Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Thoughts on Benefit Rollerlash

If other bloggers are anything like me then you must love a cheeky magazine freebie. Especially when its beauty related. I was most definitely thrilled when I saw that Elle Magazine was giving readers the opportunity to try a sample of the new Benefit Rollerlash Mascara. I loved the idea of this as soon as I heard of its release with the promise of gorgeous lifted and super black lashes! And if you know me you'll know that I'm such a mascara fiend. I hardly ever buy the same mascara twice and get bored of using the same one or I'll go back to one that I used to love to find that actually it doesn't work out that well at all for me anymore. So how did I get on with this one? Lets find out.

The first thing I noticed about this mascara was that it had a plastic brush and whilst I usually am not a fan I can make them work as some of my favourite mascaras (They're Real) have plastic brushes. The brush is curved with teeny little spikes to give lashes a real lift up from the root and the spikes make it super easy to coat every single lash in mascara! The only thing I would say is that I did find this a little hard to apply to my bottom lashes so if you like to apply mascara there then you may struggle. It takes a bit of practice but it does and will eventually go on your bottom lashes.

The mascara itself is quite wet and tacky which I found a little bit hard to work with at first but I generally think that a mascara which coats every lash will be a satin finish and of course it does make it look extremely black. What I really noticed about this mascara though was that it made my eyes look really wide open and bright, which of course is much needed when your boarding the 7.45am train every morning so its definitely a good'un for those early starts. A little birdie told me it contains lash conditioning ingredients serin and provitamin 5, but I won't pretend to know what any of that means however I feel good knowing that there is some real lash loving stuff in there! Also unlike They're Real! this is so easily removed with any decent eye make up remover or a cleansing oil so you would be able to wear this daily knowing that it can be scrubbed off at night!

Lastly, lets talk about THAT packaging! Maybe not so much the small sample size but have you seen full sized one? I always love Benefit for the cute and quirky packaging but this mascara is just too cute! This will look seriously pretty on any dresser, in any make up bag...wherever. I'm actually thinking about getting a full sized version because its so different to any other mascara I have ever tried! I normally go for a good volumising mascara but this definitely makes my eyes look bigger and brighter, and really does lift them up from the roots. Granted it's quite natural so I would probably use this as a day time mascara rather than for nights out when I want a more glamorous look, but its great!

Have any of you tried this yet? What are your thoughts on it and will you be purchasing the full size? 

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  1. This looks lovely! I've been wanting to try it ♥
    Amy xx

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