Friday, 19 June 2015

A Visit to Berlin

I recently spent some time in the beautiful city of Berlin and thought I'd do a little post on it to share some snaps and give those of you who are unfamiliar with the city a bit of information and a general guide! Obviously I was only there for five days so I didn't get to see or do everything that I wanted to but if you want any more information there are some super amazing travel blogs out there with great advice and information on this wonderful and vibrant place...

First things first the vibe of this city is amazing and so laid back. Before I visited I always thought that people just said that because they didn't know what else to say but now that I've been I now know they were pretty much on the ball with that one! Everyone is so friendly and the German nationals are genuinely some of the most well mannered and polite people I've ever come across! I also found that its fairly inexpensive in comparison to other cities in Europe like Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris. For instance, a main course from a resturant in Alexander Platz (where we stayed) only cost about 10-15 euros and you can find anything from pizza to fresh seafood on the menu although the traditional German Currywurst was on the menu absolutely everywhere we went so if sampling the local delicacies is your thing then you won't be dissappointed!

As I just mentioned Berlin is one of the most historical cities in Europe and just wallking down the street is like turning over a piece of history, so as a history student this place was like history porn to me! Most of the city was actually destoyed during World War 2 so you will find that much of the elaborate architechture is extremely modern and very different to anything anywhere else in Europe which makes the city both unique and striking. One of the best things about walking around the city is that some of the scenes are both breathtaking and intriguing and so you definitely want to bring your camera along anywhere you go to capture some if it. I'd definitely class the Reichstag Building, Bradenburger Gate, and the Berlin Victory Column as things to go see! Lewis and I actually took a boat tour which gave us a bit more insight into the normal every day architechture of the apartments and the very loud but also very charming street art, which of course Berlin is famous for.

Like I said 4 days was nowhere near enough to explore all of the amazing experiences this city had to offer but we did manage to take a few things in. We actually went on a tour bus which was inexpensive and a great way to see everything without having to walk for hours however I probably wouldn't do this again mainly because the subway is open 24 HOURS and daily tickets that cover the whole city can be bought for less than five euros! Berlin is also one of the best cities in terms of sign posts and maps so its also easy to find your way around if you get lost! As well as this I'd definitely say that Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall would be a good little piece of history to take away with you! We also went to the holocaust memorial and museum which was amazing but I was definitely surprised to see people using selfie sticks and climbing all over the memorials as I just thought it was a little inappropriate...maybe thats just me though! Obviously there is a huge abundance of museums to check out so if you are only there for a couple of days it would probably help to have an idea of the type of thing you want to do before you arrive.

Lastly, one of the best things about Berlin is that it has such a cool atmosphere. Unlike most other tourist destinations it doesn't try too hard and you won't get any promoters getting all up in your face trying to sell you tickets for city tours and the likes, nor will you be taking your pick of the local 'British' pubs to eat your dinner in that night. You will find some soveiner shops but they are normally attached to museums of some kind, which I personally like as you don't want to be too tempted to get ripped off on silly junk you don't need on holiday! I actually found it interesting that most of the shops closed on a Sunday as living in the UK sort of makes me envy this laid back type of lifestyle. I was also surprised to see that there are a lot more bicycles on the road than there are cars as this is probably the most bike friendly city you are going to find! I was so gutted I didn't get to hire a bike to go exploring! They definitely know how to travel eco friendly (and keep fit at the same time).

I honestly had such an amazing time here and I would go back in a heartbeat! I'd really recommend it if you like anything to do with history, architechture or are looking for somewhere to go which is more laid back and more inexpensive than other placed in Europe. I know so many people who have fallen in love with this place so much that they decided to move here so I definitely need to come back to see everything else it has to offer!

Have any of you guys been to Berlin? I would love to know what you got up to?


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous, your photos are amazing! I've never even considered visiting Berlin but after seeing your snaps and review it's definitely been added to my bucket list. Love your shorts too!
    Charlotte xx | Vanity Fairest

  2. Beautiful pictures! When I lived in Germany a few years ago I was on a swim team and we did get to travel to Berlin once for a swim meet but I didn't do much besides visit the Berlin wall and swim in the swim meet. I'll definitely have to go back one day and actually have a look around!


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