Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Make Up: Creepy Doll

Hello all! Seeing as Halloween is almost upon us I thought I would do a super quick and cheap make up look for anyone who needs a last minute idea! I decided to do a doll because well its very fitting to the name of my blog! This is great because I literally just used what make up I had to come up with this and it took me less than half an hour! I know that costume shops can charge a fortune for outfits and make up so this is a good alternative!

I have friends who are make up artists and completely amazing at this type of thing, and I wish I could do amazing make up looks myself, but unfortunately this is the best I can do as I'm certainly no expert! Also I did try this look with eye lashes but they made my eyes look heavier rather than wider and bigger so I scrapped them. I also used a red lipstick on my cheeks instead of blusher to get a better flush of colour. Kind of wish I was going to a Halloween party now so I could wear this out!

Products used...

What are you guys going as for Halloween? 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

October Favourites 2014

Funny that...I don't recall having a September favourites post. Perhaps I was just using some of my golden oldies and hadn't been loving anything new or that I hadn't mention a million times before. I'm quite excited about today's favourites as I've found some amazing things which I never in a million years thought would become staples in my every day beauty routine.

First up I want to talk about a product which has transformed my skin of late and that is the Clinique Clarifying Lotion, which I have in number 3: combination/oily skin. I remember using this when I was about 16 and constantly trying to keep the spots at bay and it definitely works. I think it gives my skin a lovely healthy glow and exfoliates away all the yucky dead skin. Second on the skin care hot list are the Eyeko London Mascara Off Wipes. I got these a while back in my Latest in Beauty Glamour Edit Box (review here), and instantly fell in love with how easy it became to remove eye make up. The downside is that for a fiver you only get 10 wipes which I think it a bit rubbish as I would literally go through them so quickly! I use these for quickness after late boozy nights when I want to get into bed as fast as possible, but I think these would be amazing for travelling

Onto make up, and its all looking rather high end for me at the minute! I remember hauling this Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer a while back and I just thought I'd let you all know that I've fallen completely in love with it all over again. I used to use this when I first started getting really serious about make up, but switched to drugstore concealers and decided I didn't need it in my life anymore. Oh how wrong was I? This stuff is beautiful! Like its counterpart foundation it is super long lasting and genuinely covers everything so so well! It also blends really well with foundation so much so as it becomes quite undetectable. Also making the cut this month is the Dolce & Gabbana White Eyeliner Pencil, which has completely taken me by surprise. I got this in a set I bought off Cohorted recently and was definitely expecting to be giving this away, however, it is the most pigmented and creamy soft white eyeliner I have ever owned. Also, why did no-one tell me how bright white eyeliner makes your eyes look!? This is definitely something I'll be rocking for a while.

Also in make up I've been wearing my Mac Lady Danger to death. Admittedly, this isn't an easy colour to pull off so if your are wary of colour you may wish to avoid this orangey red, but I honestly think it is such a quirky shade and makes any fashion ensemble just that bit more exciting! As its a Mac lippy its obviously super long lasting and creamy, but that just goes without saying! To add to the list I have something here which after a short break I've only just went back to. I thoroughly remember the day when Benefit Gimme Brow was released and the whole world went crazy for it, but after an initial period of using it constantly I decided I wasn't all that convinced. I picked this up again a month ago and I have to say I really like it just now. It gives a nice natural look, and it's pretty quick and easy to use too! 

Last but not least is my holy grail tanning product of the moment. I wrote about this not too long ago here, and I have to say I am still absolutely loving this. It is just so super easy to use and the fact it develops after just one hour makes it perfect for someone like me who never seems to remember to pop on my tan in advance of a party or night out. The Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan is also good if like me you tend to get things a bit streaky or miss patches as it comes out like shaving foam, which helps it to apply evenly and leave your legs silky soft to the touch! This is staying in my collection for a long time!

What have you been using constantly this month?


Monday, 27 October 2014

Chocomania: If Only it was Edible

Around a week ago I got mega mega excited when I received an email from The Body Shop with an exclusive code for 40 percent off sale items! As many items were already discounted 50 percent I knew I just had to take the opportunity to get bits and bobs to stow away for Christmas, but of course I had to get myself a few things too! (I'm genuinely proud of myself for how little I spent so lets not point the fingers here.)

I think its probably every chocolate lovers dream to scrub chocolate scented goodness all over your body, to have chocolate scented baths and to eat masses upon masses of the stuff without getting fat. I have a huge sweet tooth and must admit chocolate is my downfall when it comes to being a healthy bunny. I know they say everything in moderation, but that doesn't tend to work for me as once I have a bite of chocolate there is just no going back and I have to eat the whole bar/box/tin. Its like I'm possessed or something. I don't know if anyone remembers me giving it up for lent, but the fact I actually managed to go the whole time without still amazes me. 

