Thursday, 31 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

If you are anything like me you will really enjoy this post as I love nothing better than to sit back and take a nosey at what everyone has been given for Christmas. Also I don't in any way think that anyone who writes up these posts is bragging or showing off as every family celebrates christmas differently; some spend lots of money on one another and some don't, some also go abroad while others stay at home and I think that is perfectly fine. I'm honestly so grateful for everything I received this year whether it was chocolates or expensive jewelry and I still maintain that the thought counts more than anything...

From my friends this year I got just a few of my favourite things; chocolate, prosecco, Lush goodies and Victorias Secrets pjamas. I could not have been more thrilled. I normally don't expect much from my friends as we normally get each other very small gifts or otherwise do secret santa but from my friend Lauren I couldn't believe it when I opened the most stunning VS bracelet ever. Its honestly nothing I would have picked up but is absolutely gorgeous and makes any old outfit look so pretty. My mum has already asked if she can borrow it for tomorrow and I'm afraid I might have to put my foot down. I also got some Pandora Rings from my mum; which I LOVE and Lewis' mum and auntie both got me bracelets. I actually never ever get jewelry for Christmas as I can be quite picky so I was pretty thrilled that I got so much this year. 

I also managed to receive quite a lot of my favourite skincare, which is completely perfect as I have not long returned from being abroad and all of my daily skin bits are running seriously low. I got a couple of things from The Body Shop from my mum and boyfriend as well as the Soap and Glory Whole Shebang! I have wanted one of these S&G sets since forever but they always seem to sell out so fast so I got way too excited when I opened it on Christmas morning. My little brother also managed to get me a Liz Earle Skin Care Set with all my favourite products and I'm still astounded that a 21 year old boy managed to do that as well as also getting me the most stunning Carvela Bag! Well done bro! 

It wouldn't be Christmas without new pjamas and as well as a new soft nightie from Victoria's Secrets (which I have been wearing to death) I also got some purple Primark PJ's from my boyfriends mum which are so me and look super comfy. As usual I got some Yankee Candles and a nice one from Next along with all the usual bits and bobs like books, DVDs, and socks. My boyfriend actually got me an amazing Vegan cookbook which I could not be more excited to use!!! Cooking is fast becoming one of my favourite things and I'm building up quite the collection now.I even have my brother and dad eating vegan food at some meals which is a challenge and a half let me tell you. 

I also received some new Doc Martens from Lewis which I can't wait to wear along with other clothes and scarves and all the usual bits and bobs. I can't believe how many presents I had to open on Christmas day and I genuinely loved every single gift I was given. I honestly appreciate smaller things the older I get like chocolates or shower gels and now that I am older Christmas has become much more about giving to other people than the presents I actually receive myself. I had such an amazing day and felt so spoiled and so loved by everyone. Thank you to all of my friends and family for all of your kindness!

What were your favourite gifts this year? Did you get any surprises which blew you away? 


Friday, 4 December 2015

Hello from Lisbon

Hello all! You might be sitting wondering why I am suddenly posting now having not had any content on my blog for about a month now. Unfortunately, moving abroad was a lot more hectic than I'd originally anticipated and I wanted to fully immerse myself in the experience without all of the guilt about not having scheduled blog posts for the week ahead. Also I haven't been trying many new beauty products as I've brought everything I needed from home and am also trying my best to stick to a tight weekly budget meaning no cheeky splurges on things I don't need (I will for sure be raiding Sephora before I leave though). Seeing as my blog is predominantly beauty I haven't wanted to change things up too much so I haven't really been worried about keeping the content flowing but I'd like to fill you all in on what has been happening...

Way back in October (seems like yesterday I KNOW) I was lucky enough to have in the space of three weeks my boyfriend, parents and best friend all-separately-hop on a plane and come and visit me which was amazing! I took some time off classes to wander around the city with them as I knew they would want to see and do a lot of different things. It was also nice being able to go out for meals with them all and catching up on everything that was going back home. We did some of the more touristy things and it was good that I was able to show them around the different parts of the city and offer advice on the best things to do and see. When my parents finally left it dawned on me that I wouldn't see anyone from home till Christmas which is unbelievably close now but back then it seemed like ages away and I was really sad to see them leave. 

I've finally finished the dreaded Portuguese language course which although was enjoyable was also very difficult and not a particularly easy language to learn. I thought I would be okay seeing as I know French and a tiny bit of Spanish but my God I completely forgot the stress of remembering the different variations of the words and still I don't fully understand when the Portuguese speak to me as they speak very fast! I can now communicate with those who don't speak English which is the main thing and I have hopefully passed my written exam which means I can move up to the next level when I return home. I would honestly say to those who want to work, study or live abroad that learning a bit of the language is a really good idea no matter how good the locals English may be as it will help you to 'blend in' and save you the stress of ordering the wrong cup of coffee in the pastelaria.

It's definitely starting to feel like Christmas despite the fact its somehow still almost twenty degrees and the sun is still shining. The lights have been switched on and every shopping centre is now blessed with their very own Santa's grotto not to mention how busy the shops are actually getting. I'm a little bit gutted I can't do my Christmas shopping here if I'm honest (30kg max and all that) as there are so many shops that we don't have in the UK that I have become so fond of including a couple of beauty brands! They also have the most unique shops that sell only Christmas decorations, which I am absolutely in love with! I've even headed to Primark (yes there is one here) to get some Christmas pjamas and an advent calander and its making me soooo excited to come home and spend the festive season with my friends and family! 

Overall, I'm still really in love with Lisbon despite missing my friends and family and I can't believe that its nearly time to go home! I think I'm definitely going to be really gutted to leave this incredible city and all the amazing friends I have made here, and thats not even mentioning how ridiculously cheap it is to live here! Honestly, I think I'll be getting a huge shock next time I go for a meal or a coffee in Glasgow haha!

Is anyone else currently abroad on exchange? Would love to know in the comments how you are coping being away from friends and family and what your experience was like? 


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Comfort Foods Made Healthier

A while ago I stopped eating meat and cutting down on dairy in favor of lots of healthy fruits and vegetables along with nuts, seeds, grains and pulses. And while I'm not always being super healthy and like to have the odd Dominoes Pizza or indulge in sweet and doughy baked goods with my coffee there is honestly no better feeling than making a healthy dish that tastes incredible and is just as satisfying as the greasier, fattening, unhealthy version. Whats more is that these are so simple and easy to make and require very little preparation or ingredients and are also perfect for people with specific dietary requirements (vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free)...

