, I've had internships doing this kind of thing and due to my now 3+ years of blogging I also had to become familiarised with using it to promote my posts and content. However recently I just felt like I had to stop using it so much for my own sanity and I want to explain why...

I've now got to that awkward age where people are either getting married and moving on with their lives, starting families, buying a family home, or even moving halfway across the world in some cases and these updates are a constant reminder of the fact I don't have these things (yet). It's not that I want all these things right now or that I'm even that bothered about them but some part of me is suffering from a little bit of life envy just thinking how nice it would be to be either in my dream job or travelling some cool places. To really know what my life was about or on the other hand to try something new and exciting. Don't get me wrong I have also lived in a different country and I'm very grateful for that experience but part of me is starting to feel like I have come back to be in the exact same place doing the exact same thing and its almost scary. I want to be excited by my life every day and happy about every decision I make but its so hard to focus when you keep seeing other people doing certain things and only one thought pops into your head: 'Should I be doing that?'.

 To top it off I also started reading a lot of new blogs and of course instantly thought they were a million times better than mine. Don't get me wrong some of them are as I know millions of people have built up great successful careers in blogging and vlogging but I still wanted to be able to take those beautiful images that others did and have enough time on my hands to actually schedule and tweet about posts. The last straw for me was when I saw a quite well known blogger openly moaning about the trip to the Maldives which she was GIFTED and talking about how she couldn't be bothered to write a post about it. Immediately I felt as though all my hard work and efforts from building up friendships with other bloggers to talking with brands and spending hours writing enjoyable (at least I like to think so) content had all been a complete waste of time. 

I have numerous friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family members who paint a life on Instagram, and Facebook that is nothing like the life they actually lead. I know couples who PDA online more than is absolutely necessary and yet their relationship is far from perfect. I see the exact same holiday picture in Ocean Beach Club Ibiza about 100 times a day scrolling through my feeds, or one from someones gap year next to some poor sedated tiger cub in Thailand. There are the #fitness freaks who preach about how bad it is to eat a biscuit or pasta or calories, people with gluten allergies that don't actually know what gluten is (its a protein btw and its in a whole lot more than bread)  and the Z list celebrities from the ranks of Big Brother and Love Island using their accounts as an advert for all kinds of nonesense that they don't actually care about. Are we all becoming clones? Are we really all this boring?

I didn't actually go insane and I have since returned to my social media accounts and of course being the hypocrite I am I've joined in with every stupid fad from using the dog Snapchat Filter, to posting on Instagram while being actually on holiday.However, those couple of weeks when I barely went on anything were so relaxing. I think we all could do with time out now and then to help us to actually enjoy and live in the moment instead of documenting every single thing we do!

How does everyone else feel about social media? Does it sometimes make you feel not good enough? Give you life envy? Or just make you hate people in general? 

Lisa x

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