Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Pre Holiday Boots Haul

Anytime I am about to go on holiday I always feel the need to splurge a little cash in Boots on things I need want for the trip. It goes without saying that some things are just an absolute necessity if you are flying or if you are trying to pack light and normally its around this time when I have run out of my favourite concealer or decided that there is one make up item I just have to have for my trip. Its also probably essential to buy all your miniature toiletries if you are taking only hand luggage as I did! 

A lot of people have been talking for a while now about how NYX has very suddenly become available in Boots in the UK. Of course despite having never used anything from this make up brand you always want what you can't have so anything that suddenly becomes available in the UK is going to get me excited so the first two things I picked up were the NYX Eye Shadow Base and the Control Freak Clear Brow Gel. Tbh I have tried both of these items now and although I like the primer it doesn't quite beat my Urban Decay one and the eyebrow gel is a little disappointing for the sheer fact that despite the £5 price tag it works only as well as any cheap clear mascara would. I definitely expected the brush to be a lot smaller than it is!

The next two items were things I had run out of that I just can't live without. The Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara is up there with my favourite mascaras of all time and its definitely a lot better than some of the more expensive or high end mascaras out there. I also bought another Soap and Glory Supercat Liner as its just my favourite for doing eye flicks and at £6.00 its also incredibly affordable. Oh! and I also got some deodorant as I'd run out and no-one likes to be a sweaty Betty. This Mitchum Deodorant Stick is genuinely the most hygienic, freshly scented deodorant I have found that actually does the job. There is nothing worse in my opinion that smelling someones cheap deodorant smell when they start to sweat (yuck!).

Next I picked up some bits that just happened to catch my eye as most of your probably know is quite the regular occurrence on a stroll through any Boots store. I picked up the Collection Contour and Highlight Palette for the bargain price of just £2.99 as I knew it would be handy for travelling and I'm so glad I did as its honestly so good and is one of those rare palettes where both the contour and highlight powders work incredibly well together. I also bought the Maybelline Brow Satin as I wanted something a little lower maintenance but that I could also use for going out at night and to complete this little section of products I really didn't need I also got one of the new Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick's in a nude shade. The gorgeous packaging drew me in I'm not going to lie here!

Lastly, I picked up the Natural Collection Loose Setting Powder as this is the best drugstore setting powder I have tried personally so I don't really like to spend more than I have to on powder. I also got some Simple Face Wipes which I know aren't the best thing for taking make up off but sometimes in situations where you are sitting on a plane for a few hours or you have very little room in your suitcase for a full skincare routine it just has to be done! And to complete my haul I also picked up a miniature Simple Eye Make Up Remover as this is so gentle yet effective!

What was the last thing you picked up in the drugstore? Do you also buy things you don't need? 


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  1. I couldn't get on with the S&G eyeliner so I hope you have more luck than me! I'm currently wearing one of the NYX cream eyeshadows at the moment to test out its wearability. Yay for the Collection contour kit ;) xx


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