Saturday, 21 February 2015

Let it Glow

Hello there! Now I've always strived for glowing skin mainly because my own is a bit dull and breaks out quite a lot. One thing I would say is that I've noticed that my skin is much brighter when I eat properly and drink lots of water! So that's probably a good place to start. Foods like broccoli and berries are not just good for our insides but our outsides too! However, when my skin isn't looking too good or I have had a few too many the night before there are a couple of tricks in my make up bag that I use to put life back into it.

Every make up obsessive must own or at least know of Benefit High Beam. This is a really shimmery liquid highlighter which I normally use under my make up rather than on top to give a lovely 'lit from within' glow to my face. I'd use this on the cheek bones and down my nose to sculpt my face and it looks perfect for every day. I've also heard people say that they mix a little bit of this in with foundation to create a nice dewy base and whilst I'm yet to try this I can only imagine how gorgeous it would look.

To deal with under eye circles and really make my eyes pop I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer which has been a favourite of mine for quite some time now. This is pink in colour and contains teeny tiny shimmer particles which help to hide any under eye luggage. I would have to say I really never use this on spots as I don't think its the right colour for that purpose but its amazing for brightening up the under eye area!

When I'm going out or I want to look more bronzed up in general I use my Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Bronze Glow along the cheekbones instead of blusher. I love that this is a multi use product and contains 4 different shades and I quite often use a small eye shadow brush in some of the lighter shades and go over my brow bone and cupids bow. If you wanted you could probably also use these individual shades as eye shadows and considering how cheap this product is it is seriously good value for money. It's not bad to look at either and I've also been looking at Seventeen's Skin Wow Primer as they have so many good base products which are such a steal!

For an every day natural look on my cheekbones I normally use a powdered highlighter in order to get a natural healthy glow and I've been using The Balm Cosmetics Cindy Lou Manizer; a fairly new addition to my collection. This is a peachy toned highlight and contains a very subtle amount of shimmer but just enough to add some radiance and really enhance my cheek bones. Again this can also be used in other places such as the brow bone and cupids bow so its very versatile in that respect.

Last but not least when it comes to healthy glowing skin I cannot not mention this blusher, which is Mac Gleeful. This is an amazing colour of pink with lots of gorgeous gold shimmer to it and looks amazing in photographs. Take care with this one though and use a very light hand as its so pigmented and I normally experience a lot of fall out when using it. Messy this one, but so worth it.

What are your favourite products for getting that radiant glow?


Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Spontaneity of Blogging

This post a little bit ranty and I do apologise for that but I have a feeling that it is long overdue! I don't know about you guys but I am completely sick to death of bloggers having twitter spats about what you should and shouldn't do and what makes a blog good or bad and so on. Um...hello? Isn't a blog supposed to be a space for creativity, for thinking outside of the box or letting ideas manifest onto a little personal piece of space on the internet? Now while there are probably a lot of things you can do to build up page views, increase followers and in general make your content more enjoyable for readers what we all seem to be forgetting is the whole bloody point! Unless your blog is your one and only source of income or career then the whole reason you have it is probably because it is a hobby, a past time, something you ENJOY. And how enjoyable is following a load of rules?

Last year I started out with all intentions of following the rules. I scheduled my posts for every other day, I made sure I set them for peak times and first thing in the morning to increase page views, I took all of my photographs in bulk one day a week and dedicated a day or more to sit and write up my blog posts for the entire month. While I was adhering to this rigid format I did see my followers grow in number and I relished in it, but something wasn't right. I was constantly putting pressure on myself to make sure I could type up a months worth of posts in 3 days , setting my alarm for ridiculous o clock on my day off and nearly crying when I realized one of my photos was blurry. Sometimes when the scheduled post was eventually published I would change my mind and wonder why I ever thought it would work. I was putting my blog before things like university assignments and spending time with my boyfriend. I was highly strung, stressed out to the max and just generally feeling a bit down. I made life hard for myself by comparing myself to others and wondering where they got all the time from.

