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Best Products 2014 (A Little Late)

I can't quite believe that we are half way through January already and I'm only just writing this up now!! Where does the time go?! Anyways this year (2014) was my first year of being a blogger so as you can imagine I tried and tested some new products like never before. I was introduced to new brands some of which I loved and some I loathed, but boy did I find some treasures along the way! Some of the things I am going to mention are things I wouldn't have dreamed using or purchasing back in 2013 so I guess I have this lil old blog to thank for introducing me to some of my current HG products!

Starting with skincare I just have to mention my trusty little orange pot of Origins GinZing Moisturizer (the one pictured is actually empty and I'm still waiting patiently on my new one coming). Oh my! I'm pretty sure this is the morning moisturizer I had been waiting for all my life. The scent is fresh and fruity making it perfect for waking up my tired little face every morning and it just perks up my dull skin like no other product ever has before, all the while managing not to break me out or make my skin extra oily. This is all down to the gel formula which makes it suitable for all skin types. I told you this was a good'un! As a face mask fanatic it was pretty hard to choose just one all round favourite but it is without a doubt the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask! (I'm becoming an Origins fiend: send help!) I use this about once a week just to pop some moisture back into my tired skin every now and then. It smells like apricot and after using this you wake up with the softest skin imaginable and it also seems to blur out imperfections despite not actually stating this as a key feature!

Next up I just had to mention my favourite discovery of last year and my current holy grail base which is the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation (see my review here). This is the stuff that flawless skin is made of. It feels as light as air on the skin yet provides lovely medium coverage, blends seamlessly, and just look at that packaging would you! This might just be the first YSL product I've ever repurchased! Very much in contrast to the previously mentioned and ever luxurious product is another base product, however this one is much more budget friendly for those of you who like to nab a bargain. The MUA Argan Plush Concealer (post here) has completely and utterly taken me by surprise and dragged me into the sort of sordid love affair British soaps are made of. This is the most perfect under eye concealer! Admittedly its quite high coverage, which can be a turn off for some, but when you literally have overnight bags growing under your eyes like I do something like this can work wonders. This wee gem contains argan oil and its creamy consistency blends out perfectly! What a beauty!

Onto lipstick now and we're all friends here so of course I only went and picked three lip products (oops!). I'll start with Mac Captive, which if you are a regular up in here you will probably recognise. I go on about this lipstick constantly! It's just my favourite ever and gives such a stunning 'my lips but better' look. I'm just so genuinely pleased to have ever picked this up and wear this constantly! It doesn't matter whether I'm popping to the shops or going for cocktails this is what I'll be wearing if I want my make up to look seriously good! To add to my lipstick obsession is the Lola Intense Colour in Strawberry Fields and this colour is just amazing! I got this in a beauty box and honestly wasn't that bothered about it until I put it on my lips and fell in love. It's a pale pink and is seriously moisturizing on the lips! Can't wait to check out Lola as a brand and see what other beauty goodies they have on offer! Last but not least for lip products is the new Rimmel Apocalips Matte in Burning Lava. This is just as good as the original except from its not as messy! I love this colour as it goes with black winged eyeliner so well, which we all know is a staple to my make up look.

For eyes I chose a few products that really blew me away and I'm pretty sure all of them were new releases this year! First up is the amazing Naked Basics 2 Palette. This is just amazing for anyone who loves a subtle smokey eye or if your just getting started with make up! It contains 5 matte shades and a pale shimmer that I use as a highlight on my brow bone. The pigment of these shadows is just amazing and the buttery texture makes them so easy to blend and create stunning eye looks. Another shadow which I've been pretty obsessed with is the Gosh Metallic Shadow Stick in Light Copper which is the best thing ever if you like to do a full face of make up in the morning but don't really have the time on your hands to do it properly. This is so easy to apply and I just blend it out with my finger. It's waterproof and doesn't smudge and the colour is just unbelievably stunning! This was a real find for me as I hadn't tried anything by Gosh before, but I definitely will be picking more of these up! The last eye product I've been obsessing over is the Make Up Revolution Awesome Double Flick Eyeliner. This has some seriously good staying power, and unlike other felt tip liners which are often a great deal more expensive it doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day. This is literally perfect for everyday wear and so cheap too! I highly recommend that you check out Make Up Revolution in general if you like budget make up as they have so many great products for next to nothing.

Now I wanted to incorporate a few body products into my 2014 favourites but there wasn't many things that stood out to me as I tend to change up my body care a lot. So instead I decided to include my favourite tanning product of the year which happens to be the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan. This is genius! A tan that develops in 1-3 hours it is absolutely perfect for those of us who aren't a fan of sleeping in the stuff and let me tell you for people like me who can't apply tan to save themselves the consistency of this makes it so easy. This goes on tinted and has a shaving foam texture making it next to impossible to apply streaky! After three hours (I sometimes leave it on overnight) it leaves you with a dark tan and after showering the excess off this turns to a gorgeous natural glow. As if that wasn't enough this tan is also relatively low priced and you will often find it on offer in Superdrug! Also check out Cocoa Brown on Twitter and Instagram; the team are super friendly and they host some great giveaways!

Well, that's it for my 2014 favourites. Probably the most fun I've ever had writing up a blog post because I genuinely loved every one of these products so much!

What were your favourite products from 2014? Do you use anything mentioned in this post?


  1. Cocoa Brown and Makeup Revolution are both in my faves!! Such a great products :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. They are really just amazing for budget brands aren't they ?! :)

  2. I love the sound of that foundation, I'd really love to try it as I'm searching for the perfect foundation at the moment :)


    1. I love it so much!! Super flawless and lightweight on the skin! xxxx

  3. These all look lovely, I've been wanting to try the Naked Palette ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. It's amazing! You won't be disappointed ! xxxx


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