Friday, 7 August 2015

Forgtten Favourites: Lips

For the last of my 'forgotten favourites' series I'm back today with some lip products. To be honest it can be quite easy for me to forget about lipsticks and glosses as this is probably the one beauty item that I have the most of, and I'm always always always buying new lipsticks to try out! In fact I'm pretty sure that I have a few lipsticks in my collection that I haven't managed to wear yet, which seems crazy to me! Anyways lets move onto the lip products shall we...

The first discovery was the Mac Diva Lipstick which has been hiding in my stash since Christmas! This was a present from my mum that I completely forgot I had and found it still in the box in one of my make up drawers! I genuinely can't believe I forgot all about this as I do love a good Mac product for a night out as the longevity of these is unbeatable and they also do all of this without being chalky or drying on the lips. This one is a vampy dark red/brown shade and is one of the matte lipsticks, and is just the perfect accessory for an LBD and some heels. I don't like the matte finish as much as I like the satin finish as they can be a little harder to work with, but I'll make an exception seeing as this one is so sexy.

Next, I picked out this Ted Baker Lipgloss, which was from a set that I also received at Christmas time. Unfortunately there is nothing on this to tell me the colour and I'm not sure if you can buy these separate from the nail polishes, but I absolutely love the colour of this! I'm mpre of a lip stick that a lip gloss person, but the colour pay off on this one is just insane; it also lasts most of the day too which makes this pretty much the only lipgloss that I have ever liked. It also feels wet on application rather than sticky, and reminded me of the Rimmel Apocalips a little bit, however this one doesn't really dry after the application, and unfortunately it isn't non transferrable either. Those are all sins I can completely forgive though! 

Lastly, I found a real old favourite in the form of my Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet, which is a dark red not unlike Mac Diva, however this one being a lip butter makes it a lot more moisturizing on the lips and the glossy finish just adds something elseto any make up look. I tend to wear this lip with black winged eye liner to create a really classic make up look, and make a bit of a statement. I actually have these Revlon Lip Butters in a lot of different colours as I'm completely obsessed and can't get enough of them, and for only £7.99 they are such good value for money as they last ages! 

What are your favourite lip products? Would you wear any of these products? 


  1. Ooooh that Mac lipstick looks gorgeous, I really want some darker shades like those!

  2. I love the colour of Diva, definitely want to get it for the autumn/winter months.


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