Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Touch of Luxury: Christmas Gifts for Her

From left to right: 1. Benefit Sweet Tinitations, £19.50, Boots 2. Pink Boudoir Bra, £20, 3. Jo Malone Pine and Eucalyptus Candle, £40, Jo Malone Website 4. Rose Gold Crystal Necklace, £45, Fossil 5. Daisy Dream 100ml, £69.50, Feel Unique 6. Ted Baker Dressing Gown, £50, Debenhams 7. Mulberry Bayswater, £899, 8. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut and Honey Bath, £32, Space NK 9. Marc Jacobs Baker Watch, £144, The Watch Hut

It's always nice to get something a bit more luxurious for Christmas isn't it? I have a bit of a thing for brands so I always like a designer name or two in there, so if you are shopping for someone similar; these are probably some of the things she is going to appreciate. Although I'm pretty sure not many are lucky enough to get a Mulberry for Christmas!

What are all of you after for Christmas?

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fabyouless + Giveaway*

When I was contacted recently about a scheme called Fabyouless that offered amazing discounts including nail salons, hair dressers, and personal trainers I couldn't not say yes! With up to 25% off and amazing 2 for 1 deals I am sure this is going to be getting a lot of love! I for one love getting my nails and hair done for all the festivities on the run up to Christmas so why wouldn't I want a little bit of a discount to help save me some pennies?!

Now how exactly does this work I hear you ask? Basically you browse the website using your postcode to find amazing deals near you, make an appointment quoting Fabyouless and then show your card to receive a fab deal! Participating brands include Curves Gym and Radisson Blu so you can be sure to find something to suit whether its a sweaty but effective work out or a relaxing, tranquil spa day! There are thousands of brands to choose from with some places even offering 10% off beauty products!  

And now that I have explained how it all works I have some even better news!  Thanks to the team at Fabyouless one of you has the chance to win yourself a 12 month membership worth £49.95 by entering my Rafflecopter giveaway below! The giveaway is live from now until the 15th of December! Good Luck! 

Are any of you members of Fabyouless?

*This is a collaborative post with Fabyouless. Membership was granted to myself free of charge and items were kindly provided for giveaway. 


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lush Christmas

Finally! The moment I have been waiting for!It's now coming to the end of November which makes it entirely acceptable to blog about Christmas! I don't know what it is about Lush but at this time of year I am literally never out of the place! Everything just smells amazing and their seasonal products just bring back so many memories for me, not to mention the newbies that arrive each year and always become new found favourites! I love that everyone is always super helpful and that all the staff have amazing product knowledge and can tell you exactly what you are looking for!

Reindeer Rock: This is a completely new product for me as I'm not really a huge fan of soap in general. However, once I sniffed this I just could not get over the smell! It smells sweet and reminds me of some kind of candy or sweets that I must have had as a kid; although I cannot for the life of me remember what! Its such a wonderfully uplifting scent, not to mention the sparkles just add that bit of something extra! It contains rapseed and coconut oil to make it wonderfully soft! I picked up such a huuuuuge chunk of this haha!

Butterbear: How cute is this little guy!? No seriously! This here is a bathbomb containing cocoa butter to soften the skin as well as providing lovely vanilla scented bath water. I think i'm actually going to be a little sad to see him dissolve into nothing; is that sad?!

Snow Fairy: How on earth could I do a Christmas haul from Lush without including this?! It smells like bubblegum and candyfloss AND its pink and glittery? This always reminds me of Christmas as I think I've bought it every single year since it was released! It's one of those scents that really linger on the skin without being too overpowering. The only reason I didn't buy a bigger bottle is that I always end up with a few of these on Christmas day. 

What are your favourite Christmas products from lush? 


