Friday, 30 December 2016

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar

What a wonderful time it is to be alive that instead of the usual chocolate advent calendars you can also get one filled with all of your favourite beauty brands or almost anything really. I though for those of you who didn't opt for this beauty from M&S I would have a little reveal of what was inside and my final verdict on it...

This was fairly reasonably priced at just £35 although I did have to spend a minimum of £35 in store in order to get it for that price. That wasn't too hard for me as Marks and Spencer is always somewhere that I got to get presents, wrapping paper etc at that time of year anyways, but I can imagine if you were't someone who shopped there regularly it would be a little annoying.

Overall, the contents were really good and I liked how generous the sizes of products were. There was only one or two products that I wasn't too sure about but that was mainly because I already had tried them and wasn't too keen or because they were a little random...Ultrasun Anti Ageing Face Protection for instance, although I'm sure I'll get a chance to try it in the summer months. I really liked that there was different brands and a mixture of skincare, hair care, make up and nail products.

My personal highlights from the calendar were the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, the Neals Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream, the Pur Correcting Primer, and the Alpha H Liquid Gold. Apart from the Emma Hardie product they were all mostly things I hadn't tried but was seriously impressed. The Primer is definitely something I'm going to be purchasing in full size as soon as I have used it its honestly incredible. The best thing about these calendars is definitely the fact that the introduce you to new brands that you may not have tried and I'm seriously happy to have discovered them.

Did any of you try the M&S calendar this year? What were your thoughts on it and do you have any favourite products? 
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Lisa x

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

Every Christmas without fail I feel overwhelmed by how good everyone is to me. From just a Christmas card to a new pair of shoes I appreciate every single gift and my friends, family and boyfriend never fail to amaze me. I always like to show you guys the things I get and this year is no exception. I am by no means showing off I just really enjoy reading these posts so I like to do my own too...

Without a doubt my favourite present from my mum and dad this year was my new Tripp Suitcase. I've been looking for something like this for so long and although I know these cases last so well I still grudge having to part with so much money for something I use only about 3 times a year. This was a complete surprise too as I hadn't asked for it! Another gift which I know my mum bought for me specially was the Mio Liquid Yoga which I've seen people raving about and just new I had to get some. It's a lot of money for just a bath soak I'll admit but it smells incredible and I'm so excited to use it.

My parents also gave me some beautiful silver studs, the Pixi Gift of Glow and loads and loads of stocking filler bits. I wish I could have taken these pictures before I actually ate half of the chocolate I was given but I just couldn't help myself! One of my favourite stocking presents was a little Gin and Tonic Hand Cream and matching Lip Balm. I love cute gimmicky things like that!

From Lewis this year I got the Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look in a Clutch which I pretty much hinted at him to buy me all year. This was really expensive so I wasn't expecting him to get me much else but he also got me some Calvin Klein sleepwear, a HTC Tablet and a Radley London purse. I couldn't believe it on Christmas morning when the gifts just kept coming and coming, however, I was so excited to get a small gift from him which was the Lonely Planet Guide to Bali. We are planning a trip there next year and its making me pretty excited flipping through it and choosing places that we want to go.

I also got some really cute and thoughtful things from my friends like perfume, candles, jewellery and my friend Isla even managed to bring me back some Sephora goodies from Thailand so I'm really excited to try them, while Lewis' family got me some really nice clothes, chocolates and wine. I even got the obligatory chocolate Santa from his mum which I've managed not to eat yet haha!

Last but not least I got some cute bits from my younger brother who always somehow manages to do so well with gifts for me (probably with help from my mum). He bought me a perfume that I have been wanting for so long which is the Liz Earl Botanical Essence No.20. It smells incredible. If that wasn't enough he gave me a Cowshed Winter Candle which I'm so excited to burn.

I'm honestly so overwhelmed with all of the cute gifts I received from everyone and I just want to say thank you to anyone who bought me anything, sent me a card or a text message. Your love and kindness is appreciated!

I would love to know in the comments what your favourite gift was or how you spent the day? 
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Lisa x

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas Week Giveaway

Because I found my last giveaway so much fun to do and allowed me to meet so many of you I thought I'd run another just before Christmas. You may have noticed some bits and bobs from my giveaway guides (link) and I've decided to give two of my favourite gifts away to one of you! 

