Thursday, 11 December 2014

My First YouTube Video: Festive Party Haul

So I have something slightly different for you all today! I finally filmed my first ever YouTube! I had been planning on doing one for a while as I always want to show you guys the things I buy, but I feel like pictures just don't do them justice and I really want to be able to have another platform where I can talk about things that maybe aren't so easy to do a blog post on! I had a lot of shopping lying around my room this week so I finally bit the bullet, set up my tripod and did it!

As this is my first video I do ramble on quite a bit and go off topic so much, so that's something I will be working on for next time. My editing skills also leave a lot to be desired but I can only get better with practice; we've all got to start somewhere! I'm also a little confused as to why my video thumbnail looks so small on blogger so if anyone has any tips please do share in the comments! 

Please do be kind as I can't imagine its easy for anyone to put a video of themselves up on the internet and it definitely wasn't for me, but I really enjoyed doing it! I am still a bit worried whether people will think I'm a complete freak for posting videos of myself talking about my shopping, but everyone is going to have to get used to it!

Please do go to my channel and subscribe and like the video! I have lots more planned and I really hope this is going to be something I can start doing on a regular basis. Also sorry to those of you who can't understand my Scottish accent haha!  

Are any of you on YouTube? Was it scary for you?


  1. Excited to watch! will do so on my way home from work? where about in scotland are you from? i will prob know when i listen to the video - im from Edinburgh! x

    1. I'm from Glasgow so my accent is quite broad haha and I spend a lot of time in Stirling for uni so you might be able to hear that too! :) xxxx

    2. Just watched it now. really liked it! I am 5'3 and the PJs in Primark are a good length for me, i just buy their cami tops to go with all my pyjama bottoms :) x


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