Friday, 21 November 2014

The Gemma Collins Effect

*Image from Google

Is it just me or has social media become a real nasty place recently? While I don't agree with ex towie star Gemma Collins' decision to leave 'I'm a Celeb' nor think that she has done herself any favors I cannot help but be baffled by the torrent of abuse towards this women that is currently circulating the internet. All I have to do is open Instagram to find a 'funny' image of Gemma holding a McDonalds meal deal or people on Twitter referring to her as a 'fat lump of lard'. While I might not particularly like or dislike Miss Collins I do have a lot of sympathy for her. I feel like far too many people these days have the stupidity to sit behind a twitter account attacking people they haven't ever met or don't know on a personal level. For example, consider whether people would openly criticize this women were she standing in front of them. Would people be disgusted at this women's appearance were she a surgeon or a teacher? Probably not no. 

Not only are such people being unpleasant and downright rude, but when you attack someone either verbally or physically it is also a form of BULLYING. Yes I said it. And sitting behind a computer does not make you less of one. The fact that so many of us started body shaming her before she even entered the jungle says a lot about society. Why were people tagging Gemma herself on twitter calling her a fat c*w so that she could see it? Why do we as a society like to make celebrities feel upset? She may not be everyone's cup of tea and yes she may be on the large side, but does that mean she doesn't have the RIGHT to complain about missing her food? Consider yourself in that situation. Wouldn't you miss yours? I know I would no matter how much I was being paid. If Gemma was skinny would it have been made such a huge deal? I doubt it.

To say that she should give her pay cheque from the show to charity is another matter, but really is it any of our business? Should anyone really be getting paid that amount of money to sit in a jungle eating kangaroo testicles while there are people starving in the world?  Also to call someone worth a reported 3 million pounds an idiot makes no sense to me. No, it is only the fault of today's society that we raise the Kim K's and the Joey Essex's of this world up on a pedestal only to realize that they shouldn't be there. Then slowly but surely we try to break them down. Why? Because we have realized the error of our ways? No because we get angry or jealous of these people who got to such places without qualifications or hard work. People who happened to be thrust into the spotlight due to their lack of academic ability or common sense which we see as comedic. We see it as our entitlement to be able to mock celebrities for their appearance, or to call Kim Kardashian a sl*t for getting her lady bits out. No matter how much I try to say in this post that I am different I have to bow my head in shame and admit that I too let myself get carried away with this kind of treatment of celebrities. 

Now I did have a chuckle to myself at a ridiculously photo shopped image of Kim k's bum on Paper Magazine. For a brief moment I did consider what an attention seeking whore she was. Then I realized that she was being paid a fortune to create a pose that most of us would be talking about for weeks. She didn't quite break the internet (I carried on with my online shopping just fine), but she did make us all realize that perhaps this whole making 'idiots' famous thing has gone a little too far

What do you guys think about the whole thing? 


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Naked Basics 2

I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted the Naked Basics 2 Palette on Cohorted! Without even thinking about it I immediately joined the cohort and snapped up this little beauty for the bargain price of £15.40! As I don't own many matte eye shadows I often shy away from eye shadow during the day or for work and uni, but these colours are so natural and soft that I think I could easily create amazing every day looks with this!

You can see from the swatches that these are mega pigmented, which is what I would expect from Urban Decay. I don't own any of the Naked Palettes, but I have a couple of other UD palettes and the eye shadows are just the best quality eye shadow products I have ever used. They are so finely milled, and buttery...I just love them! I've been really experimenting with these for every day wear and have had so many comments on my eye make up and even had a girl at an event in my work ask me if I was trained in make up. I am definitely not. But it just shows how the right products can make things that little bit easier for an amateur like myself. My favourite shades have definitely been Frisk and Cover.

Another point to add is that the packaging is unbelievably travel friendly. It comes in a robust plastic case and doesn't bother with lousy extras that take up space like poor quality eye shadow sponges or brushes. It also comes with a hugeeee mirror, and for someone like myself who is always darting about everywhere, and always has a jam packed schedule this is just perfect! I'm not sure how confident I would be applying eye shadow on the train, but I will most likely be giving it a go in the near future, if only for a few extra minutes in bed. 

Thank you to Cohorted for being the most fabulous place to grab a bargain once again! 

Do any of you own this palette? What do you think of it? 


