Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dry Skin Emergency Body Moisturizers

January has been a seriously cold month! In fact its actually been snowing here in Glasgow and I think a lot of parts of the UK. I do admit that I love the snow in small doses and I think it looks pretty and romantic and I love to walk in it and everything, but when it gets to the point of me not being able to get around the city to go to work or uni or just go about my day to day activities it can get a little bit annoying. Another thing that bugs me about the cold weather...dry skin! I have the worst case of dry skin right now and it is a little distressing.
Fortunately, I'm pretty stocked up on body moisturisers from Christmas and a few beauty hauls too many but there's a few that I've been using a lot more than any others in my collection at this current moment at time and I thought I'd share them with you guys. The Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip* has got to be my favourite body moisturiser when I'm in a rush. It contains Vitamin E and Panthenol and when I put this on it absorbs into my skin so fast! I love everything about this from the packaging to heavenly chocolate scent to the fact it leaves absolutely no excess stickiness whatsoever. Oh and if you are a lover of faux tan this little gem is oil free and specifically designed to help preserve your tan that little bit longer by ensuring that it fades evenly. I recommend!
I couldn't have did a post on my favourite body moisturizers without including The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. This is probably the first thing I ever bought from TBS and considering that I started shopping there in my teens that is a lot of years that I have been repurchasing this bad boy. I have loads of these in different flavours and although I go off them from time to time due to the very rich consistency when the weather gets cold again I'm always happy to start using them again. These really do smell amazing, last for ages, and are perfect on particularly dry areas of your body such as the feet or knees and elbows.
Now lastly is a new addition to my collection as I got this for Christmas from my dear mum but its the Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Lotion. Again this is quite fast absorbing but I like to use this one at night purely because of the scent which is a sort of musky floral one (I'm not really selling it here am I?). Its such a calming smell and really relaxing so it puts me right off to sleep. It also contains rosehip oil and cocoa butter both of which are exceptionally well known moisturising ingredients and this one is particularly good for dry skin on the legs, which I seem to get quite a lot after shaving. And who couldn't love the Soap and Glory signature pink packaging?!
What are you guys favourite body moisturizers? Do you like to switch it up in the colder months?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Born Pretty Jewellery Sky Moon Pendant

Have you ever had a piece of jewellery that you just can't stop wearing? Something that just screams 'you' all over it and it becomes part of your every day attire until the point where you can't quite imagine not wearing it. I was recently sent this stunning Sky Moon Gemstone Pendant* from Born Pretty Store and I think its love. I can't imagine that they could have sent me something that I would have loved more than this. When I opened it I couldn't believe how much this was 'just so me'! I love anything that's a bit different or a bit quirky so this is right up my street!

I love the gypsy/witchy vibe it gives off and I've been really loving wearing it over just simple black or white tops. The quality of this is also really good as the chain is pretty sturdy and I can't even imagine how heart broken I would be if it were to snap so that's a good thing! One of my favourite things about this is the fact its on a silver chain as I'm starting to lean towards silver jewellery a lot more these days. I think it looks more expensive, and is so much more chic and high fashion. My watch also has silver trims so its good to be able to match my jewellery to my watch now and again and the good thing about silver jewellery is that it doesn't fade or go that horrible yellow colour.

If you want to get yourselves some gorgeous bits and bobs from Born Pretty Store I also have a sneaky discount code which will get you 10% off all purchases: YTHT10 to be entered at checkout. I would so recommend that you check it out as there are some real hidden gems in there and they also have a fab range of beauty products too!

What do you guys think of this necklace?


Monday, 26 January 2015

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Is anyone else a complete mascara fiend? Apart from a few that I love I never seem to able to stick to one mascara and I am forever chopping and changing my mind. My collection of make up is so full of dried up mascaras that I've either forgotten about or loved for about a month and then went onto something else. Luckily I have quite long lashes anyways so I normally try to look for a mascara that creates volume and definition rather than length.

I've been using the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara ever since I bought it on boxing day and despite being unsure initially I have actually grown to love this. I love that the brush has bristles rather than plastic and is nice and chunky as I always find these are what add lots of volume to my lashes and to add to this there is no denying that this is the blackest of the black in terms of pigment. However, I think if you have quite short lashes you might struggle to like this mascara. My reasons for this are that despite being an all round good mascara this doesn't do much in terms of length.

