Thursday, 12 May 2016

10 KG of Luggage is NOT Enough!

Whats a gal to do when a cheap mini break in Europe means taking only 10kg worth of luggage?! Does anyone else have a mild (intense) panic when they realize that 'actually 10kg worth of skincare and make up is not adequate for four nights away from home and how do people even do this?!' If you answered yes to that then I'm happy to tell you this is my current situation as I try and get everything into my teeny tiny red case for going to Italy on Saturday. Milan, Venice, and Lake Como in one trip is pretty intense, but I like to travel and people who like to travel know that the worst thing to travel with is a huge suitcase or lugging absolutely everything you own around with you on what is supposed to be a chill experience...

Obviously I haven't included everything in this post that will be going in my carry on but there are definitely a couple of bits in here that I wouldn't travel without including hand sanitizer and nothing smells better than this S&G Sugar Crush one! I like to keep a ten pound note on me for the airport because I hate aeroplane food with a passion so I always grab a coffee and a sandwich before boarding and as you might have noticed I usually pack a fruit and nut bar in my bag for the actual flight. Since planes can be completely gross and sweaty I normally always carry some blotting papers and these Halo Deodorant Wipes come in handy too. As horrible as it sounds no-one wants to have to sit in the same clothes for 4 or 5+ hours without the chance to 'freshen up' and travelling is one of these occasions so I always take some gum, some perfume as well as a hair brush.

I don't normally sleep on the plane going but I always pack an eye mask just in case or if I'm flying with my mum I often let her borrow it as shes scared of flying(lol). What I normally do on the plane is read my book and currently I am reading The Jungle Books which is actually a collection of short stories but I'm really enjoying it. If I get bored of my book that's normally when I have a little pamper session of putting on skincare and doing my make up. Since flying is so dehydrating on my skin I always take a really nourishing cream with me and the Vichy Aqualia Hydra Thermal Light Hydrating Lotion in the miniature size which honestly makes my skin glow! This is also normally when I put on some lip balm and hand cream and the one I'll be using this time is Gardeners Hand Healer Baulm Du Jardinier (Unfortunately it isn't available in the UK so I have provided a link to a giftset instead) which is more of a balm than a cream and smells soooooo amazing!

Lastly, I always pack 'the essentials' which include some socks, a scarf (it gets cold up there), a hair bobble, some headphones and a portable power bank to charge my phone in case of emergencies. There's always a good chance I won't be able to find the hotel and will need to resort to my google maps! Since I mainly take miniatures of everything when I go away I always just leave things like deodorant, razors, sunscreen and bits of make up till I get to the airport; there's always a Boots in the departure lounge ya know!

What are your essentials for a short flight? Do you struggle to cope with only hand luggage?


  1. I spent a year in Australia and ended up packing last minute as I left right after Christmas - I only ended up packing 10kg for the whole year. Safe to say I had to go on a shopping trip to pick up everything Id forgotten,


  2. Oh my goodness that's amazing haha! imnaure you still had an amazing time :) xxx


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