Sweet Potato Fries 

You will need...

2 large sweet potatoes
Olive oil or Coconut oil
Paprika, cayenne pepper or any other spices and flavor you may want to add
Salt and pepper
Drizzle of honey and/or lime juice (optional)


This is literally the easiest thing on the planet. Once I have chopped my sweet potatoes into small shapes I basically mix all of the ingredients together and drizzle over my chips. I put them into the oven for around 30 minutes and that is honestly all you have to do. I honestly love these as an alternative to traditional chips and they are so filling as a snack. Dip into spicy hummus (you can try my recipe here) for extra indulgence with none of the guilt seeing as these are so much more nutritious than traditional french fries.These are also great because they can be made with just any old spices you find lying around. They are amazing with rosemary as an accompaniment to a Sunday roast!

Sugar Free Baked Beans

What you will need...

2 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 tin of haricot beans (drained)
1 tablespoon tomato puree
2 tablespoons honey or pure maple syrup
Salt and pepper to taste (optional)


I start by frying my garlic in a tiny bit of oil until it is transparent and golden all over. I then add the honey and the chopped tomatoes and leave to simmer for around 15 minutes. After this I add the haricot beans and the tomato puree and cook for a further ten minutes after which a little salt and pepper can be added and voila! home made baked beans! This recipe is especially useful for vegetarians and vegans who want to find something filling and tasty but without all of the empty calories from sugar. These taste a little sweeter than supermarket tinned baked beans but I honestly love them so much either with a good old veggie fry up or as a filling on a baked potato!

Kale and Cashew Pesto

What you will need...

2 mugs of freshly prepared kale
Half mug of cashew nuts
2 tablespoons of olive oil (although this is dependent on what you want the consistency to be like)
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
Handful of freshly chopped coriander
Half mug of Parmesan cheese of which you can use the low fat or vegan version


I start by roasting the cashews on a baking tray for up to 15 minutes to bring the flavour out (although this is optional) before putting them into the blender to form a fine powder. Once this is done I normally add the kale and lemon juice followed by the rest of the ingredients. Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed I add a small amount of water at a time to really get the smooth consistency before removing from the blender and storing in a jar! This is honestly so good on everything from pasta to toast to using as a dip for vegetables. I'm such a huge pesto fan but I really like to know whats going into mines. And seriously who doesn't love cashews though?!

Do you guys have any recipes on how to make your favourite foods healthier? I would love to know? 


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Low Maintenance Beauty

As a beauty blogger and self confessed cosmetic-loving, lipstick-collecting maniac the concept of 'low maintenance beauty' kind of almost goes against who I am as a person. I love a good powerful eye brow and a plum lip, I take 20 minutes every morning just to blend out my foundation and I don't care who knows it! But somehow coming to Lisbon has made me care much less about make up and more about taking care of my skin. Today I'm here to tell you what I've been using...

First up is the Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream which I picked up in the Boots at the airport just before I boarded my flight. This stuff is honestly incredible for the small price you pay. It's light on the skin, but still contains a good SPF of 15 and I can say honestly that my face hasn't been burnt at all since I've arrived here despite near enough three weeks of constant sunshine. I also think this really smoothes out the texture of my skin and makes it look so radiant and fresh. This is always on offer in the likes of Boots and Superdrug too so I'd recommend you picking one up for less than a fiver.

Next I have been obsessed with this Vitamin C Face Spritz from The Body Shop. It smells orangey and fresh and really helps wake my skin up as well as being perfect to use as a refreshing mist when the temperatures outside are just too much for my skin to bear here in Portugal. This spray is targeted at dull skin and does an amazing job of rejuvenating any fatigue and adding a nice healthy glow. It also contains aloe vera to soothe making it perfect for skin which has been exposed to the sun a bit too much! I pretty much love anything from The Body Shop skincare ranges as they always contain such lovely, natural ingredients and are cruelty free!

Lastly are two essentials that have been in my bag pretty much every day since I got here and the first one is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Lip Protector with an SPF of 15. I adore this as the packaging is so expensive looking and it really does protect my lips from the sun and from becoming chapped and sore. As well as using this as a balm I sometimes also use it under lipstick to get a good even colour. This stuff is so perfect! I've also been loving the Halo Deodorant Wipes as things tend to get a bit sweaty in the heat here and its not always great having to carry around a huge can of deodorant, These wipes will leave you feeling super refreshed and they smell lovely too! So perfect for travelling.

What are your daily essentials for a low maintenance look?

Thursday, 1 October 2015

5 Things I've Learned Since Moving to Lisbon

As I currently sit and write this I have just surpassed the three week mark of living in Lisbon. Everything is so utterly and completely different from life in the UK and these past few weeks have been challenging. Settling in here has been physically and emotionally exhausting and at times also terrifying, but they have also been filled with some of the best days in my entire life. So, here I am today filling you all in on some of the things I've learned so far...

1. The concept of time in Portugal is virtually non-existent. So if you are also from the UK as I am you will know that we work long hard hours with hardly any time for leisurely activities in between where our so-called 'weekends' are actually filled with either more work or just catching up on sleep. Over here things are much slower paced and people are much more laid back with regards to work. There are no Monday morning traffic jams or angry commuters pouring onto the metro and if you fancy a cup of espresso (they call it a 'bica' here) then expect to be kept waiting a while. Don't expect anyone Portuguese to show up on time either. 

2. Scottish stereotypes are extremely ignorant and a little bit insulting. Since I arrived here in Lisbon I've lost count of the amount of times I've been asked if I drink whiskey and for people to be genuinely shocked that I don't like the stuff ("but I thought everyone in Scotland drank whiskey..."). I've also been asked numerous times about Braveheart and 'that sport you play in Scotland where you throw tree trunks' as well as the bagpipes and the Lochness monster. And if that wasn't bad enough the amount of people who have actually told me that I DON'T HAVE A SCOTTISH ACCENT. But you know I'm sort of getting used to it now. 

3. The supermarkets are always super crowded no matter when you go in. Yes every time I have been food shopping so far I have barely been able to work my way around the shop from the amount of people pouring in and out of the entrance and exit. The aisles are ridiculously narrow, and none of them even make sense!! I mean Gluten free bread beside the chopped tomatoes?! Condiments opposite the milk?! Also don't be surprised if the English name on something means something completely different for the Portuguese. Sometimes the 'milk' turns out to be cream and the 'tea' turns out to be coffee, but you get used to the element of surprise. 