What I really loved about this product was that despite wearing it for around 12 hours a day it never seemed to crumble off my lashes, never smudged onto my brown bone, and just generally held up so well against my average working day. It also gives the lashes really great definition which I loved as theres nothing worse in my opinion than when lashes are so coated in mascara that they all become merged together.

Generally speaking I think this is probably a really good mascara for every day wear or if you like a natural look and will look great on anyone who has naturally quite long eye lashes. However, because this is a little pricey I'm not sure I would buy it again as although it has a really great formula and looks pretty good its just not that 'special' for me to justify spending that kind of money.

Have any of you tried this mascara? Which are your favourite mascaras?

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Lush Boxing Day Bargains

Okay so admittedly this post is very late. However, I actually didn't receive this order until a few days ago due to stock issues on the Lush website. Unfortunately what happened was that there happened to be more orders processed than there was stock so in order to full fill all orders processed Lush had to make more! I saw a lot of people on twitter being very angry about this but unfortunately its just one of those things that happen and I'm just really happy I eventually got my products!

As Snow Fairy has always been one of my favourite scents I picked up two of the Bubble Wands which I have found to last for around 5 or 6 baths and create sweet smelling bubbles aplenty so considering these were under £3 not bad value for money at all! I also got the Snow White Bath Bomb as I've always loved the subtle apple scent and the amount of fizz it produces. I can't even remember what colour this turns my bath but I have a feeling it could be pink? Next I got a little Melting Snowman as I wanted something to soften my skin and this little fella does a wonderful job!

Since I already got plenty of Snow Fairy shower gel for Christmas I decided to try the Hot Toddy one instead. This is very intense and smells really spicy and intriguing! I also love how it has gold glitter in it...very festive! The Up in the Clouds bubble bar is something I bought on the website because I liked the look of it but now I have it I just can't seem to get on with the scent at all! It just smells too artificial and gives me a sore head. Just not to my taste but I'll maybe give it to someone else who can get some good use out of it. An old favourite which I just couldn't not pick up was the Cinders bath bomb, purely because its always the bath bomb I use on Christmas Eve so the smell brings back lots of lovely memories for me.

Speaking of Christmas Eve I actually managed to pick up one of the Christmas Eve bubble bars which I'm super excited to use. As far as I can tell it doesn't seem to have all that much of a scent, but rather a subtle relaxing hint of a smell like being in a spa or something! I can't wait to see if this turns my bath water a different colour and how much bubbles it creates! I also got the Shooting Star bath which looks super pretty although again I'm not overly keen on the smell. I think this one turns bath water pink so I'll be interested to watch this one fizz its way to non existence on my next pamper date!

To finish off my haul I picked up one of the gift boxes and this one is called Festive Friends. Inside it contains a Butter Bear bath melt (the head was broken off of mine unfortunately), a Dashing Santa Bath Ballistic, The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar, and my favourite in the box which is the Hedgehog bubble bar. I like the smell of everything in this little box and I think the products are all very novelty and cute so it was definitely worth getting it for 50% off in the sale.

So that's everything that I bought from Lush in the boxing day sales and it looks like I have enough products to keep me going until April! I just can't wait to start using some of these!

Did any of you manage to get to the Lush sales? Did you pick much up?

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Shopaholics Guide to Managing Money

Okay so does anyone happen to remember my post a while ago on what I planned to improve on this year? Well one of the things I wanted to get better at was managing my money and just taking better care of my finances in general. I'm so bad at buying things as soon as I see them instead of waiting a while or thinking as to whether I really need the item. As a blogger it can be even harder because I'm constantly thinking about what new make up and products I could incorporate into my blog posts! Even though its early days and I probably still have a long time to go before I can give myself a well deserved pat on the back I have actually been finding myself spending so much less than I normally would on a day to day basis. So even though I'm as far away from a money management expert as you could possibly get I do have a few tips that might come in handy to some of you.

Avoid unnecessary expenses. You all must know what I'm talking about here; you know those little everyday spends that you could so easily go without. For example, I worked out that for the whole of November and December a huge whack of my wages went on food, and I don't mean as in a big weekly food shop. Nope, I'm talking about those sandwiches I bought from Cafe Nero on my lunch break or the £3.50 Starbucks that I just had to buy on campus in order to see it through that afternoon lecture. This month I've been buying in lots of different foods to make packed lunches every day for university and for work and its really making a huge difference. I would normally spend anything from about £3.00 -£7.00 a day on food and if you work that out on a weekly basis it gets pretty scary! Instead I make sure I'm perfectly stocked up on snacks before I leave home for the day.

