Wednesday, 12 November 2014

British Beauty Blogger Make Up

Was anyone else mega excited when they heard that yet another blogger was releasing her own beauty products?!If you don't know who Jane Cunningham of British Beauty Blogger is then I can only assume you've been hiding under a rock. Her dedication to this industry has been truly amazing and inspirational, and her blog is outstanding. My mum was actually the one who introduced me to her what seems like years ago, and together we both laughed and marveled at her blog reviews! Does anyone remember the Brit Beauty Blogger Dream Box that recently sold out in record time (I was gutted when I couldn't get one)? Well this is the lady behind it. 

When Jane herself asked on twitter if any bloggers would like to review her new beauty range for Marks and Spencer I was in there fast as lightening! I had a huge fan girl moment when I received a mail from Jane herself and I was so happy when I received the products in the mail and literally could not wait to try them!

These are very buttery and glossy, and dare I say not what I was expecting. I thought that these would be of a matte formula but I was actually quite pleasantly surprised to find that they were glossy and super moisturizing. Oh and I just love the packaging! It is so eye catching and classy! I definitely think it would appeal to all age groups! Anyways, the three lipsticks come in the shades Selfie, Heartful, and Cami, and they are all such wearable shades. Personally my least favourite is Cami as being a thin lipped girl I really don't think I can pull off a nude lip, so my mum was obviously delighted when I gave this to her! My favourite is the pinky coral shade, which is Selfie. I just think this goes with everything, and is such an amazing every day lip colour. In terms of longevity these lasted a good 5 hours on me, and when I used lip liner they lasted even longer, so they are actually perfect for work/uni/school or whatever. I think these would be perfect for someone who likes quite subtle or natural make up rather than a bold lip. At £15 they sound expensive, but when you consider that that makes them just £5 each its actually not too bad at all. 

Well you can all see from the swatches how fabulously pigmented these eyeliners are! I was so so excited to receive these as I genuinely don't own any eye pencils that aren't black. You get a whopping total of 8 eyeliner pencils in here so I reckon that is seriously good value for money! I know that some of the shades are more wearable than others but I always think things like this are worth having so you can experiment. Make up is supposed to be fun after all! These pencils were all so smooth and creamy that they literally went on my eyelids so easily. I didn't even have to melt or soften the pencil first so they have definitely been well formulated. I'm particularly excited about using the black sparkly one as it looks so festive! it definitely has me in the mood! 

A huge thank you to the British Beauty blogger who has been such a massive inspiration for all of us and it is clear from using her products that she genuinely worked hard on them to make them something unique! These would be a great Christmas gift for any beauty lovers out there, and I already have my eye on the cute Cosmetic Bag! Jane's products are currently on offer 3 for 2 here.

Have any of you guys tried anything from the range yet? What do you think about bloggers releasing their own products?

*Pr sample sent for review


  1. I love the packaging, it's so unique and nice! :)

    1. I know it really makes the products I think :) xxxx

  2. Everything looks simply wonderful! :)


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