Thursday, 21 July 2016

Natural Collection Highlighting Sticks

Here on my blog I never really shy away from budget beauty brands with some of the lower priced things often making their way into my most favourite products and I have to say drugstore brands are really stepping up their game these days. They seem to be coming up with more and more innovative products and completely nailing packaging and as a drugstore girl at heart I'm all for it so its not hard to see why I've fallen fast and hard for something new at the Natural Collection Stand...

Megan from Thumbelina Lillie who is one of my favourite blogging gals/blogs and just an all round sweetheart to be honest recently took part in a few campaigns for NC (link) so whilst I was going about my business in Boots I couldn't help but take a wander over there to check out her pictures and of course it wasn't long before something caught my eye. I'm a complete sucker for anything cute and gimmicky and when I saw these Natural Collection Highlighting Sticks I just had to have them. At only £1.99 a pop they didn't set me back much at all and I picked up the two shades that I thought sounded quite fun and summery which are coral glow and copper glow. Oh and for anyone interested they also do a rose glow shade but unfortunately they had none left or I would definitely have bought all three.

As you can imagine these are teeny tiny little blush/highlighter sticks completely perfect of course for carrying around the summer festivals in your handbag and are also seriously easy to apply with your fingers again making them ridiculously festival friendly. I'm actually not going to be attending any festivals this year or at least I don't plan to but I mainly bought these as I couldn't help but imagine they would look amazing as a way to add a bit of a glow to my tan on holiday. They are quite shimmery and as much as you might want to apply them onto your face directly from the stick it is a bad idea and one that will leave you looking patchy and uneven (I found out the hard way).

In terms of pigment they do pack a punch but I actually think they are far nicer blended out on the cheekbones with a good old blending brush. They also make quite a good base for your powder highlighter to stick to if highlighter is your thing, and lets be honest if it isn't then what are you even doing reading beauty blogs? Unfortunately the longevity of these isn't as good as more expensive products of this kind but they are still small enough to pop in your handbag to carry around for a top up so I suppose on this occasion I can turn a blind eye!

What are your thoughts on Natural Collection? Do you have any products you think I should try next? 

Lisa x

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Recently Read #1

One of the most bittersweet moments that can happen in life is coming to the end of a really good book. I've read books quite regularly since I was a young age and to be honest I would read books over watching TV any day. I thought I'd start a new series here so you can see what I've been reading and hopefully find a few titles that you like the sound of...

The Girl on the Train-Paula Hawkins
Okay I didn't actually read this THAT recently having finished it within days on my holiday to Italy in May but my god this was an absolute game changer for me. It's not the most intellectual book in the world but I love a good thriller and this one had me guessing and changing my mind and gasping the whole way through. If you liked Gone Girl then this is kind of similar to that. I won't say too much about what happens but the story is centred around the disappearance of a girl who goes missing not long after our protagonist spots her from her daily commute on the train. The twists are really quite clever and I couldn't put this down. I've also seen the trailer for the film version which I'm super excited for.

So You's Been Publicly Shamed-Jon Ronson
Maybe my second favourite non fiction title after 'The Psychopath Test' (link) which is another Jon Ronson masterpiece. This title explores all the ways which people are being shamed via social media with disastrous effects. From grown men losing their careers over a rude pun to a women targeted with rape and death threats over a really distasteful joke this really got me thinking about internet shaming and whether or not it can be a dangerous thing. I love his style of writing which is intelligent yet accessible and his choices of topics are always things I'm seriously interested in. If you haven't read any of his books then get out from under that rock and do it!

The Secret-Rhonda Byrne
Admittedly I read this ages ago, years ago I think, but I recently found it lying around and decided to read it again. I'm not really a fan of self-help books as I find them quite preachy and patronising but this one is honestly so helpful. It's all about how to bring goodness into your life by controlling your thoughts and although I'm yet to bring that lottery win into my life just trying to think good thoughts all the time has did wonders for my restless mind. I quite often have 101 things rattling around in my brain at any given time so this has brought a sense of calmness. I also like the fact it teaches you to be grateful and humble about what you have as that's really important!