Monday, 17 November 2014

A Letter to my Future Children

I've seen these types of posts on a lot of blogs recently and while I'm not usually one to jump on the bandwagon I thought this was an amazing idea. The thought of me having my very own family seems a long way off in the future, but I really hope nothing that I say now changes. Who knows maybe I won't ever even have or want children! I'm so very blessed to have such a good relationship with my own parents who both understand and appreciate me. Even when I'm not being so nice. I know that I can always talk to them about anything, and sometimes they feel more like my best friends than my mum and dad! 

Dear future children

Be kind. Always. There are over 7 billion people currently on this earth, and yet so few of us really know what it is to show genuine compassion to others. You won't understand everyone you meet and they probably won't understand you either, but that's okay. Just try your very hardest to be a good person. Smile at strangers. Give up your seat for a little old lady on the bus. Really try to be there for your friends in their time of need. Don't be unkind to others for looking a little different or for acting a little strange. Chances are they probably won't like what you are wearing either. But again; that's okay! Try to remember that just because people come across as mean doesn't mean that they don't have a good heart deep down. Be respectful of others no matter how different they are compared to you. You never know how much they might appreciate it. 

Fall in love. Open up your heart to the possibility of finding someone who makes even the most mundane things that little bit better. Look for your best friend. Look for someone who appreciates your sharp tongue and finds your tantrums 'cute'. You might find out that someones laugh is a reason to get up some mornings. Don't go chasing the boy with the fattest wallet or the most popular girl in school because everyone else tells you to. Sometimes you will find that beautiful isn't always what you expect it to be. I hate to put a dampener on this part of your life but I can almost guarantee there will be tears along the way. You will experience heartbreak. Probably more than once. And for a time it will crush you. I won't be able to do anything about it. But then time will change everything, and so will a moment. A moment when you realize that you don't have to feel like that anymore. You will learn from your mistakes. Because every wrong turn along the way will only delay your journey it won't stop you from reaching your destination.

Don't spend too much time trying to be popular. Far too many of us seek validation from the opinions and judgments of others. Ignore this. Or at least try to. Live your own life for yourself and not for anyone else. You will come to understand that people often project their own insecurities on others. It's not fair, but it's life. Your looks will come. Eventually. You will also develop your own personal sense of style. You will probably make a couple of mistakes along the way, but who doesn't right? Fashion is supposed to be about having fun. These mistakes will eventually help you to put that stamp of originality into each and every outfit, so don't be afraid to experiment. By all means follow the trends, but if you decide not to then that's fine too. Decorate the body you were born in the way you want to. 

Lastly, don't feel as though you have to have your whole life figured out at 17 years of age. Don't feel like you should go into a career or university because people are telling you to or because the money is good. Think about your passions and what you really want to do. What are your dreams? Because so many of us waste those dreams away. If you want to travel then take a gap year. Take many gap years. Heck, don't even come back! Spend your life doing the things that make you happy. The small things. Because that really is what life is about. Relish every moment of your youth. Have fun and be young. Don't hide who you are by becoming someone you aren't. You are special. 

Just remember that I will always be proud of you. I can't wait to meet you. 

Love always x

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Gosh Forever Eye Shadow stick

Now if there is one brand I don't think I've ever mentioned here on this blog before then it has to be Gosh. I don't think I've actually ever owned anything from this particular brand except from possibly a few dazzle dust pots when I was maybe about 14 or 15. When I saw this product on the stand in Superdrug, however, I just knew I had to change that! Just look at how pretty it is! I've wanted me some Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks for what seems like forever, but I just don't have the heart to part with that kind of money at this time of year. The price of this one made me very happy indeed. 

Being a blue eyed girl I choose the shade Light Copper, which was the nicest one anyways in my opinion. Now it genuinely kills me how much the photographs do not do this product justice! In the swatch above although you can tell how fantastically pigmented this is; the shade shows up as a dark bronze when in actual fact it is a warm, golden copper shade. I would go as far to say that it reminds me a lot of Mac's Amber Lights Eye Shadow. It definitely makes my blue eyes pop that's for sure! I just don't think I've ever used an eye shadow stick as pigmented as this. Even with the lightest hand this still looks super opaque, although it can be blended out if you like sheer eye shadow and that sort of thing. It can also be used as a base for powder products to help them to last longer or even just to add that special something to a boring matte eye shadow.

