Sunday, 28 June 2015

Holiday Outfits: The Maxi Skirt

Honestly though...what is a sunny holiday without a good old maxi skirt? I find it quite hard to actually get one that fits properly as being only 5"2 I fall into 'petite' category and a lot of shops don't actually have a petite section at all; which makes it really hard for all of us shorties to buy our clothes let me tell ya! I actually found this one in the New Look petite section and it was love from the moment I tried it on and so comfortable and wearable! 

I paired this with a black vest top from good old Primark which I actually bought in the Berlin store for something ridiculous like 3 euros! I love the dream catcher print and think this adds a bit more of an edge to what would otherwise be a super girly outfit. I also chose to use this white backpack from Primark again which I L-O-V-E as it makes walking and running around so much easier and it fits much more than I expected it to (I actually have both myself and Lewis' jackets water and suncream in!). Overall, I just love the colour of this skirt and I will definitely be bringing it with me on holidays to come as I'm not quite sure whether we'll even get a proper summer in the UK *crying emoji face*!

Are any of you guys under 5"4? Where do you find the perfect fitting clothes? 


  1. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous! And I must say, your hair looks absolutely adorable in plaits. I'm 5'3 so also struggle with finding shorter clothing... Topshop are pretty good for it, especially with their jeans, but not many other places I have to say! I'd never even dare to try out a maxi skirt because of my height, they frighten me... x x x

  2. This skirt is such a gorgeous colour! Definitely the perfect holiday skirt :) can't believe how much the bag holds too! I really need a rucksack, so much more convenient for long days out.

    India | Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. I LOVE this skirt and this look, you look stunning - so summery and boho :} I really need a new maxi skirt, the last one I had was from Primark and was terrible, kept going pure static and sticking to my arse hahahaha BAD TIMES! I was thinking of checking out New Look myself - I have the opposite problem to you as I'm like 5'10 / 5'11 so everything's too short on me, but you've definitely given me summer inspo :} xx


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