Friday, 4 December 2015

Hello from Lisbon

Hello all! You might be sitting wondering why I am suddenly posting now having not had any content on my blog for about a month now. Unfortunately, moving abroad was a lot more hectic than I'd originally anticipated and I wanted to fully immerse myself in the experience without all of the guilt about not having scheduled blog posts for the week ahead. Also I haven't been trying many new beauty products as I've brought everything I needed from home and am also trying my best to stick to a tight weekly budget meaning no cheeky splurges on things I don't need (I will for sure be raiding Sephora before I leave though). Seeing as my blog is predominantly beauty I haven't wanted to change things up too much so I haven't really been worried about keeping the content flowing but I'd like to fill you all in on what has been happening...

Way back in October (seems like yesterday I KNOW) I was lucky enough to have in the space of three weeks my boyfriend, parents and best friend all-separately-hop on a plane and come and visit me which was amazing! I took some time off classes to wander around the city with them as I knew they would want to see and do a lot of different things. It was also nice being able to go out for meals with them all and catching up on everything that was going back home. We did some of the more touristy things and it was good that I was able to show them around the different parts of the city and offer advice on the best things to do and see. When my parents finally left it dawned on me that I wouldn't see anyone from home till Christmas which is unbelievably close now but back then it seemed like ages away and I was really sad to see them leave. 

I've finally finished the dreaded Portuguese language course which although was enjoyable was also very difficult and not a particularly easy language to learn. I thought I would be okay seeing as I know French and a tiny bit of Spanish but my God I completely forgot the stress of remembering the different variations of the words and still I don't fully understand when the Portuguese speak to me as they speak very fast! I can now communicate with those who don't speak English which is the main thing and I have hopefully passed my written exam which means I can move up to the next level when I return home. I would honestly say to those who want to work, study or live abroad that learning a bit of the language is a really good idea no matter how good the locals English may be as it will help you to 'blend in' and save you the stress of ordering the wrong cup of coffee in the pastelaria.

It's definitely starting to feel like Christmas despite the fact its somehow still almost twenty degrees and the sun is still shining. The lights have been switched on and every shopping centre is now blessed with their very own Santa's grotto not to mention how busy the shops are actually getting. I'm a little bit gutted I can't do my Christmas shopping here if I'm honest (30kg max and all that) as there are so many shops that we don't have in the UK that I have become so fond of including a couple of beauty brands! They also have the most unique shops that sell only Christmas decorations, which I am absolutely in love with! I've even headed to Primark (yes there is one here) to get some Christmas pjamas and an advent calander and its making me soooo excited to come home and spend the festive season with my friends and family! 

Overall, I'm still really in love with Lisbon despite missing my friends and family and I can't believe that its nearly time to go home! I think I'm definitely going to be really gutted to leave this incredible city and all the amazing friends I have made here, and thats not even mentioning how ridiculously cheap it is to live here! Honestly, I think I'll be getting a huge shock next time I go for a meal or a coffee in Glasgow haha!

Is anyone else currently abroad on exchange? Would love to know in the comments how you are coping being away from friends and family and what your experience was like? 


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  1. I just came across your blog and saw this post about Lisbon. I'm Portuguese, from the north and I feel very proud of you for going to my country and do your best to blend in, even if it was hard to learn the language, that I know is complicated. Most of the people just don't care to even learn about our culture since we are mainly forced to speak english as our second language. I live in the UK for over a year now and with all due respect I doubt anyone would try to speak Portuguese to me in here which makes sense, so I try my hard to be part of this culture as much as I can. And I feel happy to know there are people out there like you who actually care to be part of my culture and my country the same way! I hope you go back to Portugal and visit more, it really is so much cheaper to buy things there and the food to me is the best!! ;) xx


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