Now this also claims to be waterproof. A claim which I have not yet tested as I don't know about you but I don't ever go swimming in gold metallic eye shadow. I mean I'm sure there are or is probably someone (at least one person) in this world who does but that's not the point. I seriously doubt that avid swimmers were the focal point of a market research group into the making of this product. I can however point out that this will literally not budge from your eye lids all day no matter what the weather. And I live in Scotland so I think I can testify this quite rightly. If you have been working up a god awful sweat you might be expecting to find this dripping down your chin, but this held up really well. I love how I can literally apply this anywhere too and just use my finger to blend out the creamy consistency unlike powder products which make a whole lot of unnecessary mess and cause a whole lot of unnecessary fuss.

At just £5.99 the Forever Eye Shadow Stick is such a great product for the price. I'm so glad I didn't fork out a fortune for the high end version as this is so so beautiful. The fuss free nature of this makes it a keeper in my eyes as you all know by now how lazy I can be. Also this comes in like 8 shades so even if this isn't the shade for you there are plenty more to choose from!

Now what do you guys think of this? Is it something you would buy?


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

British Beauty Blogger Make Up

Was anyone else mega excited when they heard that yet another blogger was releasing her own beauty products?!If you don't know who Jane Cunningham of British Beauty Blogger is then I can only assume you've been hiding under a rock. Her dedication to this industry has been truly amazing and inspirational, and her blog is outstanding. My mum was actually the one who introduced me to her what seems like years ago, and together we both laughed and marveled at her blog reviews! Does anyone remember the Brit Beauty Blogger Dream Box that recently sold out in record time (I was gutted when I couldn't get one)? Well this is the lady behind it. 

When Jane herself asked on twitter if any bloggers would like to review her new beauty range for Marks and Spencer I was in there fast as lightening! I had a huge fan girl moment when I received a mail from Jane herself and I was so happy when I received the products in the mail and literally could not wait to try them!

These are very buttery and glossy, and dare I say not what I was expecting. I thought that these would be of a matte formula but I was actually quite pleasantly surprised to find that they were glossy and super moisturizing. Oh and I just love the packaging! It is so eye catching and classy! I definitely think it would appeal to all age groups! Anyways, the three lipsticks come in the shades Selfie, Heartful, and Cami, and they are all such wearable shades. Personally my least favourite is Cami as being a thin lipped girl I really don't think I can pull off a nude lip, so my mum was obviously delighted when I gave this to her! My favourite is the pinky coral shade, which is Selfie. I just think this goes with everything, and is such an amazing every day lip colour. In terms of longevity these lasted a good 5 hours on me, and when I used lip liner they lasted even longer, so they are actually perfect for work/uni/school or whatever. I think these would be perfect for someone who likes quite subtle or natural make up rather than a bold lip. At £15 they sound expensive, but when you consider that that makes them just £5 each its actually not too bad at all. 

Well you can all see from the swatches how fabulously pigmented these eyeliners are! I was so so excited to receive these as I genuinely don't own any eye pencils that aren't black. You get a whopping total of 8 eyeliner pencils in here so I reckon that is seriously good value for money! I know that some of the shades are more wearable than others but I always think things like this are worth having so you can experiment. Make up is supposed to be fun after all! These pencils were all so smooth and creamy that they literally went on my eyelids so easily. I didn't even have to melt or soften the pencil first so they have definitely been well formulated. I'm particularly excited about using the black sparkly one as it looks so festive! it definitely has me in the mood! 

A huge thank you to the British Beauty blogger who has been such a massive inspiration for all of us and it is clear from using her products that she genuinely worked hard on them to make them something unique! These would be a great Christmas gift for any beauty lovers out there, and I already have my eye on the cute Cosmetic Bag! Jane's products are currently on offer 3 for 2 here.

Have any of you guys tried anything from the range yet? What do you think about bloggers releasing their own products?

