Monday, 10 August 2015

Xen-Tan Weekly Self-Tan Lotion

After hearing about this tan for approx. 4 billion years I thought it was finally time to try it! I had previously heard lots of great things about it mostly via other blogs and YouTube videos and I couldn't help but notice that it seemed to be a firm favourite amongst 'bigger' bloggers. However, spending £30+ on a bottle of fake tan wasn't necessarily appealing to me as I already own some really great tanning products which are less than a tenner (I swear by Cocoa Brown). The one thing that attracted me to this product, however, was the promise of a natural dark colour minus that awful biscuity fake tan smell. I'm here to tell you guys whether or not it actually lived up to these expectations...

The Xen-Tan Weekly Lotion is not like any tan I have ever used before. When it comes to fake tan I actually tend to avoid lotions as I think they can be harder to work with and more often than not will come out streaky. The first time I used this I actually just put it on with my hands and it came out hell of a streaky so please make sure you use this with appropriate tools i.e a tanning mitt (lol). Even with a tanning mitt I definitely still got a little bit paranoid about leaving white patches and I was rubbing this in like a crazy person to make sure I had left no area untouched. One thimg I did notice was that this is extremely moisturising and smells absolutely heavenly! Its laced with all kinds of nut and jojoba oils which probably help with the moisturizing but also with the delightful smell! I also liked that it was slightly tinted so I could actually see where it was going, although I'm still really terrible at doing the backs of my legs.

I just so happen to be one of these people that put my tan on before bed and sleep with it on despite protests by my boyfriend who can't stand the smell and my mum who doesn't like the fact I turn all of my white bedsheets a lovely shade of orange every now and again. I just think its the best time to let my tan develop and I can wash off all of the excess in the morning. When I woke up wearing this I was a little dissappointed that there seemed to be a lingering biscuity smell, so I immediately jumped in the shower to wash off the excess tan and try to get rid of some of that fake tan smell; that was when I noticed the colour! Oh my goodness when this stuff says it makes you good and brown it definitely means it, and that was with only one application too! I feel like this has a bit of a red undertone to it so it definitely looks a lot more natural than the other orangey shades on the market. 

After showering I was left with a gorgeous dark brown tan that looked almost as good as a natural tan and it was so smooth and streak-free. My skin also felt amazingly smooth and soft and thankfully the horrible fake tan smell dissappears after showering. This tan is definitely an amazing product if you want a really natural looking dark colour, but it is a little harder to work with than some of the other fake tans out there and if you aren't very good at applying tan then this can get quite messy. I think the colour would probably be a little too harsh for red heads or blondes as its very much an olive shade, so the dark shade probably wouldn't be your best option. I also think its a little bit over priced seeing as a spray tan costs less than the full price of this. The bottle is relatively small and I think you would get about 6 full body applications out of this tops, however the colour just cannot be faulted so even though it KILLS me to say it I think I would actually buy this again in a heartbeat!

Have any of you ever used this product before? What are your favourite tanning products? 



  1. it sounds as though this works out pretty well but I think my first stop would be to buy a tanning mitt. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I had a sample of this tan and fell in love with it! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave


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