All you have to do to enter is follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin and wait patiently for two weeks until I announce the winner. Again this is open internationally and I'm really looking forward to giving these lovely prizes away! Just a heads up to say that I had to remove some people the last time for not following the rules so please be aware that this giveaway is moderated and you must use all mandatory entries in order to have the chance to win. Thank you!

The prizes that I've chosen are the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette which contains 12 gorgeous and extremely wearable eye shadow shades! I'm really obsessed with these kind of neutral, rose tones at the minute and this will even carry you through to the spring. I can't vouch for the quality or pigmentation as I haven't used these but I have heard through the blogger grapevine that it makes a great dupe for the Naked 3!

Next we have the Sleek Say the Magic Word Mini Matte Lip Collection which features four reasonably sized miniature lip creams. It has a few neutrals, a standard red and a plum toned colour so all in all a nice way to try this products. This actually makes me so excited and I'm gutted I can't keep this for myself, but hopefully someone out there will enjoy it just as much as I would have. Winner to be announced no later than the 7th of January 2017!

Good Luck Everyone! 
Lisa x

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

My Christmas Eve Itinerary

I can't quite believe that its finally Christmas week. Can someone tell me how this has happened? I can't deal with how fast 2016 has went! Anyways that means its probably almost time for most of us to finish up for the holidays, put on our favourite Christmas jumpers on and jump around to Mariah Carey all the while making a batch of fresh gingerbread. (Does anyone actually have time for that?) Anyways today I wanted to share with you all of my own Christmas Eve Traditions...

Christmas Eve Pajamas
If you don't spend the best part of Christmas Eve in festive PJs then there's something seriously wrong with you! I normally wear mines all day while I'm helping my mum or whoever prepare the food for the next day. This years beauties (pictured) are from good old George at Asda. Aren't they cute?!

Mulled Wine
In our house on Christmas Eve we always always always have mulled wine it's just essential. Its one tradition we never skip. I absolutely love making it from scratch although sometimes when we are short on time we just buy a bottle from our local Waitrose and hope for the best. Sometimes we have some family and friends pop in to visit us so its always good that they are treated to some festive refreshments. You can also make a completely non-alcoholic version too for those driving/under the age of eighteen.

Last Minute Present Wrapping
It wouldn't be Christmas Eve if all the men in my life weren't doing last minute bits of shopping and having me wrap for them. I tell every one of them each year to be organised before Christmas Eve but they never seem to listen. Oh and just so you know I actually love wrapping so its not a huge chore for me but it is super hard to get it all done on time.

Baking and Scented Candles
My mum and I always try super hard to make the house smell as festive and delicious as possible. Aside from lighting about five million Christmas candles like we do every year anyways we also like to bake some yummy treats. Last year we made cinnamon rolls which were obviously so good. I think this year I'd like to try gingerbread.

Having a Pamper
I normally like to have a complete pamper before I head out that night. I like to have a long bath with all of my Christmas beauty products, but I won't say too much about this as there will be something coming later in the week that has more detail on this!

Seeing my Best Friends
Most years I always head out with my friends later in the evening for drinks in our favourite pub and out after. It's just a last minute opportunity to get dressed up, get a bit merry and dance around with everyone. I love seeing all my friends so much and everyone is always in such a good mood it just makes me so happy.

Tea and Cake
I know quite a lot of people go to bed early on Christmas Eve so we are probably one of the few families that stay up late. Normally they wait on Lewis and I arriving home after our nights out and we make a mountain of tea and toast and Christmas cakes. Sometimes we get to open a present each early if we want to. Then its off to bed for everyone ready to enjoy the next day.

I hope you enjoyed this post I thought it was a little different from some of the things I regularly post! Would love to know in the comments how you spend your Christmas Eve? 
Lisa x

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Layering up for the Glasgow Winter

How can I actually begin to tell you guys how cold its been in Glasgow recently. I wish I was joking when I say that I've been wearing up to five layers and drinking hot drinks like there is no tomorrow. My favourite kind of weather is actually when its freezing cold but sunny with blue skies so I decided to take some photographs on this particular day. At least the fact its getting cold now means that it will be Christmas soon so YAAAAY for that... 