Learn to say no. This is something which is so hard to do when your young because at this point of my life I have the freedom of being able to do pretty much anything. University is only 6 months a year really and I only do a few days in my part time job so normally when I have a couple of days off it results in me making plans with my girlfriends or going out somewhere with Lewis. Obviously I don't tend to prepare for these events and just fork out for them as they come but more recently I've been consciously making plans with people that put less strain on my finances like having a night in instead of going out. If you feel like you really can't afford that night out with your friends or that lunch with the boyfriend then just explain politely your situation and suggest other ideas, most of the time people will happily compromise because really they just want to spend time with you.

Setting a budget. At the start of this month I calculated what part of my wages would be going on separate things. So for example if my travel expenses for the month were £100 I took that money out of my bank account and put it in an envelope. I thought that this was such a good idea that I decided to get an envelope for each of the things I had to pay for that month like insurance, food, socializing ect. I also gave myself a limit of money that I could spend on whatever I wanted which I transferred into a different bank account so that when that money was gone I wouldn't be allowed to buy myself anymore clothes or make up. Simple! This method works really well for me and I always find I have a little bit of money left over in my bank account at the end of the month, but its just a matter of finding what helps you stick to your monthly budget.

Use those loyalty cards and vouchers. This is pretty straight forward, but I've found that if me and Lewis want to eat out I can always find a voucher or a discount code in my purse. I have a Tastecard which offers a discount of up to 50% off so when I want to eat out I always look on the website first to see what places are included and will usually find somewhere. It makes me feel so much better knowing that I got good quality food for less! Another method I've been trying out recently is that if I want some new make up that I don't necessarily need I'll normally see if I have enough points on my Boots or Superdrug card to pay for the item. If I do then I'll happily treat myself and it always feels so much better knowing that I got that new blusher without actually spending any money!

So that's how I have been working on managing my money and for now I seem to be staying on track. I just hope that I can keep this up for the whole of 2015 and save some money for some overseas adventures and possibly even a house !

How do you guys keep in check of your finances? Are you as bad with money as I am? 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Best Products 2014 (A Little Late)

I can't quite believe that we are half way through January already and I'm only just writing this up now!! Where does the time go?! Anyways this year (2014) was my first year of being a blogger so as you can imagine I tried and tested some new products like never before. I was introduced to new brands some of which I loved and some I loathed, but boy did I find some treasures along the way! Some of the things I am going to mention are things I wouldn't have dreamed using or purchasing back in 2013 so I guess I have this lil old blog to thank for introducing me to some of my current HG products!

Starting with skincare I just have to mention my trusty little orange pot of Origins GinZing Moisturizer (the one pictured is actually empty and I'm still waiting patiently on my new one coming). Oh my! I'm pretty sure this is the morning moisturizer I had been waiting for all my life. The scent is fresh and fruity making it perfect for waking up my tired little face every morning and it just perks up my dull skin like no other product ever has before, all the while managing not to break me out or make my skin extra oily. This is all down to the gel formula which makes it suitable for all skin types. I told you this was a good'un! As a face mask fanatic it was pretty hard to choose just one all round favourite but it is without a doubt the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask! (I'm becoming an Origins fiend: send help!) I use this about once a week just to pop some moisture back into my tired skin every now and then. It smells like apricot and after using this you wake up with the softest skin imaginable and it also seems to blur out imperfections despite not actually stating this as a key feature!

Next up I just had to mention my favourite discovery of last year and my current holy grail base which is the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation (see my review here). This is the stuff that flawless skin is made of. It feels as light as air on the skin yet provides lovely medium coverage, blends seamlessly, and just look at that packaging would you! This might just be the first YSL product I've ever repurchased! Very much in contrast to the previously mentioned and ever luxurious product is another base product, however this one is much more budget friendly for those of you who like to nab a bargain. The MUA Argan Plush Concealer (post here) has completely and utterly taken me by surprise and dragged me into the sort of sordid love affair British soaps are made of. This is the most perfect under eye concealer! Admittedly its quite high coverage, which can be a turn off for some, but when you literally have overnight bags growing under your eyes like I do something like this can work wonders. This wee gem contains argan oil and its creamy consistency blends out perfectly! What a beauty!

