Sunday, 21 June 2015

Travel Sized Skincare

Every year when I go on holiday, or even if I go a short break somewhere I always see this as the perfect opportunity to crack out some of the many many samples I seem to accumulate over time. Recently I was away in Berlin (you can read about that here) and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to offer a little mini review of the skincare I used whilst I was over there. Also, please note there is no moisturizer or eye cream being reviewed because I just used the ones I normally do...

For a cleanser I decided I wanted to take a balm cleanser on account of my love for good old Emma Hardie and her little pot of dreams. Strictly speaking the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash isn't technically a balm cleanser but it does have a balm texture and is used the same way as I use my EH one. I'd gotten this free with a magazine not long ago and even though I had wanted to try it out I held onto it for purposes of going on holiday. I actually quite liked this despite the fact I couldn't used it to remove eye make up as it stung my eyes and made them go cloudy. Actually this made my skin feel amazing and super duper clean.I love this brand as they use mainly natural ingredients and I definitely liked the scent and texture of this so I would probably repurchase the full size as its reasonably priced and feels lovely on my skin!

I don't necessarily always use a toner as I normally just use some micellar water but when I saw I had this Dr Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Relief Toner I decided to take it with me as I have never had a bad experience with any product by Origins ever! In general this didn't blow me away and I wasn't ecstatic about it but if you suffer from redness or problem skin you would likely see the benefits of this much more than I did. It smells lovely and has some great ingredients packed into it and it did make my skin feel smoother, I'm just not sure I'd repurchase due to the price as its a little more than I'd normally pay for this kind of product.

In addition to a cleanser I also took this Smashbox Its A Wrap Waterproof Eye Make Up Remover and I'm really glad I did since it came in handy as my cleanser wasn't suitable for removing eye make up. This is an oil based eye make up remover which I'll admit I'm not really a huge fan of as even though they do work they always seem to leave greasy residue all over my eyes and skin! This one was pretty standard really and I wasn't all that impressed. I was even less impressed when I saw how much this retailed for so I definitely wouldn't buy this again but if you do like oil based products then don't let me put you off as you'll probably love this.

Have any of you used any different products recently as a result of being away on holiday or travelling? I'd love to know in the comments!

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  1. I love mini products, I don't buy enough of them and I need too!

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