4. No matter how brown you are you will never be as brown as the locals. Something I love about going on holiday is being white on arrival and coming home a good few shades darker and looking remarkably exotic beside all of my British friends. However, despite having now acquired the deep mahogany looking tan I dream of every summer I still feel pale next to the locals. And if you even so much as burn a tiny bit PEOPLE WILL JUDGE YOU like the time I put brazil nut oil on and got a burnt bum and they all laughed and looked confused because I don't even think they know what sunburn is. 

5. Unless you want to be judged then you don't 'dress up' for the club. Jeans and converse are perfectly acceptable clubbing attire while that little black dress and those platform shoes need to be left at home. I've learned that dressing up in clubs here makes you look a bit desperate and who wants to look like that really? It gets confusing though because shorts and flip flops are however NOT acceptable attire and some clubs won't even let you in as such attire is marked under 'inappropriate' on the club Facebook page. Makes sense right?

Overall, it's been a massive learning curve and I'm kind of excited to learn some more about this beautiful city and the people who live here. As much as it is scarily different from the UK there are some things that I much prefer here! 


Monday, 21 September 2015

Best Products for Contouring and Highlighting

If there's one thing that I never forget to do in my morning make up routine its a good old contour and highlight to the cheek bones. No matter how late I am for work, or university or coffee with the girls I always manage to spend that extra five minutes really bringing my face to life; highlighting and sculpting those facial features. I think its the one thing that really makes a difference and I honestly notice so much when I don't do it! It also looks gorgeous in photography and really gives your face shape and features the much needed definition under the bright light of flash photography. I thought today I'd go through some of the products (and tools) I use to achieve the highly coveted look...

So to start off with my highlighting products I have one golden oldie and one fairly new product. I have used the Rose Gold Blush by Sleek for what seems like forever and it is honestly the most gorgeous blusher and highlight. Despite the small price tag this is seriously pigmented and makes my cheeks look like they have been sprinkled with fairy dust, and its also a super flattering shade of pink too; suitable for all seasons and very natural looking. I use this on the apples of my cheeks to really bring them to life on top of my Topshop Glow Pot which is a rather new addition to my collection, and by god don't I wish I had found this sooner. This is like pearls is liquid form its honestly so gorgeous. I use this on my cheeks, my brow bone, my nose and even my cupids bow. It's one of the only highlighters I can use that really shows up and gives my skin such a beautiful sheen. You only need the tiniest amount too!

To sculpt and contour my cheekbones I use my Clinique Chubby Sculpting Contour Stick and draw triangular shapes beneath my cheek bones and line the underneath of my jaw, temples and the sides of my nose. This product looks scary but I honestly swear that it isn't, and I find that it can give off a much more natural look than a powdered product which can be cakey or muddy looking at times. I normally use my Real Techniques Flat Contour Brush to buff the product in and diffuse any harsh lines. If I really want it to last the day though I'll sometimes go over it with a powder product; usually Benefit Hoola; the cream product underneath really helps to keep it in place!

If I'm rushed for time I normally just use highlight and contour in a powdered form as it is often much more straightforward to use and the one I've been reaching for recently is the Maybelline Master Sculpt . This is essentially a contour kit; although I'm not overly keen on the powdered highlight which isn't separate from the darker product. I normally use a Real Techniques Buffing Brush or Contour Brush from the Core Collection to do this as the smaller contour brush really fits right into the shape of my face whilst the other bigger brush helps to blur out any sharp lines and create a gorgeous natural look! The product is generally really good despite my dislike for the highlight and lasts for ages! Be careful not to overdo it though or it can make you look a little muddy!

Do you guys like to contour? What are your favourite products for doing the job?  

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Arriving in Lisbon

As some of you may know already I'm off on exchange to Lisbon in Portugal so I haven't had much time to blog over the past few weeks! But I'm very excited to finally be blogging again after a hectic week of settling into a city in a completely different country that is going to be my home for the next few months. It's been a really scary but amazing journey so far and I thought I'd give you all a little update on what has been going on and how I have been settling in to everything now that I've been here over a week...

When I arrived at Lisbon airport I literally felt sick.; I thought I was going to throw up in front of everyone waiting to collect their baggage. I even had to get a man to help me collect my suitcase as I honestly felt so sick. As I walked through the airport I remember feeling the most apprehensive I have ever felt in my life, about a million thoughts going through my head and I felt like crying or just getting on the plane back home, but as I walked through the arrivals area I saw Beatriz (a portuguese girl who had been sent to help me settle in) and I was instantly put at ease. She spoke amazing English and seemed interested in all the same things as me. She helped me into a cab and took me to my new apartment. 

My new flat is a lot different from anything I would have had back home. Its a very old building which has been renovated to look newer with amazing decor inside. Its very basic but my bedroom is huge and has more than enough space for all my clothing and a desk to study. At the minute I only have one flat mate; a portuguese boy who works in town. As he's working so much we never seem to be in at the same time so I haven't gotten to know him that well yet, however he has been really helpful in showing me the shops, and the nearest metro station ect. 

The day after I arrived I met up with Beatriz and the other exchange student from my university and we all went shopping and for lunch together, and afterwards we were taken to our new university to fill in forms and apply for a monthly metro card ect. It was so nice in those first few days having people (and especially someone local to my host country) to show me around and help me relax and just enjoy my time living in a beautiful city with lots of other amazing people. It's honestly a lot easier to meet new people and find like minded exchange students to go shopping or sight seeing with as everyone is pretty much in the same boat and is here to make friends so I've not had any bother at all. 

So far I've been on a river cruise, to two nightclubs, tasted the local beer (it costs only 1 euro!!), been on a wine and cheese night, been to the beach and started my welcome week at my new university. It's also really nice that the weather has been very warm and sunny so far although I've not had many opportunities to work on my tan seeing as I've been so busy. I've met friends from Britain, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, and the USA and I think I'm really starting to settle in. 

I also worried about having a vegetarian diet at the beginning as nowhere seemed to sell all the products I buy at home however, some friendly locals have pointed me in the direction of a health store about two metro stops away which sells all of the soya products I could want and more. I've also found a lot of resturaunts using Happy Cow and I'm also really enjoying how inexpensive it is to eat and drink here! 