Onto lipstick now and we're all friends here so of course I only went and picked three lip products (oops!). I'll start with Mac Captive, which if you are a regular up in here you will probably recognise. I go on about this lipstick constantly! It's just my favourite ever and gives such a stunning 'my lips but better' look. I'm just so genuinely pleased to have ever picked this up and wear this constantly! It doesn't matter whether I'm popping to the shops or going for cocktails this is what I'll be wearing if I want my make up to look seriously good! To add to my lipstick obsession is the Lola Intense Colour in Strawberry Fields and this colour is just amazing! I got this in a beauty box and honestly wasn't that bothered about it until I put it on my lips and fell in love. It's a pale pink and is seriously moisturizing on the lips! Can't wait to check out Lola as a brand and see what other beauty goodies they have on offer! Last but not least for lip products is the new Rimmel Apocalips Matte in Burning Lava. This is just as good as the original except from its not as messy! I love this colour as it goes with black winged eyeliner so well, which we all know is a staple to my make up look.

For eyes I chose a few products that really blew me away and I'm pretty sure all of them were new releases this year! First up is the amazing Naked Basics 2 Palette. This is just amazing for anyone who loves a subtle smokey eye or if your just getting started with make up! It contains 5 matte shades and a pale shimmer that I use as a highlight on my brow bone. The pigment of these shadows is just amazing and the buttery texture makes them so easy to blend and create stunning eye looks. Another shadow which I've been pretty obsessed with is the Gosh Metallic Shadow Stick in Light Copper which is the best thing ever if you like to do a full face of make up in the morning but don't really have the time on your hands to do it properly. This is so easy to apply and I just blend it out with my finger. It's waterproof and doesn't smudge and the colour is just unbelievably stunning! This was a real find for me as I hadn't tried anything by Gosh before, but I definitely will be picking more of these up! The last eye product I've been obsessing over is the Make Up Revolution Awesome Double Flick Eyeliner. This has some seriously good staying power, and unlike other felt tip liners which are often a great deal more expensive it doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day. This is literally perfect for everyday wear and so cheap too! I highly recommend that you check out Make Up Revolution in general if you like budget make up as they have so many great products for next to nothing.

Now I wanted to incorporate a few body products into my 2014 favourites but there wasn't many things that stood out to me as I tend to change up my body care a lot. So instead I decided to include my favourite tanning product of the year which happens to be the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan. This is genius! A tan that develops in 1-3 hours it is absolutely perfect for those of us who aren't a fan of sleeping in the stuff and let me tell you for people like me who can't apply tan to save themselves the consistency of this makes it so easy. This goes on tinted and has a shaving foam texture making it next to impossible to apply streaky! After three hours (I sometimes leave it on overnight) it leaves you with a dark tan and after showering the excess off this turns to a gorgeous natural glow. As if that wasn't enough this tan is also relatively low priced and you will often find it on offer in Superdrug! Also check out Cocoa Brown on Twitter and Instagram; the team are super friendly and they host some great giveaways!

Well, that's it for my 2014 favourites. Probably the most fun I've ever had writing up a blog post because I genuinely loved every one of these products so much!

What were your favourite products from 2014? Do you use anything mentioned in this post?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Zuzka Natural Cosmetics

A while ago I was emailed about an event hosted by Bloggers Hub, and unfortunately as the event was in London I was unable to attend. However, on the invitation was a list of some of the brands that were going to be in attendance so being the nosey little so and so that I am I decided to check some of them out. I couldn't help but notice a natural cosmetic brand called Zuzka Natural Beauty, and I decided to do something which I had never done before and email the brand directly. After introducing myself and explaining all about my blog a lady called Sue got in touch and asked about my skin and if I'd like to try a few things from her range. Of course I jumped at the chance and I was delighted when they arrived through my post box!

Zuzka is a natural skincare brand specializing in herbal skincare, and aims to create products which can be used by even the most sensitive of skin. The brand was created by a lady called Susan; a trained beauty therapist who runs her own salon and who eventually decided to create a website in order to share and sell her wonderful products with all of us online. There are a few different product ranges which are all specific to a different type of skin, and with ingredients such as manuka honey and white chocolate they actually sound good enough to eat! The packaging is also absolutely gorgeous and the bright pink and silver certainly stands out on my dressing table!

