Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Holiday Outfits: Shorts and Sandals

Living in the vibrant city of Glasgow in Scotland it can be quite hard to find the right places to take outfit posts as its so busy! There are always people on the streets and cars on the roads and I can never find a half decent backdrop, and don't even get me started on the unpredictable weather. Obviously being in a sunny city with lots of scenery gave me the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures of my holiday clothes...

This outfit is something casual that I wore on the first day of the holiday because I wanted to be comfortable enough to walk around in the sunshine, but stylish enough to fit in with all the edgy locals and fellow tourists. My sandals are from Topshop and are the comfiest pair I have ever owned in my life! I honestly wish I could go to work in them sometimes! My grey vest is also from Topshop and is just a standard grey vest top really but the fact its ribbed makes it a little more comfortable I have found. My shorts were a huge bargain from Primark at just 8 quid and they fit in so well with my summer wardrobe I think; I adore the fringing at the bottom!

To accessorize the look I added my newest sunglasses from Urban outfitters which are amazing because they are super dark and are small enough to fit my petite face. I also wore a small claddagh ring from Urban Outfitters which is sterling silver and we all know how much more expensive silver accessories look! And to complete the look I wore my trusty Vivienne Westwood watch which I wear daily anyways!

What did you guys think of this look? Is it something you would go for on a short city break? 


  1. Those shorts are gorgeous! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. thanks lovely such a bargain too at £8!!! xxxx

  2. I love the shorts and the sunglasses! You look amazing! Xx


  3. Anonymous01 July, 2015

    This is the perfect outfit for a casual day out, especially since it'll be so comfortable!


  4. This outfit is great! Everything is so simple, which brings out the pattern on the shorts! The sandals are my favourite part! ((:

    Photographs & Ink

  5. Love the detailing on the shorts. You look so cute.
     The Diva Diaries


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