Monday, 30 May 2016

The Patterned Trousers of my Dreams

Its always a bit of a challenge deciding what to wear on a city break, especially if you are only planning on taking hand luggage. This was the predicament I found myself in when I was packing for my trip to Milan (details here) not so long ago. It's always of vital importance to check and re-check the weather as in the city it can be a little less predictable and if you are going to be walking about the city with little shelter its important to consider that it might just rain. I was extremely lucky with my time away as it only rained the last day when I was actually getting on my flight back to Glasgow, but the temperatures did drop quite drastically after the sun went down in the evening...

As soon as I saw these trousers I just knew I had to have them. They were honestly just screaming out at me to buy them, I mean how could that pattern not catch your eye?! I bought these trousers from F&F in Tesco and although I can't remember how much they cost exactly I know they were under £15 which makes them super affordable. I'm also someone who suffers from cold legs more than anything else so it was quite nice to be able to pair these light and comfortable cheese cloth trousers with a crop top and some sunglasses for the scorching day time and then to throw on a big jumper in the evening to keep me warm. I wore these when we traveled to Lake Como which included a total of two train journeys and a Ferry ride and they were honestly so comfortable for the journey. They also managed to stand out against some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever beheld in my entire lifetime.

I paired them with the comfiest pair of tan sandals which were a little bargain from Primark. I don't often shop in Primark anymore ever since they started slowly upping their prices and there's no denying that the main ones in Glasgow are not the most well maintained but I do still quite like the shoe department since I go through shoes like nobody's business. I also used my Kanken Backpack on the journey which is THE most handiest and comfortable backpack for travelling that anyone who likes to travel should definitely have one of these bad boys.Not the most affordable bag in the world but I got mine as a gift from Lewis and there has barely been a day when I haven't used it!

What do you guys think of this outfit? How would you style these patterned trousers?

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