I'll start with my favourite of the two which was the Dermacare Mattifying Facial Spritz*. As soon as this arrived I just knew I would love it. I suffer from an oily T-zone, which can lead to me breaking out in spots if I'm not careful. The spritz has a lovely clean smell and when I sprayed it onto a cotton pad and smothered it all over my face for the first time it felt delightfully refreshing. This contains witch hazel which as most of us know prevents spots and lavender which soothes the skin. I simply use this after cleansing and before moisturizing. If I really wanted to I suppose I could spray this directly onto my face, but it is really much easier to apply with a cotton pad. I have to say I have been using this now for a total of 10 days and it has made such a difference to the amount of oil my skin is producing. My make up usually melts off my face in my T-zone area, but it has stayed pretty much perfect thanks to this little gem. I'm actually thinking about purchasing this already!

Next I was sent the Cool Blue Contour Day Cream* which I could not stop sniffing at first. This honestly smells incredible, and I also liked how it was blue in colour as well. This cream contains kelp, lemon, and arnica and is supposed to detioxify the skin in order to perk it up. This is quite similar to my all time favourite moisturizer (Origins GinZing for anyone curious) and it definitely did not disappoint. I find this moisturizer very rich and creamy, yet absorbs into my skin quickly, and leaves it  silky soft, and energized. Its probably a little thicker than what I would normally use, but it seems to have put the moisture back into my skin were it is needed. I have also noticed that it seems to have cleared up the little dry flaky patches of skin I suffer from around my nose and over all my skin looks smoother and is noticeably softer to the touch. The only issue I have with this cream is that it is a little pricey for a student like me. However, if you are someone who can afford to pay a little more for good skincare that actually looks after your skin and are interested in natural cosmetics then I cannot recommend this enough!

Have any of you heard of this brand before? Do you like the sound of these products? 

*Pr sample

Friday, 16 January 2015

The Body Shop Sale Haul

It seems like such a long time since I've posted about any sort of products from The Body Shop, although it probably hasn't been as long as what I think it has. It's just that it's one of my favourite shops in the entire world and I'll probably continue to use their products my whole entire life. As you may know most places went into sale shortly after (some even before) Christmas and The Body Shop were no exception! I decided to pick up a few bits and bobs that were up to 70% off because lets face it I was never going to be able to stop myself. 

The first thing I popped into my basket was the Vanilla Brulee Eau De Toilette. I absolutely loved the smell of the shower gel that I got just before Christmas and I am such a huge fan of these little perfumes. They smell good, last all day, and whats more there is nothing artificial or any alcohol in them they just smell like exactly what they are! To go along with this I decided to pick up the Vanilla Brulee Body and Room Spray, because I also thought it might be a good idea to have a room that smells exactly like vanilla brulee. Is anyone going to question that?

I also wanted to get the Glazed Apple perfume, however, there was none left in stock in the store I went into which was a little bit gutting until I actually remembered that one of my friends bought me it for Christmas. Complete and utter blonde moment. I settled on the Glazed Apple Bath Jelly instead, which I assume is a bubble bath?! Well whatever it is it smells delicious. It was only when I got to the checkout to pay for my items that I saw a little stand of miniature body butters and picked up the Frosted Cranberry Body Butter. This was less than a pound, and I always like to have little mini toiletries like this for weekends away and just travelling in general. 

Overall, I think I was really quite restrained with my purchases from what just happens to be one of my favourite shops on the high street. Well, either that or the fact that there wasn't that much stock left when I eventually got round to checking out the sale. 

What are your favourite body shop products? Do you use any of the things I bought? 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Soap and Glory Orangeasm Layering Set

I recently hauled this fruity scented gift set in this post here! A few of you asked me about the perfume so I decided just to do a review of all three of the products! As you may know already if you are a fellow S&G fan Orangeasm was only released this year and while I somehow avoided buying it at the time I was delighted to pick this little set up for half price in the sale. 

