Saturday, 16 July 2016

NYX Shine Killer

I used to be one of those put together people that would always wear a primer. Every day to work, nights out, to the gym make up was basically always perfect. These days I just forget since I don't wear as much make up, and I certainly don't wear it everyday, but a primer is probably one of the most important make up steps if you are going to be out and about for the whole day and need to look fresh...

If you read my last post on the NYX eye shadow palette (link) you will already know I'm only just starting to delve into this beauty brand and I actually accumulated quite a few bits from my friends and family as gifts for my birthday. The Shine Killer is essentially a silicone based primer that supposedly banishes any excess shine for a more matte and flawless look. At the weekends I normally don't go for a matte look but when I'm in the office 8 hours a day Monday through to Friday I need something that is going to stay put when it comes to make up as I don't get much time to fix it up since I very rarely take breaks and have found myself eating lunch at my desk a lot this month (woe is me). 

Normally I don't really go for silicone based primers as they can break out my irritatingly sensitive skin but there are a few I really like and actually just a heads up that the Beauty Bay primer(yes they have their own primer) is one of those and it costs less than a fiver. Anyways going back to the product at hand it definitely works in terms of keeping excess oil away and I noticed that my normal BB cream stayed in place instead of slipping around my face (does anyone else work in a place with zero control over the temperature?). It did actually allow me to apply my make up much more evenly and I probably only powdered twice throughout the entire day.

This honestly is a really good primer and its every bit as good as Benefit Porefessional, which by the way I do like but it breaks me out and don't even talk to me about how gross it feels. However, I think for the same price you would probably be better off with the Revlon Photo Ready Primer as it does have an edge over this one slightly. NYX have a whole host of base and priming products though so I will most definitely be checking out some of them!

How do you feel about a primer? Is it something you wear often? What is your favourite primer brand?

Lisa x

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