Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Losing Faith in the Blogging Community and Finding it Again

I would guess I'm not the only person who has taken a break from their blog recently. The community hasn't been what it once was and bloggers have been getting disheartened upon realizing that not everyone actually plays fair. Its been widely recognized for a good while now that some people are actively buying followers while the rest of us who play fair are doing everything in our power to grow accounts organically and gradually. I hate to be negative but these kind of people are everything that is wrong with blogging now. I for one started out this blog because I genuinely enjoyed it and if I got a product sample sent out to me then that was just a massive bonus. Those bloggers who moan and groan about having to actively engage with brands or tweet out #prrequest constantly are clearly not in it for the right reasons...

So why have I now decided to start blogging again you might ask. Well its quite simple really. I miss it. ALOT, I have always really enjoyed scribbling up posts on the train to work in my notepad or sitting in my car editing photos. I even enjoy blogging while I'm travelling; there is not much that is more satisfying to me that typing away at my laptop in a different city. MOTIVATION is something that blogging has always given me whether it was to take better photographs, write better content or engage more on social media its always been something to work at, to improve upon and to network a lot while doing so. If I wasn't motivated I wouldn't be able to do all the things I do. I currently study, work from home, volunteer and participate in lots of hobbies and for me keeping busy gives me a more positive outlook in life. I could never be one of those people who just work 9-5 for a company and then don't do anything productive for me personally.

Finding motivation has actually been really hard for me this year because of how stressful my studies have been and there has been times that I genuinely thought I would drop out of my course. But now I technically (basically) have a degree and I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with this university business. I also have had a few job interviews as well as taking up a volunteering position so I'm excited to see what will happen over the summer. I'm so focused on everything that I want to do and become that I haven't really taken anytime to chill out until recently.

I've not been going to my usual pole class or having any PT sessions because I have felt so guilty going anywhere that isn't the library. I have however been using the Pump Up app to do mini work outs at home; mainly yoga and stretching based routines though to help me get through these exams! I've also been (when I can) reading The Silent Sister which has surprised me as someone got me it for Christmas and I thought it would be quite girly and predictable but its actually pretty intense and I have been gripped! One of the other small things I do is to paint my nails as it always makes me feel more put together and confident. Because of the job interviews I have had to keep it fairly natural but this Kate Moss Rimmel Nail Polish in Mystify Me has been my go to. As you'd imagine I've also been lighting one million candles and spritzing Soap and Glory's Mist You because its such a nostalgic scent for me personally and oh so comforting!

I'd love to know how you guys feel about these issues with the blogging community? What keeps you motivated? 



  1. i'm so sorry that it got to you so much. I've been pretty vocal about the fake followers and likes but unfortunately it's still as rife as ever and certain bloggers are benefitting financially from it, it really is very disheartening. BUT most bloggers aren't like that and I try to keep with them although it is difficult to not to let it get to you.

    what keeps me motivated? to make the blog I want and to gain followers legitimately, even if it's only a "small" following. Now that's ultimately more rewarding than resorting to buying followers which is not only deceitful but really quite sad.

  2. Yes it really is so sad and it makes everyone else look like they have the same agenda! I'm so glad that someone agrees with me on the quality over quantity side of it!

    I can see straight through most of these people but sadly not everyone can :(


  3. I'm glad you decided to come back though!! Although it does ruin it, you just gotta remember why you started blogging in the first place, because you love it :) People can see through all the fakery and brands will soon tell if people aren't coming through from certain links xx

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

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