The set contains an Orangeasm Eau De Toilette which was the main reason for me buying this set in the first place. I happen to be one of these people that much prefer the subtle smell of body mists and sprays over strong smelling or musky perfume when it comes to everyday wear. I don't tend to wear expensive perfume during the day and save it more for special occasions so as you would imagine this body mist is right up my street. Before I got the chance to sniff this I thought it would smell extremely fruity and orangey but actually its quite subtle and I personally really like it! 

I always think that the Soap and Glory Body Washes seem to last for such a long time as they are so foamy and produce so much lather which makes my morning shower so much fun! The orange scent of this one is really energizing so it is absolutely perfect for waking me up in the morning. I also love how the scent really lingers on the skin after I step out the shower and dry off! 

I have been using this set to layer my skin with the gorgeous heavenly scent and after using the body wash in my daily shower I have been applying the body butter which contains tiny orange shea butter filled moisturizing beads that you may be able to see in the picture. The body butter is surprisingly light yet so so moisturizing and once I apply it it seems to do such a good job of actually keeping my skin hydrated.  I finish off by spraying my orange perfume on top in order to stay sweetly scented the whole day. My boyfriend has commented a lot on how nice I smell so it must be working!

Have any of you tried this Soap and Glory range? What is your favourite scent from them?

Monday, 12 January 2015

January Sale Shopping

Hello all! Has anyone else been shopping in the January sales? I actually wasn't supposed to be spending in January but like most people I can never resist a few bargains; even if I don't need lipstick number 157 if its on sale I am going to have it. Obviously. So, I thought I'd do a little post on some of the things I picked up!

I went shopping on the 27th of December with my mum and the first place we went into was Boots of course! I was so happy when I found out that they still had some soap and glory gifts left and I picked up the Eau-la-la Gift Set containing some products from S&G's newest scent Orangeasm! This was supposed to be £16 and I got it for half price so that's not too bad at all! Also down to £4 from £8 I got a Ted Baker Lip Gloss and Nail Varnish set housed in the cutest packaging ever (similar here). I have to say I wasn't expecting much but both of these are really good; the lip gloss is actually really pigmented and the nail polish lasts a good 4 to 5 days without any major chipping issues! Lastly, I picked up the Smashbox On the Rocks Set which was down to £16.66 from £25 and it contains a full sized mascara and eye liner as well as a miniature eye make up remover!

Next I popped into the Yankee Candle Shop and picked up a medium jar Season of Peace Yankee Candle which was half price. I liked how this scent wasn't as Christmassy as some of the other ones and the fresh scent would be good to burn all year round. I'm still working my way through my Christmas candles haha! I also picked up this super pretty Pink Balcony Bra from Boux Avenue which was down to just a tenner from £28! I always struggle to get my bra size in the sales so I actually picked up quite few bras from there! I also got two cute gift boxes from Accessorize which were only 20p each. I don't really know why I picked them up, but they will possibly come in handy at some point! I then got a Mini Purity Cleanser (full size here) from Debenhams which was half price again! I've always wanted to try this one so I was really glad to get it in the sales. 

Clothes wise I didn't actually get very much at all in the sales. I ordered a few things from Asos on Boxing Day, but I didn't receive them until a few days ago. I actually had to send a dress and a top back because they just weren't great on, but oh well! I managed to pick up this gorgeous Camel Coat for just £35! It's so warm and such a lovely thick material I definitely won't be cold this month! And I also got some Black T-bar Patent Flats for work as they looked super comfy and were only £9 in the sale! Such a shame about the other things not fitting properly but these two seem to make up for it!

So that's everything that I picked up the sales (so far anyway)! Please feel free to let me know if anything catches your eye so I can do a review on it for you! 

Have any of you been out shopping in the sales? What were your favourite buys? 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Hello Everyone! Sorry this post has taken me so long to write and photograph but I had some time off blogging however I wanted to show you guys some of the lovely things I got for Christmas as I am seriously nosey and I really enjoy these type of posts. Obviously I can't show you everything as there were definitely some things I couldn't photograph or thought wouldn't be particularly interesting for the rest of you! Just also a mini disclaimer to say that I am in no way bragging or showing off about what I got! 

One of my favourite presents this year as well as my very own Tassimo Machine (hello home made Costa!) was the Hp Stream! The laptop I currently have can't even switch on at times and half the buttons are missing so I had been thinking about getting myself a new one or even a tablet that I could take with me to uni! I love the colour of it and the fact it's so lightweight makes it an absolute dream for travelling! I love that it has Microsoft office so I can draft out some blog posts on the train to uni every morning! It was also so thoughtful that Lewis got it for me because he knew I needed some new tools for blogging! 