Overall, I've had a wonderful first week and I don't have any doubts that this will be such a valuable and exciting opportunity for me! I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Have any of you been on exchange? Do you have any advice for me? I would love to know all about it in the comments or on twitter!  

Thursday, 3 September 2015

New Shoes?

As a blogger its very hard not to have a shopping addiction. When you have the old 'its for my blog' excuse in the back of your mind its always very hard to resist wanting to pick up *everything* in the shops! Now every now and then I pick up something in shops that feels like it could have been made with me in mind! Who knew that this would be EXACTLY what I had been looking for all along?! Its even better when I find something of this nature that doesn't break the bank! Lets take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these Topshop Sandals shall we... 

For basically the whole of summer I've been looking for neutral coloured sandal with a small heel that can class as both day and night shoes. Something to take me from shopping to the cocktail bar as quick as I can apply my red lipstick. I found these in Topshop recently at just £28! Yup super affordable and when you take off the student discount how could I possibly resist?! I love that these will add some serious chic to any old black T-shirt dress or jeans and cami combo and I can't wait to wear these in Portugal! They are also *reasonably* comfortable and easy to walk in which is the most important thing after all (yeah right) and I feel more dressed up with these on as they look so classy and expensive. Also I'm a massive fan of snake print so they got that right! 

I'm super glad I'm going to be taking these abroad for a few months as I'm not quite sure they would have got much wear in rainy Glasgow. I have such a love/hate relationship with Topshop as they sometimes charge ridiculous prices for something that I just know EVERYONE will be wearing in a matter of weeks. They also either get things completely wrong or totally and utterly spot on and in this case its very much the latter. Thank you for literally creating my perfect sandals, and for knowing exactly what I wanted even when I didn't! Lets hope you manage to continue this right through to next season and beyond. 

I'd love to know how all of you feel about these sandals and where you go to find your perfect pair? 

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Monday, 31 August 2015

Improv Workshop at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing bank holiday weekend and enjoying every minute of being off work, and to those of you who aren't as an ex retail working I feel your pain! Anyways I was invited through to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last weekend to take part in a blogger improv workshop. However, since The Premier Inn decided to be a doll and put me up for the night I decided to bring the other half along and go and see a few bits and pieces of the festival and take in a few shows. So I thought I'd fill you all in on what we got up to...

I met Lewis straight after work on the Friday to catch the 50 minute train to Edinburgh, although we did stop off at Pintos and Costa to get some food and drinks for the journey! Because we were staying in Leith rather than Edinburgh Central we decided to hop straight into a taxi after getting off the train instead of faffing around trying to get a bus as we both had huge bags to carry and wanted to get to our hotel as soon as possible. When we arrived Sophie had already checked us in so we were straightaway given our key and pointed in the direction of our room, and oh my goodness what a pleasant surprise! I'd always thought of The Premier Inn as a really budget friendly hotel so I thought our room would be very small and basic but it was actually so spacious and comfortable. I could not believe how amazing the bed was and that we even had a bath tub! 

After exploring our new home for the night we got changed into our best friday night clobber and headed off out in search for a bus to town. Luckily enough we didn't even have to wear jackets as the weather was surprisingly warm and dry. Anyways, the first thing we did was headed straight towards the Assembly Hall as Lewis had suggested that we go see John Lennon Through a Glass Onion; a show comprised of John Lennon's memoirs and music. We bought tickets about an hour before the show and headed straight to the bar for some pre show pints! I absolutely love the assembly halls as a venue as the atmosphere is always amazing and I've never been dissappointed in anything I've ever went to see there. I'm afraid we weren't allowed to take pictures at any of the shows we attended so I don't have any to show you but I can confirm it was thoroughly enjoyable and I found myself resisting the urge to stand up and dance the whole way through!

After the show we went for a few quick drinks and then it was straight back to the hotel for a cup of tea and our beauty sleep in preparation for the main event; the improv comedy workshop. If I'm being completely honest I have to admit I was really scared about taking part in the event as I'm not very good at being funny or witty on the spot, but it actually turned out to be one of the highlights of my weekend! We met in the lobby after a huuuuuge breakfast and were driven to a suite in another hotel. At first everyone shuffled nervously in their seats and awkwardly stared at the floor; Lewis even tried to get out of taking part! But forty five minutes later and we were all acting out short scenes together, being silly, and most of all LAUGHING. It was so good to be part of something that made everyone feel welcome and comfortable and to work with lots of different people. Its such a good way to relax and build confidence and I'd definitely take part again. If you'd like any information on improv workshops in your area you can check them out here. Thanks so much to the three lovely ladies who led the workshop they were truly amazing (and hilarious)! It was so nice to meet lots of other lovely bloggers too!

After the workshop we were free to go back to exploring the Festival and Lewis and I headed straight for the outdoor beer garden. During the fringe the atmosphere isincredible around Edinburgh and you can find everything on the street from gigs to cocktail bars and street food! After a drink and a quick bite to eat we set off in search of another venue and another show. This time we went to see a play called Edith in the Dark, which was a low key show but still really really good! Again, it was incredibly cheap to go see the only problem was that we had was that the venue was a little away from the town centre. Sadly, after seeing this show we had to head straight home as Lewis had plans so we said our goodbyes to Edinburgh and set off for the train station.

I had such an amazing time at the Fringe this year and for some reason it seemed to be busier than I have ever seen it in the past! I'm so thankful for having been given the opportunity to take part in something so fun and thank you so much to The Premier Inn for putting us up for the night! I'm just a little bit sad that we didn't get to stay a little bit longer, enjoying more shows and seeing a little bit more of what Edinburgh has to offer. I'll definitely be going back next year though!

Have any of you been to the Fringe in Edinburgh this year? What did you do there?


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Chin Up Mask Review and Giveaway!

Well I hope everyone is having a great day today! I was recently sent the brand new Chin Up Firming and Contouring Mask* to review and was a little scared at the prospect of a product which told me I would lose up to 1cm off of my chin. I haven't ever really thought about my chin being 'fat' before, but I was still so excited to see what this would do for me! For starters it comes with some really scary looking equipment including a measuring tape and a scary looking balaclava type slimming band to place on your head whilst the mask is working its magic...