It seems like so long since I've done any fashion or outfit based content and I actually really like doing it. I used to get so embarrassed having to take pictures out in public but blogging is so big now that no-one even bats an eyelid. I definitely much prefer fashion in the winter too when you can dress more sophisticated and really layer everything up. Think big jumpers and baggy scarves to hide all those mince pies and gingerbread lattes you've been consuming or a glittering floor length evening dress that hides the lack of a tan. Clothes are just so much kinder to us in the winter.

This ASOS coat is literally my life I think I bought this about two years ago in the sale and its the comfiest thing ever. I have an unbelievable amount of jackets and coats but I always seem to go back to my old favourites and this is one of them for sure. I also bought this powder blue jumper from Primark recently and I just love it. It's not the best quality in the world but I wanted to grab a few bits for when I go to Germany for layering and this was super cheap!I'm also recycling this scarf from last year which is a M&S Limited Collection one which I think my mum may have got me for Christmas. It actually looks like it was made for this jumper and coat combo. My hat is also from good old Primark which cost me a grand total of two pounds. I liked the white pom pom as it reminded me of a little rabbits tail.

Lastly, I have a pair of Jack Wills Leggings on which are THE comfiest things on earth. I have had these I believe for about two years and they wash up amazingly and look really cute with boots. I still have to roll them up at the bottom to get them to fit though haha! Speaking of boots these ones are from New Look which I got in September and have been wearing mainly with tights and skirts. I've also got my trusty coffee cup on me which I never go anywhere without. It's not very wintery at all but I still love it.

What do you think of this outfit? I would love to know what your favourite winter essentials are in the comments? 

Lisa x

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

5 Secret Santa Beauty Gifts Under £5

I'd honestly love to know how many people are currently panicking about what to get their office colleagues for secret Santa. I know its something so many of us struggle with as trying to buy a nice gift with a budget of £5 is really damn hard! So heres a list of some lovely beauty gifts all within budget that actually look really impressive...

Soap and Glory Pink Twice
Everyone loves a bit of Soap and Glory at Christmas time and this beautiful little set is sure to bring a smile to any face. It contains a miniature hand cream (perfect for your bag) and some of their Heel Genius which I have used and can confirm that it is a really excellent product. Everyone needs these kind of products in the winter time and S&G gifts always come so beautifully packaged.

Also from Boots and within the glorious 3 for 2 offer is this beautiful little set of lip products from Sleek. For the small price tag I was really impressed to see that you get FOUR reasonably sized minis in absolutely gorgeous shades. I would probably wear every one of these colours and they even have a bright festive red in there! This would be perfect if you know someone who wear lipstick a lot.

The Body Shop British Rose Hand and Nail Set
I remember back in the days when I first started this blog every second post would be a haul from the Body Shop or a review of one of their products. I used to go absolutely crazy for the newest Body Butter or range of shower gels. although I still use their skincare almost religiously I haven't tried any body care products in a long time. I was so intrigued by this little hand cream set which is only £5 comes in a cute little tin and just looks adorable. TBS also do some great discounts so you might even receive more money off this in the run up to Christmas.

Gone are the days when your only stop for a half decent bath bomb was always Lush as so many brands seem to be making their own these days and I could not be more happy about it. This one sounds amazing and is packaged so beautifully. I also spoke about my new found love for Bomb Cosmetics in this post so if you are looking for something a bit more quirky then they are definitely the brand to check out!

Body and Beauty Make Up Organiser
I am so obsessed with being able to organise my make up properly right now and everyone knows that acrylic lip stick holders and drawers are the best invention ever for anyone with far too much make up. I think this is such a nice idea for someone who perhaps has either just moved into a new home or is decorating their bedroom. This is so cheap compared with the Muji Storage but it is by no means rubbish quality. I actually have a few of these myself in my room and I love them so much!

That's everything for my Secret Santa Beauty Gifts...I hope you all enjoyed! I would love to know in the comments if you are doing a Secret Santa this year and what you will be buying?

Lisa x

Sunday, 11 December 2016

December Birchbox: The Christmas Edition

Firstly, I cannot get over how fricken cute the packaging of this months Birchbox is I will definitely be reusing this box as a travel holder for my make up brushes. Secondly, this is the best box so far I actually genuinely like every single product in here... 