*Pr sample sent for review

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Make Up Revolution: Haul and First Impressions

Everyone has surely heard of Make Up Revolution by now right?! Now to be perfectly honest I didn't give into the hype at first. I like to think I'm saavy as they come so I'm always a little skeptical when new brands come out of nowhere and all I see are piles and piles of rave reviews! I'm not a huge huge fan of budget make up and I always prefer to pay a little more for something good quality so it took me a little while to actually get round to trying this!  However, I recently decided to give in and try it, and I've definitely been won over by some of the lovely products they have to offer! How sleek is the packaging also? I love the rose gold writing on the black! 

WARNING: Photo heavy post!


These first two items I actually won in a giveaway on the lovely Julie's blog, so I thought why not include them in my haul. The Eyeshadow Palette is amazing! There are like 12 eye shadows in there and believe it or not this palette costs less than a fiver! I have the Redemption- Essential Shimmers, which is what I have on my eyelids in the photograph (the orangey and purple shades;they don't have names, soz!) and it is just incredible! There are a couple of shades in there that I definitely don't have already even though I have A LOT of palettes, so this is going to serve me very well. I also managed to bag the Awesome Double Flick Liquid Eyeliner in the giveaway and the quality of this was such a genuine surprise! I didn't expect this to be good quality or easy to use but it definitely is and it glides over the eye shadow perfectly unlike even some expensive liquid eyeliners. As you can see from the photograph it has a thinner and thicker tip, although I don't think I will get much use from the thicker tip as I like quite a thin line, and find it much easier to work with also.


The Amazing Lipgloss in Coral was something I bought just to wear over the top of lipsticks when I want a different look. This one has a bit of a shimmer to it which I kind of wasn't expecting, but I don't really have many lip glosses so this is definitely a much needed addition to my collection. I've yet to wear this but with something like this you can't really go wrong in my opinion. I also bought three Lipsticks in the shades - Depraved, Reckless and Sweetheart. I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed that Sweetheart is not more pigmented as its more like a tinted lip balm than a lip stick, but would you just look at how beautiful those other two shades are?! So pigmented, and the most quirky colours I've ever seen in a range of lip products this cheap! I'm wearing Reckless in the photograph above, and it feels really nice and moisturizing on the lips and not at all chalky. It also has a nice sheen to it, and I'd say it lasts a good few hours before you have to top up, so it ticks all the boxes really. Do I have other lipsticks in my collection better than this? Yes, but not of the same affordable price tag. 


 I bought two Nail Polishes in Lilac Love, and You Need Love, and they are both just beautiful shades either together or alone. I never really buy expensive polishes anyways as I have an expensive topcoat, which helps my nail varnish stay glossy, and chip free, so that is what makes all the difference in my opinion! Just two coats made these shades opaque, and with my topcoat they lasted a good 4 days. Lilac Love in particular is just such a gorgeous pastel shade, and I'm so glad I picked these up! These are just the most girly nail shades I am yet to own!


This last section probably contains my favourite products of the lot! I bought two blushers; one Powder Blusher and one Cream Blusher. I have to say the cream blusher is my new favourite blush ever! I'd definitely never tried a cream blush before as I always thought I would struggle with the application or that my oily skin would be a problem. This one in Caramel Shortcake is just amazing! It is such a natural colour and so super flattering on my skin tone...I just absolutely love it! The powder blusher I actually haven't tried out yet but from the swatch it looks super pigmented and is such a pretty pink. This one is in the colour Hot Pink. Last but not least I also bought a matte brown Eyeshadow in the colour Mmmm. Not actually to use on my eyelids but for my brows! I have to say this is a perfect match. I have to use a brow gel to set this, but I normally do that anyways so its no biggie.

So, I finally got around to trying Make Up Revolution and safe to say I loved mostly everything! No major disappointments, and everything I tried was less than a fiver so that's a seriously good budget range right there!

Have any of you tried Make Up Revolution? What do you think? What products are your favourite? 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Samples #6: Clinique Drammatically Different Moisturizer

I seem to always be using these posts to test samples of high end skin care. Now is that because I'm a tight bugger and I grudge actually forking out the money for the full sized versions or am I just being super saavy? I vote for the latter option as I'm consistently surrounded by too much choice here in beauty bloggerville; besides if you could see the mountain of skin care that seems to be taking over my bathroom you would be sympathetic that I normally end up throwing away half full products (woe is me). 

