Thursday, 16 October 2014

Small Boots Haul and Giveaway

Everyone who blogs about make up or beauty knows that it is no longer possible to go into Boots and not buy anything. I went in the other day to buy razors (essential nameen?) and came out with this lot, half of which I'd not had the slightest interest in before; but when let loose with a debit card I decided that I just needed to try everything, and when that didn't work I whipped out the good old 'blog research' card. 

The first thing I got hold of was this beautiful Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze. Now I have had the Bobbi Brown version on my wishlist for rather a longtime and was even thinking of asking my mum to get me it for christmas, but of course everyone knows that drugstore brands are now bringing out so many dupes (which often beat the real thing I should add) that its almost impossible to spend over a tenner on a beauty product these days. I just think this is going to be so perfect for highlighting and even bronzing and even if I don't use it it can sit and look extremely pretty on my dresser, because that seems almost valid enough reason for beauty purchases in my eyes. 

Next, I went straight to the Bourjois counter, but didn't see much there until I saw this Shine Lipstick. To me it looked pretty similar to my Ysl Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick, which is 3 times the price of this, however I can confirm that the Ysl one is actually worth it for the formula (and the packaging). After this I could not help but notice the cheeky 3 for 2 offer on skincare and headed straight for this Good Things Manuka Honey Face Scrub. Now I don't really remember the last time I used a face scrub, but I think I've been missing the idea of one so I thought this looked like a good shout. I also haven't had a good experience with one of the other products I bought from this brand so I just wanted to give Good Things a second try really. 

To complete my offer I went to Botanics and picked up a Micellar Solution in All Bright since my Garnier version is running seriously low, and I'm just ridiculously eager to try a different brand. I also bought the Gentle Cleansing Cream to try as I remember having a Botanics Moisturizer with marshmallow in it before and it did wonders for my skin. Really hoping this will be a good and effective product for when I have blemishes as it won't irritate them or make them worse. Hopefully. 

Oh and I also bought a prize for a giveaway which I will be hosting to celebrate one year of blogging so stay tuned for when that goes live!

What have you guys bought recently? 


  1. These bits sound great! My latest shopping spree has been a Cult Beauty haul I shared on my blog the other day, I'm loving everything!
    Congratulations for your upcoming blogging anniversary! :) xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

    1. Had a wee look I'm so jealous of everything you got !! Specially the anastasia brow! :) xxxx

  2. I'm using the Botanics Micellar Water at the moment and am really enjoying it, the only thing is I find I need to using eye make-up remover as it doesn't remove all of my mascara...apart from that I love it! xo

    1. I normally use a cleansing oil to wash my face then use the Micellar water so my eye make up is already off when I use it :) xxxx

  3. These all look lovely! :)


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