Anyways after obsessing about the Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip a few weeks ago I've found some amazing goodies from TBS Chocomania range to go along with it. I got the miniature scrub (mainly because I'm going away for a few days in December and it will come in handy) and the shower gel. The scent is definitely strong, but I don't personally find it over powering. I've always loved scents that were good enough to eat and this one is just as tempting. As you can imagine the shower gel is lovely and gives just enough lather to wash yourself without being annoyingly foamy and slippery. I love how TBS shower gels are soap free as they don't irritate your lady bits(I can't think of anything better?!) the way most scented products would. 

What are your favourite scents from The Body Shop

Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Blogging Myths

Shirt from Asos

Before I even started this blog, I knew (or thought I knew) a lot of things about the business. Watching people like Zoella go from being a shy girl filming videos in her parents house into a huge successful business women I always thought that bloggers knew exactly what they were doing, where they wanted to go, and that you had to be super confident or that you just had to do YouTube if you wanted to get noticed. So I've compiled a little list of blogging myths along with my own explanations as to why they aren't necessarily true. I'd like to add that this is just my opinion and if you disagree with me then that is absolutely fine as I'm certainly not an expert. 

1. Bloggers get free stuff all the time. 
This is the one that is the most confusing for me. You see, when I look on my bloglovin' feed probably about 50 percent of posts contain gifted products however I would completely disagree that these products are free. In my whole year of blogging I think I've been sent maybe 4 or 5 products, which were definitely not free. I was sent them to review which meant I had to keep my end of the bargain taking good photographs, writing good content and trying out the product for a good few weeks. This is extremely time consuming so I would say that, no, products are definitely not free; we work for them. Although that said I think without gifted products the content on our blogs would be too samey and we would have less products to write about so there are huge benefits for us bloggers too!

2. You have to live in London to be a successful blogger. 
Again I would disagree as although there are definitely much more opportunities for bloggers based in London, and as much as it kills me turning down invites to really cool events because I live too far away, I think that there are ways of making it without relocating. Some of my favourite bloggers such as gh0stparties live right here in Glasgow, and from what I have heard she is a very successful magazine editor! Where I live there are very little events or meet ups, but it works well in other ways too. For example, Glasgow based magazines, companies ect have a lot less bloggers to choose from whereas in London there are hundreds. Keep dreaming big ladies!

3. Bloggers are lazy. 
This one again is a little confusing for me as I do sometimes feel there is indeed a small proportion of bloggers who are in fact lazy. It really infuriates me when bloggers expect companies to be lining up to work with them just because they put 'blogger' in their bio. I also think a lot of people who start this lack real passion or enthusiasm and just want free goodies or an easy route to success, but this is definitely not an easy option. Believe me when I say I am far from lazy. I attend uni 4 days a week, work most weekends and use my free time for photography, writing, and networking. It sometimes amazes me that I still have time for a social life. 

4. Bloggers are superficial. 
Oh dear! Doesn't everyone like pretty things? Just because we use a large proportion of our time writing about lipstick doesn't mean that we are materialistic and care loads about how we look. I think to a certain degree everyone cares about how they look but before I started blogging I couldn't be seen in public without make up and now I walk to the shops all the time without it. There is definitely something quite empowering and confidence boosting about having your own blog. Besides I've written tons of posts that aren't just about make up and shopping, which include topics like university, and feminism. So I do care about other things! 

5. Bloggers all want to become famous.
I don't agree with this at all. As usual there are always going to be people who do want to use their blog to become famous or successful, but I think the majority of people that have become well known from their blog are probably the people that least expected it or saw it coming. I'm not interested in the slightest about being a celebrity or earning lots of money; I just want to earn enough money from blogging (and the other opportunities that arise from it) to be comfortable enough to live one day. Yup that's my dream and I want it badly, but I have many friends who just see their own blogs as a hobby, and thats perfectly fine too! 

What myths have you guys heard about blogging? 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Seasonal Favourites: Autumn

Does anyone else have random beauty products that they only use at certain times of year? I for one certainly do! Coming into the Autumn my skin is always a little drier so its important that I update my routine in order to keep it looking healthy. Also I often find that due to spending more time at home I'm partial to the odd pamper night ! 

