Thursday, 3 September 2015

New Shoes?

As a blogger its very hard not to have a shopping addiction. When you have the old 'its for my blog' excuse in the back of your mind its always very hard to resist wanting to pick up *everything* in the shops! Now every now and then I pick up something in shops that feels like it could have been made with me in mind! Who knew that this would be EXACTLY what I had been looking for all along?! Its even better when I find something of this nature that doesn't break the bank! Lets take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these Topshop Sandals shall we... 

For basically the whole of summer I've been looking for neutral coloured sandal with a small heel that can class as both day and night shoes. Something to take me from shopping to the cocktail bar as quick as I can apply my red lipstick. I found these in Topshop recently at just £28! Yup super affordable and when you take off the student discount how could I possibly resist?! I love that these will add some serious chic to any old black T-shirt dress or jeans and cami combo and I can't wait to wear these in Portugal! They are also *reasonably* comfortable and easy to walk in which is the most important thing after all (yeah right) and I feel more dressed up with these on as they look so classy and expensive. Also I'm a massive fan of snake print so they got that right! 

I'm super glad I'm going to be taking these abroad for a few months as I'm not quite sure they would have got much wear in rainy Glasgow. I have such a love/hate relationship with Topshop as they sometimes charge ridiculous prices for something that I just know EVERYONE will be wearing in a matter of weeks. They also either get things completely wrong or totally and utterly spot on and in this case its very much the latter. Thank you for literally creating my perfect sandals, and for knowing exactly what I wanted even when I didn't! Lets hope you manage to continue this right through to next season and beyond. 

I'd love to know how all of you feel about these sandals and where you go to find your perfect pair? 

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  1. That's actually so affordable considering they are Topshop. I love the print on them and they just have a gorgeous design x

    Beauty with charm


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