Fast forward to this year and I've taken a much more laid back approach to blogging. I've stopped putting pressure on myself to post every other day and I'm spending a lot more time relaxing and socializing with actual people rather than refreshing my twitter feed every 2.5 seconds. YES I still take my blog seriously but at the end of the day it isn't my full time career and at this very moment in time it shouldn't be my number 1 priority. If there ever came a time when that happened it would be a very different story but right now I am happy to have this as a hobby which on occasion can make me a little bit of extra cash. I don't need people on Twitter telling me that I'm failing because I didn't post for a whole week. Blogging isn't a test or at least it shouldn't be. Shouldn't we be aiming to create our own unique and individual view points instead of striving to be a carbon copy of *insert successful blogger here*?

As of January I decided that I wasn't going to give into the pressures of blogging and that I certainly wasn't going to read any bloggers tips posts that gave contradictory advice or patronized all of us 'little bloggers'. I definitely don't want to become one of those people that has to say no to my friends or family because I need to stay in and write up a post or join in with a blogger twitter chat. This year I've been writing posts as and when they come to me, taking photos when I have a bit of extra time on my hands or when I really want to and in general just taking a more relaxed approach to the whole thing. And guess what? I'm still getting the same amount of page views every day, my followers are still following and the world didn't end. Doesn't it ever occur to certain people that some of the best content is created when it hasn't been planned? That sometimes my best ideas come to me at 2am when I can't sleep and I just have to write it up then and there before it is forever forgotten?

This post isn't supposed to be me telling anyone to chill out or not to publish planned posts or whatever because what works for some may not work for others and we all have our own unique way of doing things, but if blogging is making you seriously stressed out or putting pressure on you then I just want to reassure you that you shouldn't be afraid to try things differently, or to go against the norm. You made a decision to start a blog once upon a time and its up to you how you want your blogging journey to go. There is no set way of doing anything and some of the best blogs I read only post twice a week but I find their content particularly engaging so I  always look forward to their posts. The bloggers I most enjoy are the kind of people who think outside the box, keep things fresh, and incorporate their personality into their writing. I once read a quote that said: "I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it." If only more bloggers could follow that advice and stop being so darn competitive.

The ONLY rules that bloggers should take seriously is that there are no rules. If you want to sit and drink tea and watch netflix instead of typing up a review that you can't be bothered doing then you do that. Don't let anyone pressure you into creating the kind of content that doesn't feel right for you no matter how popular it may seem. Don't ever let anyone tell you that your blog isn't good enough, that you don't try hard enough, that you NEED to do anything. Write the content you want to write about that you yourself would genuinely read, be creative and original and your readers will love you for it. I promise.

Have you ever suffered from bloggers block? Ever felt pressured to create content consistently? 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Tan Organic*

Being a bit of a self tanning buff I've probably tried almost every tan out there on the market. The expensive ones along with the budget friendly options have been ticked off of my list one by one, and although I would say I've possibly found my holy grail in Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan I''m still completely open to trying other options. 

I was recently sent the Tan Erase Exfoliator* and the Self Tanning Oil* by Tan Organic to try out and was very intrigued to hear about the worlds first and only self tanning oil! The first of the two products is basically a mitt which you can use wet or dry to exfoliate skin and prepare it for tanning. It can also be used to scrub off excess tan, but I normally just let my tan fade anyways so I've been using mine in the shower with my Soap & Glory Flake Away Scrub. It is possible to use this without product however I prefer to use a scrub alongside to make my skin as silky soft as possible. This didn't exactly blow me away but it is very convenient and easy to use and I like the fact you can also use it dry. 

So onto the more exciting of the two products the Self Tanning Oil*. When I got this I genuinely thought 'how am I going to try a tanning oil when I live in Scotland and its freezing'. I actually thought they had sent me a sunbathing product. As this is an oil I didn't have to moisturize my skin before applying and found that the tiniest amount went such a long way. I would say that it can be tricky to apply as it isn't tinted so you won't be able to see any places you have missed, however, I went over my body again after 10 minutes just to be on the safe side. 

I will warn you this is sticky and takes a while to sink in as it is an oil after all, but it is also incredibly moisturizing and made my skin soft as ever. I left it on for around 4 hours before showering. I did notice the familiar bistcuity smell starting to creep up my nostrils around the three hour mark, but once you have a shower this is long forgotten, and I have to say I was really impressed with the colour it gave me in just a few hours. Unlike other tans this really does look natural rather than orange and this is amazing as a self tanner for the face. 

