Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Trip to Lake Como

I previously wrote about my trip to Milan (post here) and I did indeed mention about how easy it was to get around via the train to visit other parts of Italy. Its not surprising then that I had my heart set on a visit to Lake Como which was only about a 50 minute train journey away! I'm always pretty eager wherever I go to see as many places as I possibly plan in the shortest amount of time and although it can be tiring it also gives me so much pleasure to know that I can tick a destination off of my travel bucket list. This area in Northern Italy's Lombardy area is somewhere I have often seen on postcards and pictures and its stunning scenery has always had me just itching to go...

In order to reach the lakes we took a 50 minute train journey from Milano Centrale to Varenna Esino and got an all day ticket to ride the ferry which I think cost around 15 euros. Varenno Esino in itself is also very beautiful although there aren't many amenities apart from the odd hotel and gelato shop so I'd really advise you to jump on board the ferry which not only will take you to a number of destinations but also the boat ride is a fantastic opportunity to take some good shots of the magnificent scenery which includes a head on view on the snow topped alps. We eventually ended up in Belaggio where we spent most of our day.

The best thing about this trip was the fact that this location is so far removed from the busy industrial and modern streets of Milan where the traffic doesn't stop and everyone is always in a rush. Instead Lake Como is made up of tiny little towns around the mouth of the lakes which host the teeniest wine and cheese bars and authentic Italian restaurants situated by the water side. Quaint little churches and bespoke jewelry stores are everywhere here and the atmosphere is so much more lazy and relaxing.

I'd definitely recommend a trip here if you are planning on going to Milan any time soon. Its such a lovely relaxing break away from all of the hustle and bustle and the best place to go for some really authentic Italian experiences like the tiny wine bars and restaurants; also if you blog it is an incredible photography opportunity!

Have you guys ever been to Lake Como or Milan? What were your experiences like?  

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