What have you been reading this month? Do you have any recommendations? 

Lisa x

Saturday, 16 July 2016

NYX Shine Killer

I used to be one of those put together people that would always wear a primer. Every day to work, nights out, to the gym make up was basically always perfect. These days I just forget since I don't wear as much make up, and I certainly don't wear it everyday, but a primer is probably one of the most important make up steps if you are going to be out and about for the whole day and need to look fresh...

If you read my last post on the NYX eye shadow palette (link) you will already know I'm only just starting to delve into this beauty brand and I actually accumulated quite a few bits from my friends and family as gifts for my birthday. The Shine Killer is essentially a silicone based primer that supposedly banishes any excess shine for a more matte and flawless look. At the weekends I normally don't go for a matte look but when I'm in the office 8 hours a day Monday through to Friday I need something that is going to stay put when it comes to make up as I don't get much time to fix it up since I very rarely take breaks and have found myself eating lunch at my desk a lot this month (woe is me). 

Normally I don't really go for silicone based primers as they can break out my irritatingly sensitive skin but there are a few I really like and actually just a heads up that the Beauty Bay primer(yes they have their own primer) is one of those and it costs less than a fiver. Anyways going back to the product at hand it definitely works in terms of keeping excess oil away and I noticed that my normal BB cream stayed in place instead of slipping around my face (does anyone else work in a place with zero control over the temperature?). It did actually allow me to apply my make up much more evenly and I probably only powdered twice throughout the entire day.

This honestly is a really good primer and its every bit as good as Benefit Porefessional, which by the way I do like but it breaks me out and don't even talk to me about how gross it feels. However, I think for the same price you would probably be better off with the Revlon Photo Ready Primer as it does have an edge over this one slightly. NYX have a whole host of base and priming products though so I will most definitely be checking out some of them!

How do you feel about a primer? Is it something you wear often? What is your favourite primer brand?

Lisa x

Thursday, 14 July 2016

NYX Suede Collection Eye Shadow Palette

Having tried a few different NYX products in the past I can't say I have been as impressed with them as everyone else seems to be at the moment, but yet there are still so many different things I want to try and top of the list was some eye shadow products. So I was pretty thrilled when my beautiful little friend (HI YVONNE) got me some NYX bits to try including this beautiful eye shadow palette...

The NYX Suede Collection is the perfect little collection of shades for perhaps a more glamorous event or a night out. There are definitely some shades in there that I don't have in any of my other palettes, which btw are mainly neutral shades because I'm boring like that. So I've just been loving playing around with these shades and finding out what kind of eye make up I actually suit. The most risky colour is probably the deep green (the shadows don't have names) but even this is still really wearable! I've been trying smoking it out with the highlight shade and it really is absolutely gorgeous. My favourites are definitely the metallic copper shades though!

In terms of formula the eye shadows are really pigmented although I would say they could be doing with being a tad more pigmented as they aren't quite on a par with my precious Urban Decay Eye Shadows. For a drugstore price point though they are pretty finely milled and slightly creamy and when worn with an eye primer I have found them to be just as long lasting and smudge proof as any of the higher end eye products I normally use.

Overall, I absolutely love the product but if there is one thing I would change it would be the packaging as its just made from flimsy cardboard and I'm one of these fussy people who love my make up encased in plastic as strong as my coffee. Also, a mirror would be nice! However, that aside this is a lovely selection of shades, budget friendly, and a good introduction to NYX eye shadows for me personally. It also reminds me a little of the Zoeva Naturally Yours Palettes which I've had my eye on for a little while.

Unfortunately as this post went live I was unable to find a UK link for the palette which is disappointing, but since a good proportion of you come from the US (or so google analytics tells me) I've included the link to where you can buy it on Amazon! Anyone else that wants to get their hands on this will have to drag themselves to Boots!