The box comes with three separate masks (about one weeks worth), and the aforementioned slimming band and measuring tape to check results at the end. The box told me that the mask includes vitamin E, and real fruit extracts so I just knew it was going to smell amazing! It also has a whole other host of science behind it such as corum 9235 to help with the whole lifting and contouring process, Q10 which is some form of antioxidant, and skintronics which helps to boost cell density and (hopefully) help with the contouring process. The mask claims to firm and contour, mouturize, and defend against signs of ageing as well as helping me lose a whole 1cm off of my chin.

Before putting the mask on I measured my chin and jawline at 23cm with the measuring tape; I then placed the sheet mask over my chin and secured it with the slimming band. Instructions say to leave the mask on for around 30 minutes, and during that time I could feel the mask warm up almost as though it was burning all the pesky fat cells away one by one. The process was a fairly easy one and the mask smelled amazing so I didn't mind having to have it on for that long although my brother did freak out a bit at the sight of me in the slimming band (lol). 

After taking the mask off and allowing the ingredients to sink into my skin I used the measuring tape to check the results, only to find that I had actually lost 1cm off of my chin. I don't know how it happened but somehow my skin was lifted and tightened in a short space of time. I'll be honest and say that the difference wasn't particularly visible to the eye, but I can imagine that if you are someone who genuinely does need a little help in the way of lifting any sagging or loose skin (no offence right) then this could make a huge difference and is obviously a much better, less time consuming and less expensive option than surgery.

So, as well as being offered the chance to review this new and upcoming product I'll also be hosting a giveaway in order to give you lot a chance to win one and try it for yourselves! The giveaway will run from today until the 9th of September and winners will be contacted within 24 hours afterwards! Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Any additional information concerning this campaign can be found at  

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Most Wanted: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

It brings me great pleasure to tell all of you that I now happen to be the extremely proud owner of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade. As a bit of a brow fanatic I have wanted this on and off since it started doing the rounds with the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube, so when a couple of girls I work with told me that they used it and explained just how amazing it was I knew I just had to have it! Finally a couple of weeks ago I was ordering some make up brushes when I noticed the website (beautybay) had this wonderful product in stock and I couldn't help but slip this into my online basket...

Aside from being ridiculously excited at the prospect of ordering one of my most wanted beauty products since forever I was a bit unsure what colour to order as they don't sell this in the UK making it impossible for me to swatch. I tried my best on blogs ect to see what I thought would be a good match and eventually decided on medium brown. This is probably just a little bit dark for me still as its definitely more of a dark brown than a medium shade, but I can make it work and that's the most important thing. The product itself is possibly the best eye brow product I have EVER tried and as a beauty blogger and brow fanatic that really is saying something. You only need to apply the teeniest amount of product to the brush for both brows and its just so creamy and ridiculously pigmented.

I also love the longevity of this stuff. Its completely sweat proof, and believe me when I say I've tested this claim to the max having worn it to a couple of spin and metafit classes; once you apply this it really isn't going anywhere. One thing I used to hate about brow mascaras and gels was that they dried up throughout the day and made my eyebrows feel crispy but this doesn't feel like that at all! It also seems to keep every single hair exactly in place which is ideal when I'm due a trip to the old waxing counter. I honestly think this is perfect for those of us who like bold brows and want our make up to see us through till the end of the day!

However, I felt that this was quite a bold eyebrow look, which I love personally, but if you like more natural make up you might be better off using a powder. This is also quite hard to get a hold of as only certain websites sell it to the UK and at times of high demand I've often found the most popular colours (namely those I wanted to purchase) to be sold out. And to add to this its near enough impossible to work out exactly what shade you are going to be if ordering online. I did think this was quite reasonably priced at around the 15 quid mark although I also bought the brush to use with it as a cheeky extra! I think its probably my favourite brow product yet although I'll possibly be buying a lighter shade next time!

Have any of you guys used this product? What did you think?

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Liz Earle Skincare Haul

For quite some time now I've been noticing that my skin isn't what it used to be. Gone is the youthful glow of my teens and I can very much notice that my skin is starting to 'mature'. The very thought makes me shudder to the core knowing that my skin will never be as good as it once was *insert crying emoji*. I'm quite bad with skincare in that I'll try anything once, and I never really stick to using the same products all the time. I like to branch out and try different things, which I've only just noticed can also irritate my skin, cause break outs, and dry patches all over my face. So NOT good. I've been wondering what kind of products I should be using on my skin to help soothe and protect it from both the ageing process and other environmental factors, and thats when I thought about the Liz Earle products my mum and I used in the past. I've always found them to be gentle yet effective on my skin and leave it feeling very fresh.

Obviously there isn't a beauty blogger within a 10 mile radius that hasn't tried the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. It's known for being amazingly effective for removing even the most stubborn of eye make up and leaving the skin so soft and mousturized; its also the ULTIMATE pamper essential. I love everything about this product from the packaging to the way it smells and I like that it both cleanses (well might I add) and exfoliates without being drying or irritating on the skin. I absolutely love how soft and bright my skin looks after using this as it contains active ingredients such as chamomile, rosemary, and cocoa butter which help to lock in moisture and brighten. This is also a really great cleanser to use as you really feel like you are giving yourself a good pamper due to the two step process, and it literally melts make up off in an instant. Theres no wonder so many people rave about this as it always sorts my skin right out!

The Instant Skin Boost Tonic was more something I had  seen on lots of blogs but never actually tried, however when I read about the product it sounded a lot like the Pixi Glow Tonic which I have wanted to try for ages yet have never been able to get my hands on; its also a bit more expensive. Packed full of  amazing ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber and vitamin E this honestly feels like my skin is having a refreshing drink when I apply this. Its almost as though it just wakes my skin up instantly and makes it appear smoother and more radiant, without using harsh ingredients like alcohol. Its as gentle as water but really does refresh, brighten and wake my skin up! I'm so loving using this at the minute.

Lastly, I decided to get the Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion. I am almost always tired, stressed out or both and the bags under my eyes are forever present. I liked the sound of this as it contains witch hazel and aloe vera and I've never used a product on my eyes before that both takes away make up and helps to brighten; that's what I thought all the fancy eye creams were for after all.  Again this is as gentle as water on the delicate eye area as well as being instantly soothing and gloriously refreshing! The only thing I would say is that this will only remove light eye make up and no water proof mascaras or anything so you may want to go in with a waterproof eye make up remover first. 