Now this mousturizer isn't actually all that new to me. In fact, I actually used to use this ages ago when my skin was at that yucky, spotty, adolescent stage, but that was about 7 years ago and I was about 16. Now I recently started using the Clarifying Lotion, which I also used back then, and I can honestly say that it has completely transformed my skin as I no longer suffer from under the skin spots or flaky, dry patches. So, obviously when I got this free with a magazine recently I was eager to see if it would be as good as what I remembered it as being, and whether or not it would work on my more mature skin. 

The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer is a gel like formula (a bit like my favourite Origins product) so it is completely suitable for all skin types, although I would say it would work best on oily skin. I used to have pretty oily skin, but recently (is this something to do with me getting old?!) my skin has been a lot drier and I am no longer touching up my make up 24/7. Halle-bloody-lujhah! When I put this on it was odd to find that it actually mattified my skin perhaps a little more than I'd have wanted. However, it did sink in completely and absorb in a matter of seconds into the skin, which is super handy when I'm in a rush. I did feel like it hydrated the skin and definitely made my skin look smoother, more radiant and (dare I say) alive. It didn't interfere with my make up in the slightest and kept me oil free pretty much the whole day and that's even including my T-zone, so it gets extra brownie points from me there. 

That said, I don't know if this was hydrating enough for me to use as a moisturizer in the autumn/winter so I probably wouldn't purchase this at the moment while my skin is a little on the dry side. It would definitely make a great moisturizer for anyone with super oily skin though as it's gentle enough so as not to break you out, but I still saw the major radiance boost it added to the skin. Perhaps something to put on the summer holiday list for next year. 

Have any of you ever used this before? What were your thoughts? 


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Newbies #8

Well well well what do we have here? Looks like little miss naughty has been splurging again! I would apologize, but Superdrug had a fab 3 for 2 offer and I wasn't missing out on that for anyone! This recent haul was actually just due to me having too much time on my hands before work one morning and this is what happened. I'm not really complaining though as I know these two lip shades will be getting some serious love this winter!

The first thing I picked up was this Collection Lip Butter in the colour Perfect Plum. I have loads of the Revlon versions of these and I've tried the Clinique ones so at just £2.99 a pop I thought that I would give this a try to see how it holds up against those, and so far so good! I will let you know of any issues that arise in due course my friends! Another lip product to throw into the mix is this Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in shade 05 (there's no shade name unfortunately for these). This is the most gorgeous pink lip shade I've ever owned and that even includes my rather extensive Mac collection. Its such a lovely subtle yet warm toned pink that is ideal for any skin tone whatsoever. This is definitely going to be my new 'work' lipstick. Lastly, I picked up the MUA Argan Plush Concealer, and even now I still don't know why I did so. I have so many concealers already in my stash, but now that I have it I'll definitely be using it as an excuse to do a concealer review for you guys. It looks to me like a brightening concealer for the under eyes! 

I actually bought a lot more than this which I feel awfully guilty about (Christmas coming up and all that). I can imagine there was a lot of you thinking I was a rather restrained for once, but I'm so sorry to tell you all that you are mistaken! I have a rather lot of blog posts planned for this month and next so stay tuned to see what other lovely goodies I picked up! 

What have you lot been buying recently? 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and Primer

I don't know a soul in the beauty blogging world who doesn't have massive amounts of love for cohorted. Known as the social shopping site the website allows users to buy high end and drugstore items at a discounted price, and the level of discount is dependent on how many people buy the item. There is a maximum discount applied, but usually this is between 20 and 50 % so its definitely still worth it in my opinion. Did I also mention you even earn points with every purchase meaning that after a time you will have enough points to get an even bigger discount on products, and if your a real hard core shopper maybe these points will even amount to a freebie!