A few days later I noticed that my tan was starting to fade but instead of the usual awkward streaks and patches this actually fades very evenly and the only place it really showed up any sign of fakery was my feet where it did look a little too dark, but I rarely have my feet visible anyway. Overall, this was a really good product and I'd definitely recommend it. It's probably a little more work that what I'm used to with a tan and for this reason I'll probably mainly use this as a facial self tan, but if you are the kind of person who likes a nice natural glow then I'd recommend you check this out! 

What are your favourite tanning products? Would you use a self tanning oil? 

*This post contains PR samples

Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Ultimate Skin Care Pamper

Firstly, a huge 'Happy Valentines Day' to everyone! Hope that everyone who is celebrating or doing anything special is having a lovely time. Now if you don't celebrate it or if you are a single pringle keen to treat yourself to a luxurious pamper day/night instead then this post may be of interest to you this evening. I just wanted to give you all a round up of all the skin products I've been using to pamper my skin recently.

Is it really a huge surprise to anyone that the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm is the cleanser of choice for this post? This for me is just the ultimate pamper product and I simply could not have a pamper evening without it now. It melts away all traces of make up beautifully and leaves my skin with the ultimate squeaky clean feeling. This is amazing if you have dry skin or you need to add a little bit of radiance or moisture. I'd really recommend this for mature skins too; my mum gushes over how good her skin looks when she uses this and I can't help but agree!

Something which was featured in my recent favourites post was the Zuzka Dermacare Mattifying Facial Spritz, which has been specifically created by a spa owner. This stuff is good if you want to balance out your skin and stop that excess oil from making an appearance. I wouldn't recommend this for drier skins, but there are alternatives on the Zuzka Website as there are a range of products with particular ingredients suited to specific skin types and even men.

Obviously a face mask fanatic couldn't just choose one mask for pamper night so I've chosen two which do very different things. The first is Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask which I use after cleansing while I'm chilling in the bath to help unclog pores and give my skin a super deep clean and a bit of a boost really. This has not let me down yet! I also use the No7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask which helps to give my skin a bit of instant radiance. This is a great quick fix product which really puts life back into my dull skin!

Lastly, I normally use an oil, serum or  treatment on my skin to lock in some much needed moisture over night and the one I have been going to recently is The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum in Oil which is definitely up there with some of the more high end products of this nature I have tried. I love the smell of this and the fact that it is very light in texture makes it such a joy to massage into the skin as I don't find myself getting residue on my hands. This will normally take a little while to sink right into my skin but when I wake up in the morning it is definitely softer!

So these are the products I've been using in recent times to give my skin a good pamper. There is nothing better than having a night to yourself with all of your favourite products and I normally try to do this about once a week to help me switch off and de-stress. I'd love to know in the comments how you go about de-stressing.

What are your favourite skin care products for a good pamper session?

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Dr Weils For Origins Mega Mushroom Relief Skin Relief Serum

I'm always looking for something that just goes that little bit further when I'm thinking about looking after my skin. While I'm usually on a budget skincare is the one thing that I will splurge a little bit more money on as I've always struggled to feel comfortable with the appearance of my skin and its one of my biggest insecurities. There have been various problems such as the appearance of acne, dry skin patches, dullness and of course sun damage so its no surprise that I just never feel great about people seeing me without my usual face of foundation. I've spent a lot of time trying to find products that help my skin to thrive and survive and I finally feel like I'm starting to get somewhere.

Enter the Dr Weils for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Serum (wow mouthful), which is the stuff of skin care dreams. It's really no surprise that I like this so much as I've been pretty Origins obsessed recently and the products all seem to work wonders with my skin so perhaps this really is the brand for me! I purchased this recently when it was on offer in my work and with my staff discount applied I managed to nab this for quite a nifty little price of £36. Yes this is a really expensive product when bought full price but I needed a little January 'cheer me up' okay! And all I could think about was how good it was going to make my skin look and feel!

Moving onto the product now and I was a little nervous at first when I didn't recognise any of the ingredients it contained; Reishi, for example, but then I'm not really all that clued up on that sort of thing so I got over that quickly when I started to use it. A lot of the ingredients are known for being irritant soothing or calming yet this is marketed as a brightening treatment, which really is perfect for someone like me who is constantly after brighter, more radiant skin, but suffers from break outs and this didn't let me down as it instantly soothed my sore under the skin spots and toned down the redness and irritation.