What are you guys favourite eye shadow palettes? Do you rate NYX as a brand? 


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Relax with Lush

I can always count on someone to buy me some Lush goodies for my birthday. I'm literally obsessed with the place and I don't care who knows it so forgive me if this is my second Lush post in such a short space of time but you know that's just me so I don't really care if I'm being repetitive, besides, most of us love it right?! 

Anyways my other half's mum bought me this beautiful little set called Relax which contains four beautiful bath products 3 of which I've never tried before. The first one Butterball I have used numerous times and I just love it. It contains cocoa butter which leaves the skin feeling so soft that you won't even have to moisturise after as well as Ylang Ylang oil, which until visiting a Lush store had no idea what it was, but apparently is so full of calming properties which is EXACTLY what I need after a long day.

Next on the list is a miniature Twilight Shower Gel (Unfortunately I can't find a link for this but have a peek at Happy Hippie instead) which had me obsessed from the offset with its purple, glittery, majestic vibes. I'm always a fan of  the shower gels and this is just the perfect size for travelling so no doubt this will be coming in my suitcase when we finally manage to get a holiday booked. Again its full of relaxing ingredients like lavender oil and neroli.

Another thing I've never tried before is the Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt which I have always been very intrigued by but never actually tried. I was so excited when I found out that this has sandalwood scent in it as I used to be obsessed with sandalwood scented oils when I worked in the home-ware department of a department store...ahhh nostalgia! And it doesn't just smell good, its contained in a little muslin cloth and full of oats to exfoliate the skin.

Last in this little box of wonders is the French Kiss Bubble Bar which looks so cute I almost don't want to use it. Again its full of amazing ingredients like lavender and virgin coconut oils so I'm quite excited about this. It smells quite sweet and I really hope it turns my bathwater purple! I'll actually be quite happy to just have this on display in my bathroom because it looks this pretty though! 

Have any of you used any of these goodies? I'd love to hear what your favourite products are? 


Monday, 4 July 2016

My Favourite Products by Bourjois

Forgive me for not having been on here for the past week but I took a little break as first it was my birthday and then I've not only been working but been quite down in the dumps due to the fact my wisdom teeth seem to want to kill me. Anyways you know how that one brand that you hold such a hate and love relationship with? Well Bourjois are definitely mine. I've tried many a blush or eye shadow and hated it but it turns out some of my very favourite make up products are also from this brand...

The Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream is something I have been using on pretty much a daily basis for the last 6 months or so. I came back from living in a hot country wanting to stop wearing foundation as I got so used to wearing tinted moisturisers that I hated the way they felt on my skin. This products is a CC cream which it doesn't take a genius to work out means it covers and corrects. It isn't absolutely full proof when it comes to longevity but with the right primer and powder it stays put for the whole working day and for a CC cream it has really impressive coverage too!

The next one on the list is something quite new that I pretty much fell in love with from the offset. The Radiance Reveal Concealer is just so pretty under the eyes as it really brightens and moisturises this area while also covering up those nasty little dark circles. I love everything about this from the packaging to the way it sits on my skin and it honestly blends so seamlessly with foundation. I'm afraid to ever say a bad word about my amazing Lasting Perfection Concealer but this one definitely looks less cakey in the under eye area. I think I may have found a real gem here!

Last but not least is a mascara! It's hard for me to find a mascara that I genuinely love seeing as I look for a volumising rather than a lengthening effect but this Bourjois 1 Second Volume definitely surprised me. Okay it might not really take 1 second but it really curls the lashes upwards and gives you such a pretty 'wide-eyed' look and it does this all without becoming crispy or flaking off of my lashes. This is a nice everyday mascara and I really like how much it curls an extenuates each lash. The wand is nice and thick with lots of individual bristles so its easy to use on the bottom and corner lashes too!

How do you feel about Bourjois? What are your favourite products from the brand?
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