Overall, I've been so impressed at the minute with just how soothing and gentle these products are, yet I'm still seeing the wonderful benefits. I used to think that decent skin care had to be very abraisive or contain harsh chemicals in order to work but these are doing a mighty good job. Liz Earle products are also cruelty free which makes me super happy knowing that some poor animal hasn't suffered in order for me to look good, and I'd also say they are extremely reasonably priced. They come in somewhere between high end and drugstore so very much affordable to those who don't mind paying slightly more for good quality product. You can also buy travel sizes of these products on the Liz Earle Website which I think is super handy!

Have any of you ever used Liz Earle? Which skin care do you use on a regular basis?  

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Three Confidence Boosting Lipsticks

I have a confession to make; I am a serious worrier. I worry about all of life's little problems instead of taking things as they come, I panic at the first obstacle, and I tend to get into a massive fuss about situations which will realistically never happen. I panic if I miss the train for work or submit an essay with a small spelling mistake, I feel constantly anxious for my family and friends if something bad has happened to them and interviews and public speaking terrify me. I find myself constantly thinking of what to say during conversations with large groups of people I don't know particularly well, and for most of those who know me well it would probably surprise you that I refer to myself as a social introvert. I despise people who embarrass you in front of large groups of people or make you the centre of attention when you don't want it at all. However, that doesn't mean I'm shy or that I can't be outgoing and bubbly in comfortable situations. Its just that certain things unnerve me, and when these situations occur I like to use make up to boost my confidence and project a bit of my personality...

Mac Lady Danger is an amazing shade. It really is the brightest pillar box red and will make any boring matte make up look just come to life instantly. I think this suits my personality too as I'm a bit kooky and I like to do things a bit differently from everyone else. This is probably not for everyone, but if you want a really bright colour that makes the lips pop then I really recommend this ultra bright shade. It will get you noticed and add bags of style to the simplest of little back dresses. Also everyone knows what's up with Mac products in terms of being super long lasting and having incredible colour pay off. This is a great variation on the traditional red lip and is a great addition to any red lip stick collection.

Secondly, I am IN LOVE with my YSL Rouge Volupte in 34 which I believe is called Rose Asarine both for its gorgeous packaging and amazing formula. These lipsticks are needed for anyone who loves the YSL gold packaging and likes to display make up proudly on their dresser. Its so long lasting and smells delicious; a bit like watermelon. I also love how this has a lovely sheen to it so its just that bit different to anything else I have in my collection. I'll admit that these are pricey products but they make me feel so glamorous and are worth every penny in my opinion!

Last but not least I recently received the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Revlon Red as a birthday gift but only started wearing it recently. This is the most classic of classic red shades and looks absolutely amazing with black winged eye liner and some seriously defined cheekbones. I love when I wear this with just black jeans and a white shirt it just adds a much needed touch of femininity and glamour without being over the top . I like that this is neither matte or glossy so it can be worn with a range of different make up looks and it looks great during the day and at night.

I would love to know if anyone else has any confidence boosting tips? What are your thoughts on these lip products?

Monday, 10 August 2015

Xen-Tan Weekly Self-Tan Lotion

After hearing about this tan for approx. 4 billion years I thought it was finally time to try it! I had previously heard lots of great things about it mostly via other blogs and YouTube videos and I couldn't help but notice that it seemed to be a firm favourite amongst 'bigger' bloggers. However, spending £30+ on a bottle of fake tan wasn't necessarily appealing to me as I already own some really great tanning products which are less than a tenner (I swear by Cocoa Brown). The one thing that attracted me to this product, however, was the promise of a natural dark colour minus that awful biscuity fake tan smell. I'm here to tell you guys whether or not it actually lived up to these expectations...

The Xen-Tan Weekly Lotion is not like any tan I have ever used before. When it comes to fake tan I actually tend to avoid lotions as I think they can be harder to work with and more often than not will come out streaky. The first time I used this I actually just put it on with my hands and it came out hell of a streaky so please make sure you use this with appropriate tools i.e a tanning mitt (lol). Even with a tanning mitt I definitely still got a little bit paranoid about leaving white patches and I was rubbing this in like a crazy person to make sure I had left no area untouched. One thimg I did notice was that this is extremely moisturising and smells absolutely heavenly! Its laced with all kinds of nut and jojoba oils which probably help with the moisturizing but also with the delightful smell! I also liked that it was slightly tinted so I could actually see where it was going, although I'm still really terrible at doing the backs of my legs.

I just so happen to be one of these people that put my tan on before bed and sleep with it on despite protests by my boyfriend who can't stand the smell and my mum who doesn't like the fact I turn all of my white bedsheets a lovely shade of orange every now and again. I just think its the best time to let my tan develop and I can wash off all of the excess in the morning. When I woke up wearing this I was a little dissappointed that there seemed to be a lingering biscuity smell, so I immediately jumped in the shower to wash off the excess tan and try to get rid of some of that fake tan smell; that was when I noticed the colour! Oh my goodness when this stuff says it makes you good and brown it definitely means it, and that was with only one application too! I feel like this has a bit of a red undertone to it so it definitely looks a lot more natural than the other orangey shades on the market. 

After showering I was left with a gorgeous dark brown tan that looked almost as good as a natural tan and it was so smooth and streak-free. My skin also felt amazingly smooth and soft and thankfully the horrible fake tan smell dissappears after showering. This tan is definitely an amazing product if you want a really natural looking dark colour, but it is a little harder to work with than some of the other fake tans out there and if you aren't very good at applying tan then this can get quite messy. I think the colour would probably be a little too harsh for red heads or blondes as its very much an olive shade, so the dark shade probably wouldn't be your best option. I also think its a little bit over priced seeing as a spray tan costs less than the full price of this. The bottle is relatively small and I think you would get about 6 full body applications out of this tops, however the colour just cannot be faulted so even though it KILLS me to say it I think I would actually buy this again in a heartbeat!

Have any of you ever used this product before? What are your favourite tanning products? 


Friday, 7 August 2015

Forgtten Favourites: Lips

For the last of my 'forgotten favourites' series I'm back today with some lip products. To be honest it can be quite easy for me to forget about lipsticks and glosses as this is probably the one beauty item that I have the most of, and I'm always always always buying new lipsticks to try out! In fact I'm pretty sure that I have a few lipsticks in my collection that I haven't managed to wear yet, which seems crazy to me! Anyways lets move onto the lip products shall we...