Benefit Poresfessional used to be my absolute favourite before I realised that it broke me out something awful. I still use it though from time to time for nights out because it does blur out imperfections and yes it minimises pores although I'm not sure it makes my make up last as long as some of my other primers do. This is a slightly different version which is supposed to mattify the skin so I can't wait to give it a try. Definitely happy to have this back in my life and I'm going away at the end of the month so its perfect to have some travel sized bits. 

I definitely got more excited that I should have when I saw that this was in the box and even more so when I realised that it was the version for eyes. I suffer something awful with eye bags and dark circles and I'm always looking for ways to get rid of this. I absolutely can't wait to try this out and see what all the fuss is about. 

I don't tend to get excited about hair products but I LOVE this brand! I've actually tried a few of their products before and they work wonders for my unruly mop of hair. I have the biggest issues with styling my hair as its so big and bushy I don't know what to do with it. I'm hoping this will help to hold my styles in place over the festive period and make everything just so much easier. I also really really love the branding and find the packaging so fun and modern!

Ciate London Fierce Flicks
This was the one product that I actually knew I was getting in my box before it even arrived as it told us in the November Box! I wear cat flick eye liner every single day so I could pretty much receive one in every box and I wouldn't complain! I can't wait to try this out and see how it compares against my Soap and Glory Supercat Liner. This is also a full size product worth a whopping £15 so just this eyeliner alone is worth more than the box!

LAQA&Co Eyelighter 
This is such a dinky little highlighter that I think is mainly for using on the brow bone but I guess you could try it on the cheekbones and other places if you really wanted to. I'm also really excited to try this brand out as I've seen some of their social media posts and I really like the look of some of their lip products. I always love trying out and discovering new brands!

Birchbox have definitely smashed it this month I'm honestly excited to use absolutely everything in this box and its given me everything I need for the perfect pamper before I head off on my Christmas nights out.

Which of these products takes your fancy the most? 
Lisa x

Friday, 9 December 2016

10 Stocking Filler Ideas Under £10

To me a good old fashioned stocking filler should be under the ten pound mark. Yes I know that ideally we would love to find a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick or a trip to the Bahamas in our stockings but in my house we tend to keep it quite old school. Everyone buys a present under £10 to put in each others stockings and thats it.  So today I thought I would share with you 10 of the best ideas for male and female stocking fillers that still give you change from a tenner...

A stocking would not be a stocking if it didn't have some form of chocolate in it. I know its super traditional to throw in some chocolate money but if you are looking to add a bit more luxury then Hotel Chocolat do some amazing posh treats. I think they have an offer on their smaller bags if you buy 3 or more too which means you can even treat yourself! Another idea which is completely unisex is a game or quiz and I found a festive themed one in Boots for just £4! I think most people like to get a bit drunk and play random trivia games on Christmas day so this is a great thing to have to hand.

Bath products are always pretty spot as a gift especially in miniature sizes. I am obsessed with Lush Snow Fairy every time Christmas comes around so I would definitely be happy to find a miniature bottle in my stocking while I'm sure my other half wouldn't object to his favourite scent-Dirty! I also picked up a Dove Men Total Care Set from Boots which contains two miniature sizes of a body wash along with some deodorant. I always find things like this are so handy for travelling. Having spoken about Lush everyone knows that their bath bombs make amazing gifts, but I recently discovered Bomb Cosmetics which do the cutest hand made bath melts and bath bombs and I obviously need to share this new found love with some of my friends so they will no doubt be getting some this year! Lastly, is the Neom Organics Bath and Shower Oil in a miniature size. This stuff is a complete winner in my opinion it makes my baths heavenly!

If you are after a scented candle then Primark do some super cheap starting at anything from £1. I managed to find this really masculine scented one. My boyfriend actually really likes scented candles so I'll no doubt be giving him this although he does actually use the really feminine looking ones too. Speaking of gifts for the home how could you not love this Christmas themed Robin Stanley Mug from Cath Kidston. I'm so obsessed with everything from CK at the moment and I'd be so happy to receive one as a gift.

For my mum this year I decided to get her these lovely Tartan Gloves from M&Co which she actually kept hinting to me a few weeks ago so at least I know shes going to like them. These were only £8 too which is really good for a nice pair of dressy gloves. Also for the beauty lover is the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette which contains 12 eye shadows for just £9.99 I would love to receive this as a main gift never mind a stocking filler...there's also a huge variety of shades making it perfectly suitable for different skin tones. And if you like the look of this you might even want to keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway *winky emoji*.