The one thing I did notice was that this doesn't feel all that moisturising when you first put it on your face and for this reason I started off using a lot more than I should have been, because I think the texture of this is a little deceiving and when I wake up in the morning my skin seems extremely hydrated and soft. I would also say that I was able to notice a difference instantly as this seems to boost dull skin straight away and make it appear brighter and more alive. It also really smoothed out any lumps and bumps and my make up looked much more flawless when I applied this first.

Since using this I have definitely noticed an improvement overall in the texture of my skin. It is much softer and my usually large pores seem to have reduced in size dramatically. Unlike other treatments this one hasn't flared up any breakouts and seems to calm down spots rather than irritate so its very much suited to all skin types for this reason. The only bad thing to say about this really is the price, but of course with skin care sometimes you really do get what you pay for and this is something that will definitely give you results!

What do you make of this? Do you spend a lot of money on your skincare?


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines Day Gift Guide: Guys

1. Crystal Skull Vodka// 2. Vintage Style Record Player// 3. Wreck This Journal// 4. Lush Dirty Shaving Cream// 5. Instax Mini 90// 6. Stainless Steel Lacoste Watch//

I think that everyone always complains that there is nothing you can get a guy for valentines day, but really you just have to think a little harder. Us females are easily pleased by roses and chocolates while its hard to give your boyfriend a romantic present. These are some of the things I think every man would appreciate and as usual there is something for every budget! I don't spend much on my boyfriend just a couple of small gifts and we usually do something like go out for dinner or have a few glasses of champagne in the house.

I know a lot of people don't celebrate it which is absolutely fine, but I just see it as an excuse to get dressed up, eat lots of food and drink lots of wine! I can't wait to go out for a meal on Saturday and hopefully a few cocktails after! I'd love to hear what everyone else's plans are so let me know in the comments below if your doing anything special!

Hope you all have a fun day whatever you do and whether you celebrate or not!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentines Day Gift Guide: Gals

1. Mac Russian Red Lipstick// 2. Vivienne Westwood Heart Keyring// 3. Topshop Lena Platform Heels// 4. Moet Rose// 5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume// 6. Pandora Princess Tiara Ring// 7. The Fault in Our Stars Book//

With Valentines Day fast approaching everyone seems either eye rollingly indifferent or super excited. I just happen to fall into the latter category, not because I'm in a couple but because Lewis and I decided to actually do something this year so we will be going for a lovely steak dinner. I don't think I could ever get as excited about presents as I do about food somehow! I know a lot of people see it as another capitalist created holiday and would rather spend their time, efforts and money on something else, which is absolutely fine, but I'll be buying my boyfriend a couple of relatively small presents and probably a card. I try so hard every year to find a card minus all that soppy nonsense and usually I succeed.

I do find some of the aspects of Valentines day extremely cringe worthy as I'm not a very soppy person and find it all a little bit tedious. However, most people seem to like using it as an excuse to spend some quality time with a loved one (who doesn't always have to be a lover/partner). I sincerely hope that any guys (or gals) out there find my little guide useful if they have completely run out of ideas on what to get their partner/girlfriend/wife. You will probably find that most of us girls appreciate the small things so don't feel like you have to go overboard. Most of us will be happy to spend some quality time with you instead!

Will you be celebrating Valentines day? Do you buy presents for your other half?

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Newbies #10

I always get excited about my 'newbies' posts because its the best way to get really hyped up about new purchases. Before I would use them straight away and get bored pretty quickly but now I have an excuse to keep new additions to my collection in the packaging for as long as possible. I've actually just realized that the last time I did one of these posts was before Christmas so it's definitely long overdue!

So in Boots the other week I bought myself a new Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush mainly because I need something I can squeeze into my little clutch bags for nights out and this one is perfect since the lid helps to keep it clean and not get make up stains all over the lining of my bag. I always trust RT brushes as they really are reasonably priced and fairly good quality. They might not be amazing, beautiful, fancy brushes but they do the job well! Unfortunately I'm not sure what this brush is supposed to be used for but I've mainly been using it with powder products and while it does the job I think I probably should have opted for a different type of brush. Oh well there is always next payday!