Some of my other favourite presents include this gorgeous Purple Ted Baker Dressing Gown which was from my mum and dad, and it is honestly the softest dressing gown I have ever felt! I got so much this year in terms of sleep/lounge wear including two pairs of slippers and a Minnie Mouse Onesie! My boyfriend's mum also got me the Cosy Christmas Jumper pictured which I think will be absolutely perfect for lazy Sundays or duvet days. It's such a soft, snuggly material and I love the colour and pattern. 

Last but not least I got some really lovely beauty bits this year! I got some Soap and Glory from my mum and dad as well as a gorgeous new Mac Lipstick in Diva, which apparently is a Mac newbie?! So I will definitely be doing a post on it at some point here on the blog. From my friends I got a couple of bits from the body shop and a shit load of candles, some of which aren't pictured because I couldn't wait to burn them! 

I'm so happy with everything I got this year and feel so blessed and spoiled! Honestly so grateful for everyone's kind gifts and cards!  


Friday, 9 January 2015

How Blogging Changed My Life

Hello all! Since I've been blogging for a substantial amount of time now I thought it was only a matter of time before I wrote a blog post about my experiences thus far! I know that saying that blogging changed my life is a little dramatic but I honestly feel like its so true! I love doing this so much and its changed not just my life, but me as a person in so many different ways. 

When I first started my blog I had quite a standard perception of beauty. I thought that pretty was something that could be measured by a persons physical features. Imagine if all of your features could be rated out of ten and the person with the highest score would be the most beautiful...well that's kind of what I thought being beautiful was. I was forever hating my nose thinking that if I could just change it I would be pretty too! Growing up as a woman these days can be exhausting because you are constantly under pressure to be slim, but not too skinny because 'boys like something to hold onto', to be sexually ambiguous, but not a slut, to be smart, but not too smart because boys don't like intelligent girls. EH?! Is anyone else tired of these contradictory expectations of women. I find it exhausting. And guess what boys aren't that fussy! Since I started blogging I've been drawn to really look at people's faces, I compliment people A LOT on their make up looks and I suddenly realized that I never really noticed how beautiful certain people where because I wasn't really looking. I noticed for the first time that some people can be strikingly good looking if you just look a little harder. I noticed how some people had lovely eyes or lips and others had perfect skin or teeth and all of a sudden basically everyone I came across was beautiful. Just because someone doesn't fit the standard perception of beauty doesn't mean they can't be just as beautiful as someone who does. We as a society like things to be near perfect but how boring is that?!

The second way in which blogging changed my life is to do with the way I see the world in general. Ever since I started my blog it has always occurred in my thoughts that I would probably be a completely different person entirely if I hadn't started blogging. I was brought up to think that life was all about going to uni to study and getting a good job to pay for your nice house and car and go on a few holidays a year. However, this was always an idea I hated. The fact that what everyone was trying to achieve in life was THAT?! After dropping out of university at the age of 19 and quitting an internship that I hated with a passion I felt like I had no direction in life. A few years later I went back to uni, and guess what...I still felt like I had no direction in life. Well that was until I started this blog. I cannot imagine how mundane my life would be if every single thing I did was so I could have a nice house and a nice car and a couple of holidays. You have no idea how much time I spend writing blog posts, editing photos, and coming up with ideas. You have no idea how much every time I am sitting at work or watching TV I want to be blogging. I feel like I've discovered a real passion for something, and isn't that one of those things that makes your life a little more remarkable along with falling in love, travelling the world, and having children. Isn't that one of the things that sets you apart from everybody else? Okay so my blog is relatively small and it probably doesn't affect anyone who reads it that much, but I have pretty much always had a passion for writing and creative expression. I just never knew how to channel that passion, and now I have found a way to do so I feel like a much more positive and determined person. And I realize now most of all that there are few things you can do in life to make sure you live life to the full. But finding something that makes you truly happy to be alive is certainly one of them. 