I think all of these lovely gifts show that you can still do a stocking very cheaply. Personally I don't even care whats in it as long as I have one as its one of my absolute favourite things to open on Christmas morning. These all make great secret santa presents too so I hope this can be a bit of inspiration for anyone still struggling to buy!

What would you like to receive in your stocking this year?  
Lisa x

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Revisiting Festive Make Up Picks

I absolutely love blogging in the winter time. I just love it! So last week when I was clearing out some of my old make up I came across some 'old favourites' that I had forgotten about that I used last winter to create my favourite festive themed looks and it gave me the idea for this blog post. Obviously there is lots of sparkles and a good old red lip in there...

One of my least favourite things to do believe it or not is painting my nails, however, I really feel like a complete let down if I don't have festive themed nails throughout the whole month of December. I bought this Essence Colour and Go Nail Varnish in Me and My Lover last year and it really is the perfect Christmas red with fine flecks of gold glitter running through! It wouldn't be fair if I didn't compliment this with an equally festive red lip so I've chosen the MUA Luxe Inked Lip Stain in Watermelon which is a bright red with incredible lasting power! For such an inexpensive brand I have been seriously impressed with MUA Cosmetics recently and this is yet another exciting product to add to the list!

It also wouldn't seem like the party season if we weren't making the most of our shimmery eye shadows and black liners. I was obsessed last year with the Gosh Effect Powder in the colour Sky which I don't actually think is available in the UK but you can find it quite easily on Ebay. It's basically a loose white pigment with lots of silver glitter running through. It's not terribly pigmented but I don't think it's supposed to be as its more of a way of adding the finishing touches to a smokey eye. I used it on the inner corners of my eye and it just looks so pretty. I was also pretty obsessed with the Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Raven which I wore on nights out last year under my liquid eyeliner to keep it in place and it worked a bloody treat! It's extremely simple to use and so long lasting, like I literally struggled to get this off!

I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of wearing fake eye lashes as I'm just so terrible at putting them on. I do however like to wear them in the festive season sometimes and although I've already worn my Esqido Lashes to death (post here) I just about remember how much I loved using the Lash Companion Glue that goes with them. I mean even if I didn't I would still thoroughly admire this packaging. I love how long the applicator is so you can really get into the delicate eye lash rim and it's pretty much the only lash glue I can use if I'm honest. Also how could I not mention the beautiful Topshop Make Up Glow Pots, which I actually wear all year round but I remember being obsessed with this one in the colour Polished last year! I love the wet skin highlighted look in the winter time and this cream highlighter product definitely does the job!

What are your favourite festive make up products? Is there anything you don't normally wear which you consider and essential in the party season? 

Lisa x

Friday, 2 December 2016

Making Time to De-Stress this Winter

Everyone who knows me well knows how much of a massive stress ball I am. No matter how much time I have on my hands I am always doing something in my spare time whether its volunteering, blogging, or helping my mum with her weekly food shop. I just hate the thought of using my time for anything that is not productive in some way. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming and I get so stressed out all at once which is not good for my mental health. I've been trying my hardest recently to set aside just one day a week where I get to do next to nothing and spend most of the day alone. Anyways, I'd imagine that everyone is feeling a bit stressed with Christmas on the way so this is what I've been doing to combat stress and anxiety...

Yeah everyone always goes on about how good exercise is as a coping mechanism for stress and I whole heatedly agree. However, I don't really like involving myself in super high tensity exercise when I feel emotional or over whelmed so the best thing for me is to go a run outside somewhere alone and give myself a chance to gather my thoughts. I also make sure I fit in one of my pole classes once a week at Pole Position Glasgow if anything just to have the opportunity to see some friendly faces. The classes are run in such a positive and friendly atmosphere with everyone encouraging and helping each other which is amazing for building self-esteem and confidence. Lastly, like to practice yoga when I have a little time in the morning but normally I just stick a DVD on and do it all in front of my T.V. so I don't even have to leave the house!