Anyways when I saw that cohorted were selling the new Urban Decay Perversion Mascara along with a sample of the Eyelash Primer Subversion I was so excited and instantly joined the cohort! I think I eventually got this for under a tenner when the RRP is actually £17 so that is a bit of a saving in my opinion. As you may or may not know I'm a bit of a mascara fiend and I'm always looking to try new products on my lashes so this was just the perfect first ever cohort (there has been a lot more since then I tell ya!). I was literally counting down the days until this would arrive through my letterbox and when it did I wanted to tear it opened and put it on straight away.

As always Urban Decay have got it absolutely spot on with this packaging. It is eye catching, expensive looking and the mascara bottle also feels really heavy, which for some weird reason I have come to associate with products being expensive. Now when I first tried this the formula was a little too wet and hard to work with and I kept getting it everywhere. However, after the first few uses this issue was non existent and I was able to test the mascara properly. I was instantly impressed by the brush. I love those kind of brushes that have lots of little bristles, but also that are quite chunky as they always work best on my lashes which are pretty long and thick anyways. I also noticed that it was extremely black although you do have to be pretty careful to cover every lash after using the primer so as not to leave any of the white product showing through.

After a whole day of wear I was pleasantly surprised to notice that unlike my usual mascara it hadn't smudged onto my under eye area and it was pretty much the same as when I had first applied it in the morning. So its definitely sweat/smudge proof, which is good if you have oily or greasy eye lids like me. I was actually really impressed by how this seemed to wear on my eye lashes, and I feel like the primer definitely made all of the difference to the length of my eye lashes. One thing I would say is that the primer is a time consuming step in the morning and seeing as the mascara works pretty good anyways you may just want to skip this, however, I really thought it made a lot of difference so I'll definitely be using it. I think I'd maybe like to try the primer with my other mascaras to see if it makes a difference there too!

Do you guys ever use cohorted to buy make up? What have your favourite buys been?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

Finally! I got my hands on the Body Shop Honey Bronzer! I cannot tell you guys how much I have wanted this and last week when a certain 40% off discount ended up in my inbox I knew exactly what I wanted. I managed to get this for around £7.00 and when you consider that it retails for £12.00 that is quite a saving. That's what I'll be telling myself to justify the purchase anyways! (Haw haw!) I knew that as soon as I had given this a fair trial I would want to share my thoughts on it with all of you lovelies.

Anyways onto the product! I bought the shade medium which is probably the right colour for my skin tone and as I wear fake tan quite a lot I think I will be able to build this up to match my face to my body for nights out and things like that. As you can see from the swatch above it is ridiculously pigmented and I found that this was so finely milled that it goes onto the skin almost creamy, and that the staying power is pretty darn good too! I enjoy the fact that it's a matte formula as I like to use a bronzing powder for contouring, and I can tell already that this one works an absolute treat! I'm really happy with the colour, and formula of this and considering I got this for under a tenner I think the packaging is also a massive bonus. As you can see it comes in a nice robust case, which closes properly and has a huge mirror perfect for those on the go touch ups. Besides as you know I'll love pretty much anything from The Body Shop.

Whenever I get a new bronzer it always seems impossible not to compare it with my beloved Hoola. It's just that it is one of the best bronzer's I have ever owned in terms of pigmentation, colour, matching all skin tones, formula; the list could go on. So, did this live up to my star pupil? The answer is not quite as although this is an amazing dupe for Hoola at just half the price I much prefer the cooler tone of Hoola to the warmer tone of Honey Bronze. However, that is probably just my own personal preference or it might just be that I need to have a look again at the shades and see what the rest of them are like as I didn't actually go in and swatch this in store. That said, the packaging of this is actually far superior to Hoola which is a square, bulky, cardboard box type thing so if you hate that whole cardboard thing (I know many who do) then this could be a great option. 

Overall, this is a really good bronzing powder for the price and its definitely up there with some of my high end ones. The packaging, formula, pigmentation definitely tick all the boxes and this comes in four shades so I'd imagine its a great option for paler skinned ladies too! I mustn't forget to add that this is also a good cruelty free option!

What are your favourite bronzing powders? Have any of you tried this one? 

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