Also in Boots I bought myself a Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Sultry which is a gorgeous natural nude brown which is just so flattering and these things really are the business if you want your lippy to see you through the day. I've never seen a colour like this in the drug store before so I was crazy excited to try it and it certainly does not disappoint. The matte finish does everything for a thinner lip too! I've already started wearing it constantly and I have a feeling this is going to be one of those lip products I'll probably repurchase forever. It's perfect for not just during the day but for a bold neutral lip in the evening too!

Last but not least I managed to order The Balm Cindy Lou-Manizer with a little money off on Feel Unique. I have been pretty desperate actually to try some of The Balm products but have always been put off by the fact we don't sell them in stores here in the UK and so its pretty impossible to tell from the often inaccurate colour swatches online. However, after reading a few reviews on the good old web I took a deep breath and ordered this as you can't really go wrong with a shimmery highlighter! I'm so glad I bought this as its the perfect peachy toned shimmer which just looks gorgeous when blended across the cheek bones. I've been wearing this instead of blusher and I absolutely love it!

What have you guys been buying this week? 

Friday, 6 February 2015

January Favourites

Hello everyone! As usual January just flew by before I even got a chance to think about my favourites post so here I am as usual almost a week into February and writing about the things I loved in January. I feel as though I tried quite a lot of new products in January but not many stood out for me as being something I reached for constantly so I'm afraid that this months favourites is very short and sweet!

Back in June last year I bought the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation to wear to a wedding as I just loved how light it looked and felt on the skin. Fast forward after the wedding and I basically shoved this in a drawer and forgot all about it! It was only before Christmas when I was going through my stash again that I picked this up and pretty much fell straight back in love with it again. This is perfect for mature skins or if your skin is dehydrated from all the cold weather as it really adds a bit of radiance. It is quite light coverage which usually is a no no for me but I always just use a full coverage concealer with it to really cover up those problematic areas.

Which brings me onto something else I have been loving The Nars Creamy Concealer. At first I didn't like this and was so confused as to why there was so much hype surrounding it. However, I think using a concealer brush to blend this out is key, and make sure you really moisturize those dry areas as this can and will show up any bits of flaky skin because of the thicker consistency. That said this covers virtually anything and is perfect for oily skin . I use this mainly for pimples but it works well as an under eye cover up too!

I posted back in January about this Zuzka Mattifying Spritz* (here) and I had lots of love for this. This was such an amazing new find for me and really stopped my T-zone from producing excess oil. I love how easy this is to just spritz over your make up to sort out those oily areas but it can also be used as a toner after cleansing when sprayed onto a cotton pad. There is just so much goodness in this little metal can, and I'm definitely going to purchase another one. The best thing about blogging sometimes can be getting to try out new brands that you possibly wouldn't have had the opportunity to try before.

Lastly, is a hair product which is surprising because I rarely talk about hair products here on the blog. Usually I stick to supermarket brands and whatever is on offer, but I was pleased to find that this Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturing Spray really helped me to sort out my mane. I've possibly spoken about this before on here, but since I've started using it again I can now remember why I love it so much. It just gives my hair a bit of volume and makes it look more interesting. In my opinion there is nothing worse than perfectly straight, sleek hair as its normally too harsh on most people and lacks volume. This little spray just means that I can add a bit of texture to straightened hair and create better looks for going out.

What were you guys most reached for products in January?

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Getting Your Sh*t Together

Well hello there and what a strange post I have for you all today. You might remember the Money Management for Shopaholics post I wrote a while ago and it went down incredibly well considering I'm probably the last person on earth who should be giving money tips seeing as I'm terrible with it. But its something I'm slowly getting better at. And that brings me onto todays post which is all about organization, and I used to be pretty terrible at that too! However in recent times I've really been making progress getting my shit together and just getting things done. So I'd love to share with you all a few of the things that have been helping me.

A diary only helps if you use it. Yes, no point in having one if you aren't going to use it! I bought this small sized one from Paperchase as I thought it would be the perfect size to carry around in my handbag at all times. It just makes things like booking appointments so much easier if I can actually check my diary right there and then to make sure that I have nothing else planned for that day. It also helps me to stay focussed on my blog as I like to write down blog post ideas to work on for my days off. I've also made a habit of going through my diary on a Sunday night to check for anything important that may be happening during the week as I've grown rather forgetful in my old age. I have a separate diary to use for my studies which I keep in the folder I take to university and in this one I write down essay and assignment deadlines and any topics I want to look at on my day off. Its become so much of a habit now and I'm glad!