Drink Hot Drinks and Eat Plenty of (healthy) Comfort Food
When I'm going through a really stressful time I normally try my best to avoid caffeine, however, I still like the reassurance of a hot drink. Recently, I've been reaching for these sachets of The English Teashop Lemongrass, Ginger and Citrus teas which are so refreshing and tasty! My mum actually bought this for me as a gift as she told me that ginger in particular helps to settle nerves. What a woman! I also find that when I'm stressed I accidentally skip meals and eat quite rubbish foods. I try to combat this by eating quite healthily but I still indulge myself in lots of comforting and fulfilling foods like my mums homemade soup and lots of pastas with all the veggies. It's important that I always pack some nourishing snacks with me wherever I go so I'm not tempted to reach for a Mars Bar and a can of fizzy juice when I get hungry.

Create Time to Focus on Small Tasks
I always try my best to make sure I fit some 'me time' into my busy schedule. This can be anything from meditating to reading a few chapters of my favourite book to just painting my nails and applying some hand cream. Recently though I've been doing some adult colouring which admittedly I slated at first but it's so bloody therapeutic! I just bought a couple of colouring books from Amazon and some felt tip pens and now I do it probably at least once a week. It just gives you a little bit of time to focus on one task in particular and really takes your mind away from all the stresses from your day at work, or whatever it is that has gotten you so worked up. It probably sounds ridiculous but it actually works.

Limit Social Media Activity
This is a really tricky one for me in particular because not only do I blog and therefore have to regularly post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but I also work with social media so I pretty much have to know what is happening on there at all times! I do however, try my best to switch of from it all when I'm feeling a bit worn out. There is nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work to see that someone has posted a picture of themselves at the pool on holiday complete with generic caption 'How's your Monday?' (There is definitely a special place in hell reserved for these people). I always always always try to make sure I keep my phone as far as possible from me a few hours before I go to bed so if I want to tweet anything I'll just schedule it and that way I can still promote my content!

Pamper Yourself
A bit like concentrating on small tasks this one is super important for creating that 'me time' and practising self love. I always try to have a hot bath the night before I have something quite stressful like an exam or an interview and it's such a simple but effective way to relax. I normally use some Lush products, light some candles and watch all my favourite shows while I'm soaking in the tub as well as reading my book or some magazines. I normally take in a cup of tea or a nice chilled glass of lemon and lime water, but if your someone who likes the odd glass of alcohol then I guess a glass of rose or a gin and tonic would help too! I definitely try to have a bath at least once a week (normally a Wednesday which is my busiest day) and it just helps calm me down so much.

Keep a Diary or a Journal
I actually saw this tip on someone else's blog but cannot for the life of me remember the name of the person or blog that it was on so please do come forward if you know who I'm talking about so I can give them credit! Anyways I thought it was a brilliant idea and have since been putting it into practice. I don't do it every single day but when I have something that has me particularly upset or anxious I always write down my feelings. You would not believe how much lighter it makes you feel just confiding to a piece of paper but it does.

These are all of my tips for coping with stress and anxiety but I'd love to know some of yours? Is there anything also which gets you particularly stressed or worked up?

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Lisa x

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Mua Luxe Strobe and Glow Highlighter Kit

How on earth did we ever do our make up without highlighter and feel okay about it?! I always get super excited about highlighting products more than I do any other make up items. Finding a good highlighter is like finding your perfect LBD or a pair of shoes; it's something special...
Recently I added this MUA Luxe Strobe and Glow Highlight Kit to my collection and I couldn't be more impressed. For just five pounds this has a cream and powder highlighter and comes in really chic packaging complete with a well-sized mirror for on the go touch ups. I think it does come in other shades but this iridescent Pearl Glow shade was my favourite as I think it's wearable on pale and darker skin so can be used throughout the year. I think it's also quite a good dupe for The Balm's Cindy Lou Manizer which I used to wear all the time back when I first started blogging, so if you happen to be a fan of that then you may want to check this out.
In terms of formula it is quite good and certainly very pigmented with such a little product going a long way. I much prefer the cream product to the powder one in all honestly as its more natural and doesn't contain any shimmer. But for certain occasions I've been wearing both together as the cream product really helps to keep the powder in place. I also like that the powder can be used as eye shadow or a nice highlight for the brow bone so in that sense this is a little bit multi-functional.The longevity is by no means the best I've ever tried but it's decent and it really seems to hold up against all types of weather, which is common in Glasgow.
One thing I would say is that the powder highlight is a little too glittery for my liking and less refined than that of some of my other highlighting products. It's still a really nice product regardless but I just prefer powders to be a little more buttery in texture than this is. For the price this is amazing and it would make such a nice stocking filler this year for anyone who really likes make up. I'm also obsessing over the Glow and Gleam Powder which looks amazing and I hope to find that in my own stocking!
What do you guys think of MUA? Would you try this product?
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Lisa x