The Nivea in Shower Body Moisturizer is just so perfect for this time of year as I'd much rather moisturize my body in a steamy hot shower than dance around my freezing cold room in my underwear. This one is cocoa scented, and super cheap too! I think it retails for around a fiver, but Superdrug and Boots always have it on special! Another body favourite is my Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar, which is perfect if you are having a girlie pamper night as you can use it to give each other massages (seriously hope there is no adolescent boys reading this). My mum and I often use this if one of us has been having a particularly stressful day. The scent is super relaxing but I must warn you it definitely lingers on the skin so if cinnamon isn't your thing I would opt for an alternative. 

Moving onto facial care I just mentioned that for some reason my skin seems to go from super oily to mega dehydrated in the autumn/winter. Although I never really used to rate the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser I've recently tried it again and I'm hooked! I wasn't sure if this would successfully melt away the mountain of make up I put on my face but it definitely does. I've even ordered a full size of this i just love it so much! I love the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop so obviously I have a small stash of the Vitamin E Moisturizer from all the times I was trying to make up £20 for free delivery or there was a 3 for 2 offer. Guys lets face it if you regularly read my blog you know how much I love The Body Shop! Anyways this cream is super hydrating and like anything from TBS smells absolutely divine! 

Again you can't forget good lip care during the colder weather, and Nivea is definitely my favourite. This Hydro Care Lip Balm is actually the only thing in my collection that makes a huge difference to my chapped lips. Everything else either irritates them or only soothes the irritation, but this actually helps to hydrate and keep them hydrated too! It also has added SPF so its pretty much a good all year round product. Lastly, I must admit I've probably went through about seven bottles of Amor Amor since I was first introduced to it. Admittedly it isn't the greatest scent in the world, but its just so cheap and cheerful and because I used to get this for Christmas when I was in Secondary school a few squirts of this always make me look forward to December. 

What are your must have beauty products for autumn?

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Samples #5: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Due to using The Body Shop Camomile Cleasning Oil for quite some time now and being very much in love with the stuff I somehow had really high expectations for this DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. However, I found that this was most definitely not the product for me, or anyone with oily skin for that matter. In fact I just didn't like this at all if I have to be brutally honest. 

First of all, it felt like I was smothering actual cooking oil all over my face. The texture was so greasy and heavy and the smell just wasn't to my taste at all. To be fair some of the best products don't have a very nice smell so of course giving it the benefit of the doubt I went in with warm water and washed my face. Instead of emulsifying the product just got more slippery and greasy and when I dried my face with a wash cloth I felt as though there was still a lot of residue despite rinsing my face with water 3 times! 

The worst part was when I noticed that half way through the day all of my make up had virtually slid off of my face and I looked really oily! For someone who has the matte look down to a T this is not something that normally happens, and I always find my foundations and primers ect do a great job of lasting the day. The only thing I can think of is that the oily residue from this product made my make up slide off my face. 

Safe to say I will be not buying the full sized version of this product as after using this 3 times it still seems to leave oily residue on my skin. This might work for you if you have dry skin, but if you are oily or wear a lot of make up during the day then I would avoid this as it is not suited for you at all. Overall I am so disappointed that this didn't work for me, but I still have a huge bottle of my Body Shop stuff to keep me happy.

What do you guys think of cleansing oils? Any favourite brands? 

Friday, 17 October 2014

1 Year of Blogging Giveaway

Hello everyone! It's recently come to my attention that I've actually now been blogging for a whole year! I'm so glad that I started this little journey a year ago as I cannot believe the opportunities, work, friends, and fun that it has brought me! At the time of writing this I've reached 600 followers, almost 20,000 page views, and the people I have met are incredible; whether that is fellow bloggers, people who work for brands or just people who like to read blogs! I'm genuinely so overwhelmed at the amount of support I have received from friends, family, and from people i don't even know in person. Everyone has been amazing and tried their best to understand why I sit on a laptop for hours at a time writing up reviews about concealer. It is hugely appreciated!

To say a huge huge thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my thoughts on the latest lipstick or to give me a huge boost of confidence when I'm feeling down I wanted to do a small giveaway. This is also open to everyone who reads my blog but can't follow via bloglovin as that option hasn't been made mandatory. I know most of my friends read and don't have the app so please feel free to enter girls ;)!  It will start as of today and will end on the 8th of November at midnight. Once a winner has been selected I will contact that person within 24 hours and they will then have 48 hours to reply with their details. The giveaway is also open to those overseas!

I just chose a couple of items I thought looked good from Seventeen as that is a brand that has been popping up everywhere in the beauty blogging world. I know that the Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter is fast becoming a cult classic so that was the first thing I bought. I also have included a new release which is the Define and Conquer Contour Kit (pretty sad I have to give this away tbh as it looks fab), and a Seventeen Nail Effects Polish in Gold Foil; perfect for the festive season! I know that my prize might not be to everyone's taste, or that some of you may prefer high end products, but I don't have a huge blog that makes lots of money so I've chosen products which I think will suit a wide range of people from a brand that I genuinely love. Any nasty or derogatory comments will be deleted!

