Thursday, 20 October 2016

'No Make-up' Make-up: Bases

There was a time not so long ago when I did everything I could to cover up my skin. I caked on the Estee Lauder Double Wear and the Mac Studio Fix and plastered concealer on top. Before I got into make-up properly I used to genuinely believe that the best way to fake good skin was to cover your own up with as much product as possible. Nowadays my slightly lazier approach to make up means I'm actually looking for ways to make my look as natural and minimal as possible and I've been getting into BB creams for during the day. I've been loving these three in particular...

Garnier BB Cream + Blur
This one is my favourite for getting a natural dewy glow that lasts all day and the coverage is so light that you would barely be able to tell I had anything on at all. This product comes with a built in primer which blurs and minimises pores and imperfections. I got this on a whim when I spied it on offer in Boots and I wasn't really expecting much to be honest so this one has definitely surpassed my expectations. It also comes with SPF 30 so the perfect base for wearing on a hot city break and because its so moisturising it is also perfect for winter. I've only been using it a few weeks and can already see that I'm going to be repurchasing it forever. It's literally 'my skin but better'.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + Unifant*
If like me you have a few little skin problems from time to time and you are a fan of the original Effaclar Duo + then this tinted moisturiser may be right up your street. Like the original it aims to unclog pores and minimise any redness or scarring from spots so this is a good product to use whilst suffering from break outs or acne but this one has the added of benefit of giving a small amount of coverage. I will say that it is a little drier than a normal BB cream or tinted moisturiser so I only use this when my skin is oily or suffering from spots. It has a nice satin finish to it and its not going to cause any further skin grievances unlike most base products. I've also tried using it as a primer under foundation and it works a treat!

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream
Well if you have been reading this blog right from the start you probably already know that I've been using this product daily for over a year now. This is the very product which actually stopped me using foundation in the first place. It has 3 pigments to counteract the usual skin complaints such as redness, dullness and dark spots and it offers a light to medium coverage so is a little heavier than the other two bases I have mentioned. I normally have to use a primer to make sure this one stays put all day long but apart from that its a gorgeous base with added benefits of SPF 15 and I can leave this on my skin all day knowing that its also incredibly hydrating.

Do you prefer a BB Cream or a foundation? Have you used any of these base products? 
Lisa x


  1. I've been the same recently! I used to wear a super heavy foundation but now i opt for something a bit lighter!

    1. Awww our skin will be thanking us for it though :) x

  2. I love the Garnier BB creams too; I always used to buy these before I tried the La Roche Posay one, which I think works a little better for me in terms of oil control. Lovely post - I have that background for some of my photos, too haha #twinnys

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

    1. Yeah I like the garnier one for a lovely dewy look! Haha I think a lot of bloggers have it! x

  3. Love BB creams on my lazier days!

    1. Yep they are so much better than having foundation caked on! x


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