Friday, 25 November 2016

The Winter Body Care Line Up

When I awoke this morning desperately needing a pee at 7am I could not believe how freezing it was when I stepped out of my bed! Here in Glasgow we are fairly used to the cold weather but today is the first official winter day I've experienced in November. You know that way where its too cold to snow and you can literally feel you toes and fingers going numb? Yep that's exactly what I'm talking about. Anyways with the cold weather comes a whole host of problems; dry skin, chapped lips, and extremely dehydrated hands and feet. Today I'm going to talk through this years winter body care staples...

Soap and Glory The Scrub of Your Life
Everyone knows that in order to take care of dry skin you need to start by exfoliating! This is also the time of year I normally start wearing my fake tan weekly to add a bit of colour to my pasty winter skin so it's so important that I make sure I keep my body moisturised. This is definitely one of my favourite scrubs. I love how it smells just like the Mist You Madly Fragrance Mist, which is kind of the quintessential S&G scent in my opinion. However, what I like most about this is the fact that it is super rough i.e. contains lots of scrubby particles AND it comes in a tube which is obviously so much more handy and reduces product wastage. It definitely leaves my skin feeling mega smooth and smelling sweet too!

Zoella Beauty Hungry Hands
I'm not a huge fan of Zoella Beauty even though I like her actual YouTube videos as I think the products are a bit young but when I saw the packaging of this hand cream I couldn't help but go out and buy it. It's just so goddamn festive! I always carry hand lotion with me in the summer never mind in the winter time and this has so much product in it for such a low price! It smells like gingerbread (which is one of my favourite festive scents) and yet its not too sickly sweet either. I also wasn't really expecting the formula to be that good due to the price point but it actually is! It sinks in instantly, and admittedly it's not the most moisturising hand cream out there but its certainly a good one to carry in your handbag and you get so much product for what you pay.

Victorias Secret Amber Romance Body Butter
A bit like the Body Shop Body Butters, but thicker and smells like actual heaven. This is definitely my favourite VS scent, which I got as a gift for my birthday. It smells so good you could actually eat it and aside from that it also does a bloody good job of moisturising my body while leaving it perfectly perfumed. This body butter contains Jojoba, Shea and Vitamin E. Stick it on your Christmas lists ladies...this is a good one!

Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion
As gross as it is you cannot for one second deny that winter makes your feet super dry and disgusting. I tend to suffer from quite dry feet all year round so I'm quite apt at taking care of them but I think it's a bit of a laborious task if I'm honest. I've tried a lot of different foot masks and the likes but I normally use this Lush one. I pop it on every night before bed and put some moisturising socks on over it. It softens any hard skin and makes my feet feel normal again...especially after a long day walking around Christmas shopping or whatever else I get up to in the winter months. It's pink and it smells like peppermint, and it does the perfect job! You can't go wrong with this one really!

What are your winter body care staples? Do you have a winter routine? 

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Lisa x

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

How I Made Christmas my Favourite Time of Year...

Its the most wonderful time of the year. The shops have started opening late, the Christmas lights have been switched on in my local town and I've even been to Costa for a gingerbread latte. I have to admit I never really used to be a huge fan of Christmas but as I've got older this time of year has become more and more special to me. To be honest I'm not mad about actual Christmas day itself but I love the build up to it and every year I try to make it as exciting and fun as possible...

Advent Calendars
I recently bought this Beauty Advent Calendar (pictured) from M&S and it's really making me excited about it turning December the first so I can open this bad boy! It's filled with amazing beauty brands such as Pixi, Burts Bee's and Emma Hardie and goes right up until Christmas day! I'm so buzzing about this because now despite spending every penny I own on others during these months I will still feel like I'm treating myself every day too. I also have a traditional chocolate advent calendar because how could I not right?! I absolutely love the countdown to Christmas and now its just an excuse to either pamper yourself or eat chocolate very day! 

