Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Forgotten Favourites: Eyeshadow

Following on from my last post which was all about forgotten concealer products (link here) I'm back today with some of the most gorgeous eye shadows I forgot I even had! I don't actually wear eye shadow on a daily basis and certainly not shimmery shades, however I have been absolutely loving some of the smokey eye tutorials that are circulating YouTube right now, and I really want to be able to pull of a shimmery eye of my own! Although I have to admit that eye make up isn't my strong point as I just don't have a clue how to blend ect and always just end up with really undefined, super messy shadow any time I try to get creative or try anything new. I'm hoping that purchasing some new brushes may help...

Firstly, I dug out this amazing Make Up Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette. The colours are all amazing and nothing like the other shades I already own in my other palettes which mostly comprise of the safest neutral shades you will ever find and zero shimmer. The colours of these appeal to me as although they are a little different from what I am used to they aren't too 'out there' and I find them completely wearable for every day. I love the orange and purple toned shades and they blend out and compliment each other so well. It's not surprising that Make Up Revolution are doing so well right now considering this palette of TWELVE eye shadows (all extremely pigmented and and long lasting) is also so well priced. I have to say this is budget make up done right! Its crazy to think that for under a fiver you can have such a beautiful set of eye shadows. I'll admit that the packaging isn't the greatest, but I wouldn't expect much more for the small price tag.

Secondly, I fell back in love with the Mac Cranberry Frost Eyeshadow when I was inspired by an 'Autumn make up' type post the other week and decided to have a look through my own stash. As everyone knows Mac make up is just the bomb when it comes to pigment and good quality packaging and it actually became popular due to its use in theatre make up and its incredible long lasting power! This shade in particular is so gorgeous and festive and can be used sparingly for a smaller amount of colour as well as all over the lid for full on dramatic effect, I don't know how I managed to forget that I had this but I just know this will be getting used more and more over the coming months as we slide into the autumn and winter. This is actually too beautiful and is a definite must have shade for anyone with a crazy eye shadow addiction!

Lastly, I found a Bella Pierre Mineral Eye Shadow in Celebration which actually seems to be more of a pigment than a pressed eye shadow, so it is a little messier; but still gorgeous nevertheless. This is a beautiful copper golden tone with extra sparkle and shimmer when it catches the light, and it actually reminds me a lot of Mac Amber Lights as it looks AMAZING on blue eyes and really brings them out. I've been wearing this so much recently as it really makes my eyes pop and adds such a gorgeous sun-kissed look to my make up as I can almost imagine wearing this with a tan on holiday with glowing skin and a super glossy lip! I just keep having so many compliments on it. The colour pay off to this is just incredible and I love that this can be worn both during the day and added to other eye shadows for a more glamorous night time look. I actually can't believe I forgot about this for so long as I'm already getting sad thinking about what I will do when this runs out!

What have you guys been finding in your collection recently? Do you have any favourite eye shadows? 


  1. Your Mac eyeshadow looks a lovely shade. It's something I wouldn't usually go for, but I can tell it will be perfect for the coming autumn/winter months!

  2. I absolutely love the Makeup Revolution palette, I literally carry it around everywhere I go (I mean like holidays etc, not that I actually go for a coffee with an eyeshadow palette in my handbag haha), the colours are just so amazing and well pigmented! xx



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