The first discovery was the Mac Diva Lipstick which has been hiding in my stash since Christmas! This was a present from my mum that I completely forgot I had and found it still in the box in one of my make up drawers! I genuinely can't believe I forgot all about this as I do love a good Mac product for a night out as the longevity of these is unbeatable and they also do all of this without being chalky or drying on the lips. This one is a vampy dark red/brown shade and is one of the matte lipsticks, and is just the perfect accessory for an LBD and some heels. I don't like the matte finish as much as I like the satin finish as they can be a little harder to work with, but I'll make an exception seeing as this one is so sexy.

Next, I picked out this Ted Baker Lipgloss, which was from a set that I also received at Christmas time. Unfortunately there is nothing on this to tell me the colour and I'm not sure if you can buy these separate from the nail polishes, but I absolutely love the colour of this! I'm mpre of a lip stick that a lip gloss person, but the colour pay off on this one is just insane; it also lasts most of the day too which makes this pretty much the only lipgloss that I have ever liked. It also feels wet on application rather than sticky, and reminded me of the Rimmel Apocalips a little bit, however this one doesn't really dry after the application, and unfortunately it isn't non transferrable either. Those are all sins I can completely forgive though! 

Lastly, I found a real old favourite in the form of my Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet, which is a dark red not unlike Mac Diva, however this one being a lip butter makes it a lot more moisturizing on the lips and the glossy finish just adds something elseto any make up look. I tend to wear this lip with black winged eye liner to create a really classic make up look, and make a bit of a statement. I actually have these Revlon Lip Butters in a lot of different colours as I'm completely obsessed and can't get enough of them, and for only £7.99 they are such good value for money as they last ages! 

What are your favourite lip products? Would you wear any of these products? 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Forgotten Favourites: Eyeshadow

Following on from my last post which was all about forgotten concealer products (link here) I'm back today with some of the most gorgeous eye shadows I forgot I even had! I don't actually wear eye shadow on a daily basis and certainly not shimmery shades, however I have been absolutely loving some of the smokey eye tutorials that are circulating YouTube right now, and I really want to be able to pull of a shimmery eye of my own! Although I have to admit that eye make up isn't my strong point as I just don't have a clue how to blend ect and always just end up with really undefined, super messy shadow any time I try to get creative or try anything new. I'm hoping that purchasing some new brushes may help...

Firstly, I dug out this amazing Make Up Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette. The colours are all amazing and nothing like the other shades I already own in my other palettes which mostly comprise of the safest neutral shades you will ever find and zero shimmer. The colours of these appeal to me as although they are a little different from what I am used to they aren't too 'out there' and I find them completely wearable for every day. I love the orange and purple toned shades and they blend out and compliment each other so well. It's not surprising that Make Up Revolution are doing so well right now considering this palette of TWELVE eye shadows (all extremely pigmented and and long lasting) is also so well priced. I have to say this is budget make up done right! Its crazy to think that for under a fiver you can have such a beautiful set of eye shadows. I'll admit that the packaging isn't the greatest, but I wouldn't expect much more for the small price tag.

Secondly, I fell back in love with the Mac Cranberry Frost Eyeshadow when I was inspired by an 'Autumn make up' type post the other week and decided to have a look through my own stash. As everyone knows Mac make up is just the bomb when it comes to pigment and good quality packaging and it actually became popular due to its use in theatre make up and its incredible long lasting power! This shade in particular is so gorgeous and festive and can be used sparingly for a smaller amount of colour as well as all over the lid for full on dramatic effect, I don't know how I managed to forget that I had this but I just know this will be getting used more and more over the coming months as we slide into the autumn and winter. This is actually too beautiful and is a definite must have shade for anyone with a crazy eye shadow addiction!

Lastly, I found a Bella Pierre Mineral Eye Shadow in Celebration which actually seems to be more of a pigment than a pressed eye shadow, so it is a little messier; but still gorgeous nevertheless. This is a beautiful copper golden tone with extra sparkle and shimmer when it catches the light, and it actually reminds me a lot of Mac Amber Lights as it looks AMAZING on blue eyes and really brings them out. I've been wearing this so much recently as it really makes my eyes pop and adds such a gorgeous sun-kissed look to my make up as I can almost imagine wearing this with a tan on holiday with glowing skin and a super glossy lip! I just keep having so many compliments on it. The colour pay off to this is just incredible and I love that this can be worn both during the day and added to other eye shadows for a more glamorous night time look. I actually can't believe I forgot about this for so long as I'm already getting sad thinking about what I will do when this runs out!

What have you guys been finding in your collection recently? Do you have any favourite eye shadows? 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Forgotten Favourites: Concealer

Like many other beauty bloggers I have a terrible habit; I buy products and use them for a week straight, declaring my undying love for them until the next new make up release happens to fall into my basket in Boots or Superdrug or wherever and the said products get placed into a drawer somewhere in my extensive make up collection never to be seen again. Well thats maybe a bit drammatic, but I made a promise to myself earlier in the year that I would try and make use of what is already in my make up collection before wasting money on yet more make up, so I thought I'd take you guys along with me while I had a good look through all my make up...

 I thought concealer would be a good place to start as I'm pretty sure I buy at least one new concealer product every two weeks, and I like to have a couple of different concealers in my collection for different things. I recently rediscovered the Seventeen Phwoar Paint Concealer and started to remember why I had loved it so much in the first place. This is supposed to be used as an under eye concealer to disguise any under eye luggage and brighten the area and man does this do a good job! It's a bit like Benefit Boing only its a little creamier and less drying on the skin so its more suitable for dry skin. It comes in a dinky little compact complete with mirror making it perfect for on the go applications and is so simple to use. I just use my ring finger to pat it onto the area and blend it out for instantly brighter eyes. Its also slightly tacky to the touch which I quite liked as it stays in place for ages! Its also rather well priced at only £6 considering its high end rival is about three times the price!

Next I found the Revlon Colourstay Concealer, which I have profound memories of disliking when I bought it many months ago. However, I was quite surprised to find that it actually is a really decent concealer with great coverage. This is actually really blendable and long lasting and I never have to top this up throughout the day as it genuinely stays put without being drying or patchy and blends seamlessly into foundation leaving it undetectable on the skin. Its actually quite watery in texture which worried me at first so if you have a lot of acne or scarring then you might want something a little thicker, but overall I'm super impressed with this. If you like Estee Lauder Doubler Wear Concealer then this is definitely a good drugstore dupe at just a quarter of the price!

