Saturday, 28 May 2016

Coachella for H&M

Have you ever bought something that makes you feel so ready for something?! Well that's exactly how I felt when I popped into H&M prior to my holiday to check out their Coachella range. I absolutely love festival fashion and it makes me feel so comfortable and confident and just puts me in the mood for summer every time without fail. There is nothing that makes me happier than getting drunk at 3 o clock in the afternoon with all of my friends by my side when I'm listening to some of my favourite bands. I always feel so depressed when I don't have any festival plans for the summer but I still don't hold back from putting together in my head different festival outfits from what is in the shops...

This dress from the range was one of those items of clothing that looks rubbish on the hanger compared to what it looks like on. I mainly only picked this out because of the cute elephant pattern on as I love this kind of pattern. I wasn't too keen on the cold shoulder detail before but I have to say it is slowly but surely growing on me. I paired it with my cute Primark sandals mentioned previously in this post and these cute and quirky Topshop Sunglasses (similiar here)! I'm still not completely sold on them and I always have a real problem finding sunglasses that actually suit me due to the shape of my face (lol!) but they are okay I guess. Lastly, I put on an old favourite cardigan from Urban Outfitters. I've had this one for years but its still in such good condition despite me wearing it constantly.

This is one of those dresses you can throw in a rucksack if you are one of those traveler types who have to pack light (you lucky thangs)and it could also probably take you from day to night pretty easily. The Coachella range is also really affordable and the most expensive thing I could find was only about 20 pounds, which considering how nice some of the clothes are is actually quite a bargain. I can't help but get annoyed though with how small made the clothes are in H&M as I always have to size up. Please tell me I'm not the only one? Despite these small annoyances I still plan on going back on buying every dress in the range. If only I was actually going to a festival this year *crying emoji face*.

Do you guys enjoy festival fashion? Have you bought anything from the H&M for Coachella range? 

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