Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A 'Cheer Me Up' Lush Haul

Before the weather recently took a drastic turn for the better I'd been feeling really down. I'd just come home from holiday to a string of job interviews (all of which were quite stressful, challenging and exhausting) and playing the waiting game is not a fun time let me tell you. I have to be careful with money for the time being which is depressing as during the summer all I want to do is go on adventures! My boyfriend obviously being as lovely as he is bought me some gorgeous goodies from Lush and I thought I'd share them.

The first thing he bought for me was this 'omg so cute!' Lady Bug Bubble Bar which smells incredible! It must be a limited edition of some kind because I cannot find it anywhere on the Lush website. I have no idea what is in it either but it makes beautiful pink bubbles and smells really sweet. It isn't the same scent as Snow Fairy but its the same sickly sweet candy like smell. Its also remarkably nostalgic as it must smell like some kind of candy I had as a child.

Next I got my all time favourite Avobath! I probably eat Avocado on toast for breakfast about 70 percent of the time so its a smell I am very familiar with! The scent of this bath bomb is so fresh and fruity and a little bit zesty. This is definitely the perfect bath bomb to use in the morning as the scent is quite revitalizing with bergamont oils and lemongrass to really set you up for the day. Avocado and olive oil are also pretty much perfect for softening dry skin; I actually shave my legs in the bath so its good for that purpose too! It turns the water bright green and sparkly although I can't say I'm the biggest fan of having to clear up a load of shimmer that's been left on my bathtub!

Also I got the Monsters and Aliens Fun which I'm so happy about because I actually use this stuff for everything. I know your supposed to make things with it but I'm not the most arty person in the world so I just use it more practically for now. Honestly, aside from being a body cleanser in the shower and making loads of bubbles in my bath my main use for this is for hand washing my clothes - yes! I find this so mild and gentle so I tend to use it to wash anything delicate rather than normal soap powder.

Last on the list is the Tisty Tosty Bathbomb which looks just adorable. It contains real rose buds (which look super cute but are actually quite annoying) and scented with lemon and rose giving it a subtle floral scent which is fresher than most as I love this and I'm normally not a floral scent fan. It also smells a little of jasmine which is extremely calming and surprisingly it actually turns bathwater bright green! This is such a nice relaxing bath bomb for the evenings or for a little pamper.

What are your favourite Lush products? Is there anything you buy over and over again? 


  1. Ladybug is really huge!!! I've got it and surprised me!!!
    It so adorable and has a wonderful scent that I hthink you've desribed very well.
    It reminds me of bubblegum (those shade like sigarettes)

  2. Aw thanks! Yeah it's super sweet I love the smell actually! Although it's probably a bit sweet for some people haha :p

  3. I love Avobath, I tried it for the first time last week and loved it. It smells absolutely amazing!! I haven't seen the monsters and aliens before, I'm intrigued!! x

    Tamz |

    1. I love the smell so much haha and I'm genuinely addicted to avocado in general so I knew it would be a winner ! xxx

  4. I must be honest. I never tried Lush. All my friends that have say it's amazing but I don't know why... The store here in Edinburgh is so always crowded I don't want to get in... Maybe I should really try one day because the products on the pictures look so amazing x) look at the Lady bug bubble bar... So adorable xx

    1. Awww man you have to try it such a good place to go for some pampering! And don't be afraid of the lush staff they are really friendly but if you want to shop alone they will leave you to it when you ask them usually :) xxxx


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