Good luck, and a great big hug and kiss to every single one of you who follow or read my blog. Genuinely so much love for all of you ! <3


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Small Boots Haul and Giveaway

Everyone who blogs about make up or beauty knows that it is no longer possible to go into Boots and not buy anything. I went in the other day to buy razors (essential nameen?) and came out with this lot, half of which I'd not had the slightest interest in before; but when let loose with a debit card I decided that I just needed to try everything, and when that didn't work I whipped out the good old 'blog research' card. 

The first thing I got hold of was this beautiful Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze. Now I have had the Bobbi Brown version on my wishlist for rather a longtime and was even thinking of asking my mum to get me it for christmas, but of course everyone knows that drugstore brands are now bringing out so many dupes (which often beat the real thing I should add) that its almost impossible to spend over a tenner on a beauty product these days. I just think this is going to be so perfect for highlighting and even bronzing and even if I don't use it it can sit and look extremely pretty on my dresser, because that seems almost valid enough reason for beauty purchases in my eyes. 

Next, I went straight to the Bourjois counter, but didn't see much there until I saw this Shine Lipstick. To me it looked pretty similar to my Ysl Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick, which is 3 times the price of this, however I can confirm that the Ysl one is actually worth it for the formula (and the packaging). After this I could not help but notice the cheeky 3 for 2 offer on skincare and headed straight for this Good Things Manuka Honey Face Scrub. Now I don't really remember the last time I used a face scrub, but I think I've been missing the idea of one so I thought this looked like a good shout. I also haven't had a good experience with one of the other products I bought from this brand so I just wanted to give Good Things a second try really. 

To complete my offer I went to Botanics and picked up a Micellar Solution in All Bright since my Garnier version is running seriously low, and I'm just ridiculously eager to try a different brand. I also bought the Gentle Cleansing Cream to try as I remember having a Botanics Moisturizer with marshmallow in it before and it did wonders for my skin. Really hoping this will be a good and effective product for when I have blemishes as it won't irritate them or make them worse. Hopefully. 

Oh and I also bought a prize for a giveaway which I will be hosting to celebrate one year of blogging so stay tuned for when that goes live!

What have you guys bought recently? 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Morning After the Night Before

Pretty sure we've all been there. You know that morning when you wake up with your head pounding of headache from last nights vodka, roll over to discover your whole body aches from spending the night slut dropping with your besties, and bloated and ill from one portion of chips and cheese too many? Those mornings when you literally feel and look like a shit sandwich. Those mornings when you have to go to work or uni early bells after just 2 hours sleep. Well luckily I have some buddies that give me a hand when the hideous hangover dark eye circles and dull dehydrated skin come calling. 

Yup, we all know why I've chosen this one. Wake Me Up Concealer is literally the best thing for hiding sleepless nights. The formula aims to not just brighten, but also to provide full coverage, and I think this does such an amazing job of hiding pesky dark circles. The teeny tiny glitter particles do wonders for brightening my under eyes and I genuinely could not sing praises for this concealer enough when after just two hours sleep I hear my alarm go off at ridiculous o' clock. I also really recommend the Wake Me Up Foundation as its just fab!

Another firm favourite is my Origins GinZing Moisturizer, which I am now in the habit of slathering over my face as soon as I'm out of bed as the refreshing orange scent is unbelievably energizing. This little tub of delight is of a gel formula making it suited to all skin types and contains lots of lovely radiance boosting ingredients to help you get that 'I had 8 hours sleep last night' glow. I personally suffer from the worst dull skin after a night of drinking heavily so this is pretty much my best friend the next day. Its also the prefect base for your make up too, and I never seem to get oily with this! So here I am banishing the myth that oily skinned gals need to steer clear of radiance boosting products.

Last but not least, I recently discovered the No7 Beautiful Skin Energizing Mask, which is perfect if you have a spare ten minutes on hand to fake radiant, healthy skin. This is so simple to use and I love that you see the effects of this instantly! Its also a peel off mask which I am aware are not everyone's favourite, but I really enjoy this one, and I also see a huge difference in my skin for a few days after I have used it. And lets be honest how many times have I told you all that I'm completely and utterly obsessed with face masks?

What beauty products do you guys turn to to help hide a hangover? 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Chocolate Week With Cocoa Brown

For those of you who don't know, next week (Oct 13th-19th) is national chocolate week! Now who is excited?! I for one have a mega sweet tooth so any excuse to munch on chocolate for a whole week straight is something I'm bound to celebrate. 

