Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Make Up Revolution: Haul and First Impressions

Everyone has surely heard of Make Up Revolution by now right?! Now to be perfectly honest I didn't give into the hype at first. I like to think I'm saavy as they come so I'm always a little skeptical when new brands come out of nowhere and all I see are piles and piles of rave reviews! I'm not a huge huge fan of budget make up and I always prefer to pay a little more for something good quality so it took me a little while to actually get round to trying this!  However, I recently decided to give in and try it, and I've definitely been won over by some of the lovely products they have to offer! How sleek is the packaging also? I love the rose gold writing on the black! 

WARNING: Photo heavy post!


These first two items I actually won in a giveaway on the lovely Julie's blog, so I thought why not include them in my haul. The Eyeshadow Palette is amazing! There are like 12 eye shadows in there and believe it or not this palette costs less than a fiver! I have the Redemption- Essential Shimmers, which is what I have on my eyelids in the photograph (the orangey and purple shades;they don't have names, soz!) and it is just incredible! There are a couple of shades in there that I definitely don't have already even though I have A LOT of palettes, so this is going to serve me very well. I also managed to bag the Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner in the giveaway and the quality of this was such a genuine surprise! I didn't expect this to be good quality or easy to use but it definitely is and it glides over the eye shadow perfectly unlike even some expensive liquid eyeliners. As you can see from the photograph it has a thinner and thicker tip, although I don't think I will get much use from the thicker tip as I like quite a thin line, and find it much easier to work with also.


The Amazing Lipgloss in Coral was something I bought just to wear over the top of lipsticks when I want a different look. This one has a bit of a shimmer to it which I kind of wasn't expecting, but I don't really have many lip glosses so this is definitely a much needed addition to my collection. I've yet to wear this but with something like this you can't really go wrong in my opinion. I also bought three Lipsticks in the shades - Depraved, Reckless and Sweetheart. I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed that Sweetheart is not more pigmented as its more like a tinted lip balm than a lip stick, but would you just look at how beautiful those other two shades are?! So pigmented, and the most quirky colours I've ever seen in a range of lip products this cheap! I'm wearing Reckless in the photograph above, and it feels really nice and moisturizing on the lips and not at all chalky. It also has a nice sheen to it, and I'd say it lasts a good few hours before you have to top up, so it ticks all the boxes really. Do I have other lipsticks in my collection better than this? Yes, but not of the same affordable price tag. 


 I bought two Nail Polishes in Lilac Love, and You Need Love, and they are both just beautiful shades either together or alone. I never really buy expensive polishes anyways as I have an expensive topcoat, which helps my nail varnish stay glossy, and chip free, so that is what makes all the difference in my opinion! Just two coats made these shades opaque, and with my topcoat they lasted a good 4 days. Lilac Love in particular is just such a gorgeous pastel shade, and I'm so glad I picked these up! These are just the most girly nail shades I am yet to own!


This last section probably contains my favourite products of the lot! I bought two blushers; one Powder Blusher and one Cream Blusher. I have to say the cream blusher is my new favourite blush ever! I'd definitely never tried a cream blush before as I always thought I would struggle with the application or that my oily skin would be a problem. This one in Caramel Shortcake is just amazing! It is such a natural colour and so super flattering on my skin tone...I just absolutely love it! The powder blusher I actually haven't tried out yet but from the swatch it looks super pigmented and is such a pretty pink. This one is in the colour Hot Pink. Last but not least I also bought a matte brown Eyeshadow in the colour Mmmm. Not actually to use on my eyelids but for my brows! I have to say this is a perfect match. I have to use a brow gel to set this, but I normally do that anyways so its no biggie.

So, I finally got around to trying Make Up Revolution and safe to say I loved mostly everything! No major disappointments, and everything I tried was less than a fiver so that's a seriously good budget range right there!

Have any of you tried Make Up Revolution? What do you think? What products are your favourite? 


  1. Everything looks really nice. :)


  2. I love MUR! The Double Flick eyeliner is my all time favourite :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. Ooh Caramel Shortcake is such a gorgeous blusher! I've only tried two things from Makeup Revolution, I need to try more though as everyone just loves them!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I know good that they don't break the bank either :) xxxx

  4. I love Makeup Rev, iv tried the eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers, heart collection and just in love x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  5. I love so many of the range, and I am keen to try their polishes next!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Definitely some of the polish colours are so gorgeous and remind me of Essie! Xxxx

  6. Yay you finally tried them! I haven't tried their nail varnish or liquid eyeliner, now you are making me try things ;) xx


    1. Can't believe I left it so long haha! Ooooooh let me know why you buy lady! :) xxxx

  7. Those blushers sound great! and awesome price too!


    1. Yeah definitely! Will for sure be buying these again and again :) xxxx

  8. Loved this post! Gorgeous look also xx


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