Saturday, 11 July 2015

Victorias Secrets Amber Romance Range

If you live in Scotland as I do then you will be aware that we currently don't have any Victorias Secrets stores here with the exception of the airports *crying emoji*. I absolutely love their beauty products and have always picked up one or two fragrance mists when I've been in store in London so I was extremely lucky when one of my best friends brought me back from her holiday some of the things from the Amber Romance collection for my birthday... 

The first thing I received was the Fragrance Mist, which is a good option for those of you who like a subtle, delicate scent rather than an overpowering perfume and contains chamomile and aloe vera for a relaxing effect. This one is absolutely perfect for me as it smells sweet without being sickly and has fruity rather than a floral smell which is good as floral smells can sometimes be too strong for my liking. The packaging of this is absolutely stunning as is that of all the products and I think that you can get these in the UK for around £15 for 250ml of product which is pretty good value for money I'd say. In terms of longevity this obviously doesn't last as long as a perfume but I just carry this around in my bag and top it up throughout the day. 

Next, I got the Amber Romance Hydrating Body Lotion which out of the three products I got is probably my favourite. It smells a lot stronger that the other two so its perfect for layering under the fragrance mist to ensure you smell sweet and delicious all day long. It contains a heck of a lot of hydrating ingredients too such as oat and grapeseed extracts, vitamins E and C and aloe vera, all of which are things I normally look for in a body lotion. I loved how light this is as it absorbs into the skin straight away and left my legs with the most beautiful healthy glow. Its definitely a good thing to take on holiday too if you want to replenish dry skin after a hard day of sunbathing, and it doesn't make you feel sticky in humid weather either.

Last but not least is the Deep Softening Body Butter (no link as I can't find this online sorry), which I've probably used the least out of the three but for a very good reason. Due to the fact the weather has been so sticky here I haven't  really wanted to smoother myself in thick lotion before bed time so I've been using the body lotion instead. However, this is an amazing product for the colder weather as it contains shea butter and jojoba oils which are perfect for really sealing the moisture in. For now I've been using it just on my problem dry skin areas such as the back of my knees and elbows and sometimes my feet. Its not unlike the Body Shop Body Butters but its little more absorbent than those which is good, and the smell is divine! I just can't wait till autumn kicks in to start using this properly after a long hot bath. 

Do you guys like the Victorias Secret beauty products? Which scents are your favourites?



  1. Lovely post! I haven't actually tried VS beauty products but whenever I go to the store I am tempted to buy some. I am going to try the body lotion from the Amber collection, looks great! x Ania

    1. Awww they are so beautiful even just to look pretty on your dresser! Let me know if you do get round to trying anything love :) xxxx

  2. Anonymous14 July, 2015

    I love the Victoria Secret body mist!

    1. They are so handy for just popping in the bag and using on the go! Dunno what I'd do without it :)


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