Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Love for Origins GinZing

I feel like I'm starting every blog post these days with a little anecdote about how I've been crazy busy and not having the time to blog, however, hopefully this time around I actually mean it when I say I'm going to start blogging regularly again as I've actually managed to schedule a good few this morning! Is it weird that I'm doing this one last even though I'm going to schedule it for tomorrow? Anyways I thought I'd share a lot of love for a range of products that have been an absolute godsend for me!

The Origins GinZing range is probably the best thing going if your skin is a bit dull or needs a slight pick me up. The products are all delicately scented with a citrus fragrance and designed to add radiance and make skin brighter. The first product which is the standard GinZing Moisturizer has been one of my favourite products for a while now; I think this is probably about my eighth tub of the stuff. This is really incredible as the gel like texture means it won't interfere with the application of make up and is suitable for all skin types. After using this for a while I always see a massive difference in the texture of my skin as its much softer and more radiant so this is definitely full of the good stuff. The scent of this is amazing as it really wakes you up first thing in the morning!

Next is the matching GinZing Eye Cream which is slightly tinted a pearlescent pink which we all know is the best thing for hiding any pesky under eye luggage or making the eyes appear brighter and more awake. This is absolutely perfect for mixing into any under eye concealer which is how I use it but can also be used alone if that's how you want to use it! This has caffeine in it to really wake up tired skin and it feels so cooling and hydrating when I first put it on my skin; it really is a most lovely experience let me tell you! I'd honestly say this works wonders as I recently went on holiday where I had hardly any sleep and was waking up at ridiculous times for ridiculously early flights and even I thought it disguised this well!

The last product (that I own not in the range) is one I have only recently tried out since its completely new to my collection and it is the GinZing Refreshing Mask. Like the other two this stuff is incredible but more of a pamper product to be used occasionally! This is something which is amazing if you want fresh, radiant , or glowing skin before an event or a night out! It contains mushroom, coffee beans and cucumber to soothe, energize and refresh the skin and it also feels ice cold on application which I love as I feel like its really waking my skin up! I haven't been using this product long enough to know if it works long term but you definitely see an instant result with this one so it could be just the thing if you want a quick fix!

Overall, I love Origins in general and I can honestly say that they are my number 1 go to skincare brand! Anytime I need a new skin product I can pick something up just knowing that I'll love it which is why I don't mind paying a little bit more for it than I would for a drugstore brand. The GinZing range is honestly amazing and I really don't know how my skin coped before I started using it!

I'd love to know if any of you have ever used this range or if you have any other recommendations of orgins products? Please let me know in the comments!



  1. I love the GinZing range so much, it works miracles for my skin and that scent is to die for! I haven't tried much else from Origins though, I want to try one of the other masks but I can't quite decide which to go for x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. I recommend the overnight drink up one its amazing and smells like apricot :) xxxx


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