Make 'appropriate' lists. Anyone else an expert in listography? Yeah you guys might think that a list of 'all the things I want to buy when I get paid' is a good place to start as I once did, but I'm talking about proper useful lists. Just about every day I use my 'things to do today' paper (given to me by my mum so no idea where to buy it, soz) and write down all the things I intend to tackle. I always make sure I put the most important tasks at the top so that they are a priority and I won't go onto the next task until I've completed the one above. I'd be lying if I said I always got through these lists in a day but they are so extremely helpful for me and stop me from getting distracted by rubbish TV or my twitter feed.

Set reminders for the most mundane tasks. I often forget to do the most everyday things like washing my work uniform or buying new pens for uni so I like to set reminders. Every Sunday night I set a reminder to put a washing on and also most week nights to make my packed lunch for uni the next day or at least have something in the fridge that I can take with me. I've never been any good at getting organised the night before and always seem to leave everything to the last minute so this has really helped me to organise my life and make sure that I'm not leaving the house without anything or panicking the next morning when I'm running late for work because I can't find my work clothes.

Get ahead of the game with early outfit choices. Its probably a big thing for us girls to wake up every morning and panic about what to wear or what to wear it with, but recently I've been choosing my next day attire the evening before and even hanging it up outside my wardrobe avec appropriate underwear so that such stressful situations are now a thing of the past. It also helps for those mornings when you just can't get out of bed as I used to lie about in my PJs until it was time to leave but now I jump out of bed and straight into my clothes which helps me to wake up faster and prevents me from diving back under the covers for a sneaky 5 minute snooze.

What helps you to stay organized?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bronze and Glow

Is anyone else dreaming of summer time already? Fed up of the cold and the snow and most definitely not looking forward to the rain I've been endlessly picturing summer 2015 in my head, imagining all the cute outfits I'll be wearing, the things I'll be doing and most importantly that gorgeous summer glow I'll be sporting (hopefully anyways). Obviously I have a long way to go until then so instead I've been raiding my stash for products to give me that perfect winter glow!

If you're a regular reader up in here then you'll likely know that Benefit Hoola is my all time favourite bronzer. It's cool toned meaning it gives me a gentle tan without looking orange, and is just spot on for contouring. This is just so super pigmented that only the lightest hand is required to blend this into cheeks and temples and get a gorgeous natural bronzed look! The cool tones in this also makes it perfectly suited to those of us with paler skin tones, and I have to say I wear this all year round its just the perfect bronzing powder!

Another one of my all time favourites is The Body Shop Honey Bronze which is another matte bronzer although with slightly warmer tones to it. This one is also big on pigmentation and so buttery that it just blends into the skin so well and leaves a nice subtle amount of colour to the skin. It comes in a few different shades so I'm pretty sure that no matter what skin tone you are you will be able to find yours! Another thing I love about this is that the packaging is beautiful to look at, robust and perfect for travelling!

Next is a new addition to my collection which is the L'Oreal Glam Bronze and this is probably one of the best drugstore bronzers I have ever tried. In fact, it's just one of the best bronzers I have ever tried full stop. This is a very subtle bronze so it just adds enough colour to really bring my face to life but looks super natural and because it is also matte its perfect for every day wear. I honestly haven't stopped wearing this since I picked it up about a month ago, and I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good bronzer on a budget. You won't get much better than this stuff!

Lastly is the Bourjois chocolate Bronzing Powder and Illuminator, which unlike the other three has a shimmer highlighter along with the bronzer making this one suited to the apples of your cheeks where I really like to add a bit of definition and a gorgeous glow! This is long lasting and smells delicious (like chocolate) so its a complete no brainer for anyone like me who is obsessed with products that smell good! I love that you can use the highlighter and bronzer either separately or swirl the brush around to use them both together which makes it a multifunctional product...and we all know how obsessed I am with those.

What are your favourite products for getting that winter glow? Do you use any of the products mentioned here on a regular basis?
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