Monday, 22 December 2014

The Body Shop Christmas Shower Gels

Okay so there is absolutely no denying it...I am a bit too obsessed with The Body Shop! I always have been since I was about 16 and I probably always will be. I just love their products, their values, and everything that they stand for! I'm fairly sure that some people will be fed up of how much I feature them here on my blog but I couldn't really care! Now if there is one product I have used basically forever it is there soap free shower gels! Imagine how excited I get every December when they release their limited edition Christmas scents! So I thought I'd share my thoughts on this years selection!

Vanilla Brulee: This is a really sweet smell and there is no denying that it will not be for everyone, but I personally love it! I bought my friend the perfume for her Christmas and it smells soooo good! Out of the three I think this one really lingers on the skin so its such a lovely shower gel to start the day with and will leave you smelling good enough to eat!

Cranberry Frost: This was the one which was actually featured last year and I loved it then and I still love it this year. This is so fresh but just smells like Christmas to me now that I have used it so much! This will probably the one which everyone will like as its just so fruity with nothing artificial about it!

Glazed Apple: This is definitely my favourite of the three! Such a gorgeous fresh apple scent, but with something sweet thrown in there for good measure. I adore these kind of scents and this is so refreshing to use in my morning shower as the scent just instantly wakes me up! I think I might have to stock up on this to use throughout the year!

The shower gels retail for £4.00 which isn't bad at all for 250ml, and these are such a lovely little luxury to use in the run up to Christmas to get you excited! I'm just pretty disappointed that my all time favourite (gingerbread) isn't in stores this year, but I'm lucky enough to have some stashed away from last year ! 

Have you guys tried any of these? Which is your favorite? 


  1. I love the Body Shop! I've been wanting to get one of the vanilla brulee scents. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. I really love the christmas range at the body shop, and the vanilla scent is definitely my favourite.
    Zeynab x

    The Beautifully Disastrous

    1. Yes just a shame the gingerbread one isn't there this year ! xxxx

  3. I've actually bought myself the vanilla gift tin, but won't let myself look at it until Christmas day haha! I've bought my brother's sister one of the Cranberry gift sets too - the scent was just so gorgeous!

    Great post :)
    Charlotte xx

    1. Oh I bought myself a little bayliss and harding gift set that I won't use till Christmas either hahaha!!! xxxx

  4. The vanilla brulee sounds amazing :) Need to go smell that one!

    1. Yeah its gorgeous! I definitely want the perfume next!! xxxx

  5. I bought the Vanilla Brulee hand cream which is amazing! Love the scent. I also bought the Glazed Apple body polish which smells really zingy and refreshing, and the Cranberry Frost shower gel which I'm yet to try out! xxx


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