Lastly, my blog helped me realize who my true friends and supporters where. Lets rewind back to where it all began around this time last year and every time I reached a milestone it was always the same people congratulating me, and being genuinely happy for me, saying things like 'Lisa I love your blog!' and saying what a good job I had done. But there were a few others who lets just say made quite nasty digs over twitter without mentioning my actual name if you know what I mean, but I won't go into that! Now don't get me wrong a few people who actually seemed happy for me where the very people I thought would have thought it was silly or been a bit indifferent to it all, so it just goes to show that people aren't always how you think they are deep down. I find it incredibly cute when my friends tell me they liked my post or that they read it; I even feel a bit embarrassed sometimes. But old friendships are not the only way I've been affected by this blog. I've actually met so so many lovely blogger friends. I'll admit that bar a couple I haven't met many of them in person but there are some girls I can't go a day without messaging on twitter or snap chatting pictures of my ugly hangover face. It's so strange how people you have never met in real life can actually be people that you feel close to and want to chat with! Last year I was invited to a few blogger events in London and I unfortunately had to turn them down due to work/uni/finances, but I've vowed that this year will be the year I actually try to go to one of these! I honestly can't wait to meet so many of you fellow bloggers in person!

Has blogging changed your lives in any way? 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Making Changes

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2015! Hope that everyone had a great new year and that we are all not too depressed about going back to work this week! As you know I had a little break from blogging last week just so I could spend time with my friends and family and enjoy real life rather than sticking to a time consuming photographing, note taking, editing schedule that I've been doing all year round! Hey everyone deserves a little time off every now and then! I thought I would start off the new year by talking about some of the positive changes I'm keen to make to my life this year, and please note these are NOT new year resolutions they are hopefully going to be things I will continue to do from pretty much here on out! 

1. Emails.
I am terrible with my email inbox! I get around 20-30 mails a day the majority of which are annoying mailing lists I signed up to while under too much pressure from the shop assistant. I need to learn to delete my emails after I read them. Yes, some of my mails are important, but I currently have around 2000 in my inbox and there is absolutely no need for it. I'm going to try from now on to respond to emails and delete emails as and when I receive them. I'll also try to unsubscribe from some of those dodgy mailing lists. 

2. Manage Money.
I am terrible at this and my boyfriend hates me for it. Between my student loan and my job I probably get almost as much as some of my friends with full time jobs are earning and without a house or any bills to pay for (I live with my parents) I am pretty much the richest I will ever be. Anything I earn goes on what I want to buy and I know how selfish that sounds, but I'm definitely the kind of person who earns a quid and spends two! I also have three credit cards which I use without even thinking about sometimes, and have been known to run up quite a hefty bill, which is not only bad money management, but should I be a sausage and miss any of my payments (bearing in mind I am so forgetful) I will get charged interest. I'm pretty sure I have a shopping addiction and I really need help!

3. Manage anxiety, stress, and worry.
I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2014 after a few years of struggling with the condition, and even now I struggle to manage the ways in which it affects me. For me personally the worst anxiety I get is before I go to sleep at night. I honestly get so worked up about the smallest of worries that I end up panicking and not being able to sleep. A lot of the time the feeling of anxiety is just constantly thinking about anything bad that is going to happen, thinking that people are conspiring against you and just generally feeling overwhelmed by stress and pressure which can come from everyday things like work or university assignments. I think I need to try and go to some therapy sessions as I don't personally believe in taking medication for mental conditions. I also could be better at communicating with people when I am feeling like this as its something most probably don't understand. I've made a huge effort to be with my friends as much as possible this year and its really paid off. I feel closer to them and it puts me much more at ease to be able to talk to them when things are getting too much.

4. Cook healthy meals more often. 
This is something that is hard for me to do as I'm one of those people who are constantly busy doing something. After I get home from uni or work the last thing I want to be doing is making a meal from scratch, but when I have the time on my hands its something I genuinely love doing! Yesterday I dedicated a few hours looking over healthy recipes on Pinterest and made a board just for that-link-so that I can hopefully look through them all and decide what ones are worth trying out. I'm going to try to cook a healthy meal at least once a week from now on and also I want to try not to skip breakfast and then make up for it by drinking sugary coffee, as i do so very often when I wake up late!

That's basically everything that I want to work on not just in 2015 but from now on period. I am really going to try and make these things happen, and put all my effort into making life easier and less stressful for myself! 

Do you guys have any life changes to make in 2015? What do you guys want to work on?

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