Have any of you guys tried these concealer products? Would love to know your thoughts!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Three for Summer

Here in the UK we don't exactly get the most reliable summer. Unfortunately there is just no predicting how hot or cold the weather is going to be or if you live in Scotland like I do how many days that its actually going to be dry. However, with the weather set to change during August and finally give us some of that sunshine we have been craving I thought I'd mention a couple of things I've been obsessed with on the very few hot summer days we have actually had...

First up is my very favourite suncream! This Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect in SPF 10 is absolutely perfect for carrying around on days out to the park or beach on a hot summers day. I go very dark in the sun so normally I would use a tanning oil (with a high SPF of course) if I am sitting sunbathing however this is light weight and sinks into the skin easily which makes it more practical for days out and even walking around the city. I've actually even used this on my face and unlike most other suncreams it didn't break me out! It also has added ingredients such as monoi oil to help you tan and although I'm skeptical about those sort of products this has GLITTER in it and smells absolutely incredible. Well done Garnier well done! 

I've also been using my Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist on hot days and its been a complete god send. This stuff is so light and moisturizing on the skin with ingredients such as rosewater helping to refresh and tone the skin whilst also keeping you cool in the heat. This is suitable for even the most sensitive of sensitive skins and once again it smells amazing. I love this as it can be used as a moisturizer, toner, spritz or a setting spray for your make up so it is very much a multi use product...and everyone knows how useful those are! The Body Shop Vitamin E range has always been one of my favourites as it knows how to treat the skin whilst still being incredibly gentle and I never get break outs from it, so for anyone looking to try some new skin care I would definitely recommend!

Lastly, is a fairly new addition to my collection but also one of my biggest obsessions right now. The Rimmel  Radiance BB Cream is absolutely perfect for those of you who like me have always wanted to try a BB cream but feel as though you need that little bit more coverage. It's a bit like the Wake Me Up Foundation with a bit lighter coverage and of course being a BB cream this is also completely weightless on the skin. It also moisturizes and brightens tired or dull skin and it leaves me with such a gorgeous glow! This is probably more suited to dry skin as I do have to powder a little, but I don't mind as it looks so nice on. It also comes with a very handy SPF of 20 making it the perfect holiday base! 

What are your favourite products during the summer? I'd love to know in the comments below?  

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

How To Be A Vegetarian

I'm back with a slightly unusual post today which is partly due to the number of people who have asked me over twitter about vegetarianism and partly because its something I genuinely wanted to talk about. I actually know a couple of people who have thought about cutting meat from their diet but don't really know where to start. I went vegetarian around march this year and was a vegetarian for part of my teens too, and although it is hard to make the transition I definitely don't regret the decision nor do I 'miss eating meat'. I personally am not trying to turn people away from eating meat I just thought this would be helpful to those out there who are thinking about making the transition and would like to know how to do so in the healthiest way possible. Please note also that I am a vegetarian NOT a vegan and I still eat dairy products...

The reasons that I went vegetarian might be slightly different to some people's but I wanted to improve my health and add more natural goodness to my diet. By going vegetarian I eat about 6x as much fruit and vegetables as I did and barely snack on chocolate or crisps like I used to when I ate meat. I also seem to be able to tone up and lose weight more quickly when I'm working out as a result of eating more healthy fats from things like avocados and coconut oil! If you want to feel, and look good then I would say cutting meat from your diet could be a good place to start although you might not necessarily need to cut it out entirely. Since making the transition I feel more energized, and my hair and skin is in much better condition too from all the greens I've been eating! And yes it is true that there are unhealthy veggies out there living on a diet of fries and coke but research actually proves that the majority of vegetarians are much healthier than the average meat eater. Also, don't let people tell you that veggies don't get enough protein because actually evidence says that most people living on the western diet consume far too much protein and there are so many plant based types of protein that are so much healthier than eating meat!

Know your reasons for going vegetarian

If you don't have a good and solid reason to go vegetarian then you aren't going to stick to it. You need to know exactly why it is you want to change your diet whether its for economic, ethical, or health reasons. There literally are so so many reasons why people are and do become vegetarian, but only YOU know why you want to live this way too.

Make the transition slowly

If you are someone who eats meat almost daily then you aren't going to suddenly become vegan overnight...start with one type of meat and gradually cut everything out one by one. Also don't be afraid of things like soya mince and Quorn products; these will probably be your best friends in the beginning when you still aren't quite sure what to eat in place of meat. A lot of people think that being vegan or vegetarian means being really strict with yourself but I think its about minimizing the effects of animal products on our health, economy and of course the ethical implications too so for example sometimes I'll drink cows milk and then other times I'll try and stay away by having almond or rice milk instead.

Do your research

If you watch programs or read literature or blogs on the subject it will help you to understand why so many people choose to live like this and could also potentially help you to decide whether it really is for you or not as well as giving you inspiration for your vegetarian journey. One documentary in particular that really helped me was Vegucated which is still available on Netflix and really is such an interesting watch; I would recommend watching it even if you have no interest at all in being a vegetarian.

Learn to cook a few vegetarian dishes

If you don't know how to cook at least a couple of great tasting meals then this is never going to be a viable option for you. Get yourself a good cookbook, learn a few easy recipes and take everything else from there. One of the best things about becoming a vegetarian for me was that it has completely changed my cooking habits and I can cook delicious meals so quickly now, and its no where near as expensive or time consuming as everyone makes out! A little brown rice with some bean chilli costs barely anything and takes just half an hour to cook.

Find your local vegetarian restaurants

As someone who loves to eat out this was a complete necessity for me! Although most restaurant's will now include both vegetarian and vegan options on the menu they often aren't all that exciting so my advice is to go to a strictly vegetarian restaurant. I'm lucky that there are so many good, award winning places to eat amazing vegetarian food here in Glasgow and I always find that even meat eaters who accompany me cannot believe how amazing the food is.

Don't get me wrong I definitely don't think this type of diet is for everyone but if you are thinking about it then I'd definitely say go for it or at least give it a chance! There are so many amazing health benefits associated with being vegetarian and I have also saved money on my weekly groceries as meat can be so expensive! I'm honestly so happy that I ever did this and I genuinely can't see myself eating meat again for a very long time if ever.

I would love to know what your thoughts on vegetarianism is in the comments! Whether you have done this yourself or are thinking of making the transition please let me know all about it!

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