Saturday, 29 August 2015

Chin Up Mask Review and Giveaway!

Well I hope everyone is having a great day today! I was recently sent the brand new Chin Up Firming and Contouring Mask* to review and was a little scared at the prospect of a product which told me I would lose up to 1cm off of my chin. I haven't ever really thought about my chin being 'fat' before, but I was still so excited to see what this would do for me! For starters it comes with some really scary looking equipment including a measuring tape and a scary looking balaclava type slimming band to place on your head whilst the mask is working its magic...

The box comes with three separate masks (about one weeks worth), and the aforementioned slimming band and measuring tape to check results at the end. The box told me that the mask includes vitamin E, and real fruit extracts so I just knew it was going to smell amazing! It also has a whole other host of science behind it such as corum 9235 to help with the whole lifting and contouring process, Q10 which is some form of antioxidant, and skintronics which helps to boost cell density and (hopefully) help with the contouring process. The mask claims to firm and contour, mouturize, and defend against signs of ageing as well as helping me lose a whole 1cm off of my chin.

Before putting the mask on I measured my chin and jawline at 23cm with the measuring tape; I then placed the sheet mask over my chin and secured it with the slimming band. Instructions say to leave the mask on for around 30 minutes, and during that time I could feel the mask warm up almost as though it was burning all the pesky fat cells away one by one. The process was a fairly easy one and the mask smelled amazing so I didn't mind having to have it on for that long although my brother did freak out a bit at the sight of me in the slimming band (lol). 

After taking the mask off and allowing the ingredients to sink into my skin I used the measuring tape to check the results, only to find that I had actually lost 1cm off of my chin. I don't know how it happened but somehow my skin was lifted and tightened in a short space of time. I'll be honest and say that the difference wasn't particularly visible to the eye, but I can imagine that if you are someone who genuinely does need a little help in the way of lifting any sagging or loose skin (no offence right) then this could make a huge difference and is obviously a much better, less time consuming and less expensive option than surgery.

So, as well as being offered the chance to review this new and upcoming product I'll also be hosting a giveaway in order to give you lot a chance to win one and try it for yourselves! The giveaway will run from today until the 9th of September and winners will be contacted within 24 hours afterwards! Good Luck! 

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  1. This sounds really interesting! Lovely giveaway x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. Thanks lovely! Good luck to you ! :) xxxx

  2. I'm really tempted to try this product just because I'm curious haha!

    1. Definitely Hun! Good luck in the giveaway :) xxxx


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