Monday, 3 August 2015

Forgotten Favourites: Concealer

Like many other beauty bloggers I have a terrible habit; I buy products and use them for a week straight, declaring my undying love for them until the next new make up release happens to fall into my basket in Boots or Superdrug or wherever and the said products get placed into a drawer somewhere in my extensive make up collection never to be seen again. Well thats maybe a bit drammatic, but I made a promise to myself earlier in the year that I would try and make use of what is already in my make up collection before wasting money on yet more make up, so I thought I'd take you guys along with me while I had a good look through all my make up...

 I thought concealer would be a good place to start as I'm pretty sure I buy at least one new concealer product every two weeks, and I like to have a couple of different concealers in my collection for different things. I recently rediscovered the Seventeen Phwoar Paint Concealer and started to remember why I had loved it so much in the first place. This is supposed to be used as an under eye concealer to disguise any under eye luggage and brighten the area and man does this do a good job! It's a bit like Benefit Boing only its a little creamier and less drying on the skin so its more suitable for dry skin. It comes in a dinky little compact complete with mirror making it perfect for on the go applications and is so simple to use. I just use my ring finger to pat it onto the area and blend it out for instantly brighter eyes. Its also slightly tacky to the touch which I quite liked as it stays in place for ages! Its also rather well priced at only £6 considering its high end rival is about three times the price!

Next I found the Revlon Colourstay Concealer, which I have profound memories of disliking when I bought it many months ago. However, I was quite surprised to find that it actually is a really decent concealer with great coverage. This is actually really blendable and long lasting and I never have to top this up throughout the day as it genuinely stays put without being drying or patchy and blends seamlessly into foundation leaving it undetectable on the skin. Its actually quite watery in texture which worried me at first so if you have a lot of acne or scarring then you might want something a little thicker, but overall I'm super impressed with this. If you like Estee Lauder Doubler Wear Concealer then this is definitely a good drugstore dupe at just a quarter of the price!

Have any of you guys tried these concealer products? Would love to know your thoughts!


  1. I own both of these but haven't used them in ages! I will have to dig them out. The Seventeen one is amazing! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I've seen the Seventeen Concealer the other day but I thought it'd be too drying out for my under eye area, thanks for the review, I'll consider getting it next week! xx



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