Christmas Shopping
I think for most people this is one of the most expensive things about Christmas and I will admit it's probably the time of year my finances are struggling the most. I can spend a lot of money mainly because buying gifts is one of my favourite parts of Christmas! That little boy from the John Lewis advert circa 2011(link) is actually me. I absolutely love seeing my mums face when she opens her presents from me because she is one of these people who would spend her last penny on my brother and I before even thinking about treating herself. I also like using Christmas as an opportunity to buy Lewis the clothes that he really looks good in as opposed to the ones he wants (if your girlfriend isn't secretly doing this is she even your girlfriend though?!). My best advice is to try and start as early as possible or to put money away throughout the year. Even £40 a month will land you with a tidy sum of £400 to start your gift buying come October. I have personally finished my Christmas shopping although I still have a few bits to get for my gift guides which will be going to all of my sorry guys if you are reading this! 

Christmas Candles
Candles are a really good and relatively inexpensive way to pamper yourself at Christmas if you feel a bit down in the dumps. I got this huge Gingerbread Scented Candle from Home Bargains recently for less than a fiver and despite the small price tag it definitely fills the room with scent and it also smells like proper gingerbread too! I know that sickly sweet Christmassy scents aren't for everyone but Asda sell Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle which is a more affordable version of the original brand and they do some amazing fresh scents like Candy Cane and Fresh Balsam. There's honestly nothing better than being wrapped up all cosy in blankets with your hot chocolate and scented candles when its really cold outside. 

Christmas Music
This is something that may not appeal to a lot of people but I'm such a sucker for Christmas music. Anything by Darlene Love gets me going and up on my feet. I love how music has that nostalgic effect of sending you back to your fondest memories and Christmas music always makes me think of my friends and I in the pub on Christmas Eve in 2014 having the actual time of our lives! 

Gift Guides
I know that gift guides are meant to be used to plan what you want to give to your loved ones or even to give you some inspiration but personally I use these to plan what I'm going to but myself in the sales come boxing day. Boots for example normally half price all of their perfume gift sets so I normally warn people against buying me perfume and get it there the next day instead! I tend to be of the mindset that sales tempt you into buying things you don't really want (my mum always says 'if you really wanted it you'd have it already') but this way I already have a plan of what I'm going to buy come boxing day and I normally just go online and order rather than trekking my hungover self all the way into town. 

Parties and Get Together's
Normally this time of year is when my social life begins to perk up. Suddenly I'm no longer living like a hermit with my Netflix and snacks and propelled into a world where I actually put on red lipstick and high heels. I love that Christmas brings people together. I always find that friends who I haven't seen in a while are keen to get together and have nice days or nights out. It's my favourite thing about Christmas! I like the opportunity to be able to go out, get dressed up and the fact that my social calendar is normally buzzing in December means that I have endless things to look forward to!

How do you celebrate the run up to Christmas time? Do you like Christmas or is it just another day to you?

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Lisa x

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Stila Eye and Cheek Palette Giveaway

As I've been feeling a little Christmassy I thought I'd start off the first of my Festive Giveaways with this gorgeous palette. The Stila Perfect Me Perfect Hue Palette contains 4 extremely wearable eye shadows, two gorgeous blushes and a highlight shade, and comes with a huge mirror making it the handiest palette for travels and on the go make up applications. It's also pretty asthetically pleasing in gold leopard print packaging...

I'm so impressed with Stila as a brand recently especially their eye shadows which are so buttery and blendable yet ridiculously pigmented! This would be a gorgeous gift to get any beauty lover for Christmas especially someone who is just getting started in make up or who travels a lot. You can read more on it in this post from the lovely Megan whose review actually made me go out and buy it. I picked this as my giveaway prize because I genuinely love it and I want someone else to love it too!

So lets get to the point shall we. The giveaway begins today and will end the 4th of December at midnight. I will most likely announce the winner the next day so I can get your prize to you in time for Christmas. This giveaway is also open internationally too since I didn't think it would be fair given the fact that my audience are predominantly based over seas to exclude them from the chance to win this amazing prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to every one of you! Thank you so much for entering! 

Lisa x
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