Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Three New Drugstore Purchases

This January was one of the most awful Januaries ever for me. I had just arrived home from an amazing and exciting experience living in Portugal and I was absolutely gutted about the horrible rainy and windy weather! As if that wasn't bad enough I was severely lacking in funds from all of the Christmas gift buying and festivities, so I couldn't even go shopping to perk myself up! Being so poor I decided to take a trip to the drugstore to see if I could find a few reasonably priced goodies to brighten up an otherwise dreary month...

As I mentioned in a previous post I have stopped wearing high covergage foundations and started using only BB creams. I find that if I use a decent coverage concealer to cover up blemishes then my skin actually doesn't look that bad! I picked up this Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream seeing as I have used the foundation before (review here) and rather enjoyed it. I'm really looking forward to this as I have seen and heard so many good things about it and I particularly think the fact it has SPF 15 in will certainly make it a summer staple! 

Next, is something not all that exciting but I honestly live such a sad life so this genuinely made me so happy. I've been using the Soap and Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel for years now in the original scent and I really like it and it seems to last a decent amount of time. However, seeing as Sugar Crush is my all time favourite S&G smell I just had to pick up the Sugar Crush Hand Sanitizer. It smells a bit like lime mixed with vanilla and it may be a little too sweet for some peoples tastes but I love it! They also now have a hand cream in this scent so no doubt I'll be picking that up soon too!

Lastly, I wanted to pick up my usual Maybelline Falsies Mascara, however I was gutted to find the stand empty and so began my search to find something else to try. I picked up the Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara which supposedly contains argan oil making it more comfortable to wear on your lashes. I've alreaddy tried this out and although I don't quite love it as much as my  Maybelline favourite I do agree that it definitely feels comfortable on my eye lashes and does a really good job of separating them and making them super long! 

Have you picked up anything random in the drugstore recently? I would love to know what products you are trying out?  

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Blur and Brighten Crayon

For Christmas every year I always get a lot of Soap and Glory bath and body products. People must know me really well beause these type of gifts always go down an absolute storm and more than a month after Christmas I still have a huuuuuugebag of untouched S&G goodies just waiting to be used. Despite the ridiculous amounts of bath and body type products I only really got a few make up bits from them this year which my mum put in my stocking and the most interesting of them all was this little concealer...

The reason I was so drawn to this Soap and Glory Kick Ass Blur and Brighten Crayon is that I used to use the standard S&G Kick Ass Concealer and let me tell you I was obsessed with it! Not only was it great coverage and easy to use but the packaging was super adorable and so handy for travelling, so when I saw that there was a new product in crayon form, how could I not want to try it?! On the S&G website it states: "With long lasting coverage that leaves skin looking revived and refreshed this roll up, multi tasking concealer is perfect for girls on the go!" Seeing as I have the worlds worst under eye circles then I thought this would be completely perfect for me! 

Unfortunately I was wrong and this is not everything I hoped it would be. I found it very creamy and easy to blend which is one of the only good things about this concealer in my opinion, however, in terms of coverage it just wasn't cutting it for me. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of brightening concealers out there which don't have much coverage (Touche Eclat anyone?) but what annoyed me was that this claims to be a high coverage concealer when in actual fact it is very light. This isn't a bad product overall and as a brightening and highlighting product I think it would work extremely well, I'm just a little bewildered as to why it isn't promoted as such! 

I have found that using it over my high coverage concealer does a good job of brightening the under eye area and adding a bit of radiance and I am still quite impressed with how well this blends and the gorgeous creamy texture, unfortunately I don't think I would buy this again as it doesn't have the level of coverage I am looking for and I'd be much better off with the original Kick Ass Concealer. On another note, however, this is only £6.00 so its a really affordable product and often in Boots the S&G stand is buy one get one half price! If you like cute gimmicky products and are looking for something more natural say for school or work then this would be perfect.

Have any of you tried this concealer? How did you find it?  

Friday, 5 February 2016

Three Products for Faking Good Skin

The relationship between me and my skin is a constant battle of trying to get it to 'glow' and yet trying my hardest not to break out in spots. I've noticed over the years that certain products aimed at creating radiance or flawless skin can sometimes cause my rather sensitive skin a whole lot of bother (Porefessional I am looking at you!). However, I think I've finally found the perfect balance between flawless skin that looks radiant rather than shiny and glows in all of the right places...

One thing I have recently stopped doing over the last few years is looking to high coverage foundations for my base. I used to make this mistake thinking that as these type of foundations are aimed at concealing every little imperfection then I would be left with perfect skin, but that wasn't the case. I now realize that these foundations broke me out and made my face look cakey. These days I opt for a BB cream or a light coverage foundation and use a high coverage concealer to hide my under eye circles and blemishes. I rather enjoy the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer as it offers a lot of coverage, has amazing lasting power and blends seamlessly into foundation. I also like how this can be used as both a skin and under eye concealer and the consistency is just perfect. I tend to switch to my other beloved Collection Lasting Perfection when I am just going about my every day business but I find this Estee Lauder a real treat for nights out and special events when I do use it!

Speaking of bases it isn't unlike me now to mix my primer into my foundation or BB cream or even mix foundation into my mousturizer. I feel as though my skin has become a lot drier ocer the last couple of years and whilst I used to use a mattifying primer on a daily basis I now tend to use something to create radiance such as the L'oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer. To be honest this isn't a primer in the way most people think of them. I don't think it necessarily makes foundation last longer but it definitely makes the skin look a lot more healthy and also smoothes it out lines and blemishes creating the perfect surface for foundation to go on top of.  This is one of my all time favourite base products! 

Last but not least I pretty much always use some sort of setting spray when I am trying to make my skin or base look perfect and my all time favourite has to be the Urban Decay All Nighter Fixing Spray. I normally spray this onto my beauty blender and apply directly to areas where my concealer is and places around my nose where the make up has a habit of sliding off my face. I also use a few sprays over all of my face too, and I can't say I have ever tried a better fixing spray than this one. So long as Urban Decay keep making their setting sprays and eye shadow bases I will foever be the loyalist of loyal customers! 

Do any of you find particular prodyucts in your make up collection perfect for faking good skin? 
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