Saturday, 27 December 2014

My 12 bloggers of Christmas: Part 2

Hello Everyone! Really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good lazy Boxing day! You might remember about a week ago I did this post where I talked about some of my favourite bloggers or my '12 bloggers of Christmas' as I called them and I'm back today with part 2!

7. Gemma from Miss Make Up Magpie. This has been one of my favourite beauty blogs since I started following her last year and I love everything about it from the layout to the design to the reviews! Gemma posts every single day, but still manages to keep her reviews so detailed and informative and you can literally see how much work Gemma puts into each and every single post. Shes managed to build up quite a following for herself, but despite being quite a 'big' blogger now she still makes time for her fellow bloggers, participates in blogger chats and just generally seems so lovely! I even advertised my own blog on hers a few months ago because its just that good!

8. Julie from The Julie Ellen. Julie's blog is one of the ones I have read with my mum since I started to become obsessed with beauty blogs. As a more mature women she certainly caters to a different audience as well as girls in their early twenties like myself. I like that Julie is not afraid to venture towards products that many of us may not have heard before, and I have found that reading her blog has introduced me to a lot of new brands I may not have tried otherwise. Her lifestyle posts always tell me the best places for a manicure in Glasgow or even if I'm just looking for somewhere to go for a G&T. I just really love  reading her blog and the fact that my mum and I read it together makes it even better.

9. Eilidh from Maisy Meow. This blog is a more recent discovery of mine, which can I say is just so fantastic! Eilidh's outfit posts no matter how laid back are always completely spot on and her photography is great, and as she lives near me I can always recognize where she is from the background of her photos, which is always a nice touch! I've recently noticed that she has a YouTube channel so I will definitely be watching as I love everything she wears even the most casual of outfits! Her blog layout and design is just so pretty and accessible too!

10. Jemma from Dorkface. Another recent discovery of mine! Jemma's posts are always super creative and she always has great craft and DIY ideas! I also really like her confessional posts and this post was the one that really made me stand up and take notice of Jemma and her blog! I suffer from anxiety, which for those of you who don't know much about it makes small every day problems seem like huge big serious problems and sometimes I can find myself completely consumed with worry and just constantly over thinking every possible little thing. I love when people address the problem via their blog and even if it doesn't make me worry less it does come of some comfort to myself to know that I'm not alone.

11. Jess from Coffee and Cosmetics. I love this blog! Jess is such a versatile blogger who covers everything from events to food and drink to beauty so don't let the name fool you! I really think it can be important in the overly saturated beauty blogger world to really distinguish yourself and I feel as though Jess does just that! Many of her posts are kept short, sweet and to the point, but when she really must go into detail about products she does so brilliantly! You can feel even just reading her blog that she has such a genuine love and a passion for blogging which is amazing!

12. Helen from The Love Cats Inc. This is very much a luxury blog and Helen always seems to have the most beautiful designer clothes and make up, and although I can't always afford it I love reading about her outfits and spending time literally drooling over all of the beautiful make up and clothes she owns and craves! Helen is very straight to the point and will tell it like it is and she isn't afraid to go against the grain and write very detailed posts on some of the more detailed aspects of blogging. As her blog keeps growing she has released many a blogger tips post and I have to admit that hers are very different to some of the ones you see scattered over the internet. Helen's advice is basically to not give a sh*t about what people say you should and should not do in regards to blogging and make your own way however you want. I personally love that advice as some of the blogger tips posts lately contain far too many contradictions! I cannot wait to see what 2015 holds for The Love cats inc!

So that concludes all of my favourite blogs of 2014! Hope you are all following these lovely ladies and if your aren't then go check them out!

Who have your stand out bloggers been this year?


  1. What a wonderful post! All of these blogs sound just lovely ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. I cannot believe you have featured me with some of the most amazing bloggers who I look upto. Words cannot express my gratitude for the kind things you have said, and the most special thing to me is that you read my personal posts and they mean something to you. That brings me so much joy and comfort, thank you so much!

    Jemma xx


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