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The Gemma Collins Effect

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Is it just me or has social media become a real nasty place recently? While I don't agree with ex towie star Gemma Collins' decision to leave 'I'm a Celeb' nor think that she has done herself any favors I cannot help but be baffled by the torrent of abuse towards this women that is currently circulating the internet. All I have to do is open Instagram to find a 'funny' image of Gemma holding a McDonalds meal deal or people on Twitter referring to her as a 'fat lump of lard'. While I might not particularly like or dislike Miss Collins I do have a lot of sympathy for her. I feel like far too many people these days have the stupidity to sit behind a twitter account attacking people they haven't ever met or don't know on a personal level. For example, consider whether people would openly criticize this women were she standing in front of them. Would people be disgusted at this women's appearance were she a surgeon or a teacher? Probably not no. 

Not only are such people being unpleasant and downright rude, but when you attack someone either verbally or physically it is also a form of BULLYING. Yes I said it. And sitting behind a computer does not make you less of one. The fact that so many of us started body shaming her before she even entered the jungle says a lot about society. Why were people tagging Gemma herself on twitter calling her a fat c*w so that she could see it? Why do we as a society like to make celebrities feel upset? She may not be everyone's cup of tea and yes she may be on the large side, but does that mean she doesn't have the RIGHT to complain about missing her food? Consider yourself in that situation. Wouldn't you miss yours? I know I would no matter how much I was being paid. If Gemma was skinny would it have been made such a huge deal? I doubt it.

To say that she should give her pay cheque from the show to charity is another matter, but really is it any of our business? Should anyone really be getting paid that amount of money to sit in a jungle eating kangaroo testicles while there are people starving in the world?  Also to call someone worth a reported 3 million pounds an idiot makes no sense to me. No, it is only the fault of today's society that we raise the Kim K's and the Joey Essex's of this world up on a pedestal only to realize that they shouldn't be there. Then slowly but surely we try to break them down. Why? Because we have realized the error of our ways? No because we get angry or jealous of these people who got to such places without qualifications or hard work. People who happened to be thrust into the spotlight due to their lack of academic ability or common sense which we see as comedic. We see it as our entitlement to be able to mock celebrities for their appearance, or to call Kim Kardashian a sl*t for getting her lady bits out. No matter how much I try to say in this post that I am different I have to bow my head in shame and admit that I too let myself get carried away with this kind of treatment of celebrities. 

Now I did have a chuckle to myself at a ridiculously photo shopped image of Kim k's bum on Paper Magazine. For a brief moment I did consider what an attention seeking whore she was. Then I realized that she was being paid a fortune to create a pose that most of us would be talking about for weeks. She didn't quite break the internet (I carried on with my online shopping just fine), but she did make us all realize that perhaps this whole making 'idiots' famous thing has gone a little too far

What do you guys think about the whole thing? 



  1. I definitely think it's gotten carried away and has gone way too far. Yes, they're being paid to act that way but let's think about this for a second...who would submit themselves to such public humiliation for money? Are we really that greedy of a society that we'll stoop to these levels for extra cash? And as a college student working my butt off for a degree, it pains me to think that someone who spreads their legs for cash makes more than I do, when I worked so hard for my degree. I don't know, just my knee-jerk reaction to this all. I agree though that bullying has gotten out of hand and is totally unecessary...
    ~ Samantha

    1. I know what you mean! It's such a shame that we as a society are more entertained by these kid of people than by real talents! So sad x

  2. I agree - although Gemma is a dramaqueen and somewhat annoying - the hate she has received is really shocking and I agree it is bullying. People hide behind there computer keyboards and phones and think they are untouchable - it is so unacceptable!!!

    Great post, its nice to read something different like this.


    1. Yeah if she was your work colleague you wouldn't say things that horrible to her face so why over the internet? X

  3. It was disgusting to see, what disappointed me even more was how many people retweeted accounts purely set up to insult Gemma, they had over like 100'0000 subbies, people seem so quick to spread negativity on social media nowadays! It's sad to see.

  4. Yes. Yes. Yes! I absolutely agree.
    Amy xx

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