I'm sure many of you will have heard of Cocoa Brown by now, and if you haven't then you really should have; the world is obsessed with their products right now! The packaging is so girly and quirky that you cannot help but be drawn towards it on the shelves of Superdrug! I use the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan once a week, and safe to say it has become my staple tanning product. As you can see from the picture it goes on dark, develops darker, but after just an hour you can wash the excess off to reveal a gorgeous natural tan. I personally would recommend leaving this on overnight as I do like to go quite dark with my tan! The smooth shaving foam like texture (wow I'm good with words) also helps with the application, and even though I'm someone who is notoriously bad at applying fake tan this always seems to go on relatively smooth and streak free! 

I always moisturize the day after tanning as I always think it not only enhances your tan but makes the skin look a lot healthier. At the moment I have been using the Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Moisturizer*, which I can confirm is as sweet as it sounds. This being an oil free moisturizer apparently helps to keep your tan perfect for up to seven days unlike other moisturizers which can make false tan fade and go patchy. Personally I can't say I've noticed a huge difference as my tan always stays in pretty good condition anyway throughout the week, but oh my this smells divine! If you love chocolate scented things then this is definitely for you; I literally could not stop sniffing myself. To add to this it sank into my skin pretty quickly too which is always a bonus as I can't stand doing the naked dance waiting on it to dry at this time of year. Oh, and it leaves absolutely no residue!

Overall, I think this has really helped keep my skin hydrated and healthy looking and Lewis keeps telling me I smell nice, which is always good to hear! Yet another Cocoa Brown offering that I have become completely addicted to! 

Do you guys like Cocoa brown? which are your favourite products? 

*Pr sample sent for review

Friday, 10 October 2014

Glo&Ray Fumo Silky Eyebrow Pencil*

When I was contacted last week about a new make up brand called Glo&Ray I immediately noticed how sleek and tasteful the packaging was, and how everything looked so high end and expensive! When I was asked what I wanted to try I automatically asked to try the Fumo Silky Eyebrow Pencil* due to my extreme love of a good power brow. As much as powder products give a more natural look I personally prefer using pencils and gels. I always find that the powder wears away half way through the day and I am constantly reapplying. 

As soon as this came through my letterbox I wanted to rip it open and try it! I was a little bit nervous at first as the colour I received (terra brown) looked a little lighter than my other brow products, but I was very much mistaken, and you can see from the picture just how much of a perfect match this is. I found that I had to soften the pencil a little at first before using, but I always do this with new eye pencils anyway so it seemed pretty standard really. This pencil reminded me A LOT of the Mac Eyebrow Pencil's which are around three times the price of this one. The application was definitely 'silky' as suggested by the name, and it seemed to last a good 8 hours before I had to do any sort of touch ups. 

 I think I speak for every girl when I say that a good strong eyebrow is a major boost of confidence on a gloomy Monday morning and I'm so happy that this is so quick and easy to use as I'm (almost always) in a huge rush. I love that this gives me bold brows in a matter of seconds, but without all of the hassle of using a powder and a setting gel, and now that I have found this range there are definitely going to be a lot more Glo&Ray products here on this blog. 

What do you use to fill in your brows? Are you a pencil or a powder gal? 

*PR sample sent for review


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Real Techniques Nic's Picks

I have been on the hunt for new make up brushes for a while so when I heard that Real Techniques were releasing this Nics Picks collection I knew I had to have them! I have loved this brand ever since its release and the brushes really are exceptional quality at such a low price. I've had most of my Real Techniques brushes for almost a year and they are still in amazing condition despite me neglecting to clean them regularly (we all do it)! I managed to pick these up from Superdrug for just £20, and for two face brushes and three eye brushes that is an amazing deal. 

My favourite of the bunch is the angled shadow brush which is an exclusive to this set, and is best used for applying eye shadow to the crease as the angled shape gets in there perfectly, and creates a gorgeous blended look with almost no effort at all. The other eye brushes are the base eye shadow brush which is pretty self explanatory, but no less fabulous, and finally the eye liner brush, which is another exclusive and something I'm so excited about. I've been needing a brush like this to use on my eyebrows and this one is perfect as its much firmer than standard eyeliner brushes. 

Now onto the face brushes; another exclusive in here is the cheek brush, which is basically a larger version of the expert face brush. Now I'm not really sure whether I would use this brush for blusher as its very firm, and I don't tend to wear cream blush, but I'm sure I'll find some use for it. Lastly, and my second favourite of the lot is the duo-fiber powder brush which is super soft and is going to make a great companion to my blotting powder; it creates an amazing airbrushed look! I'm literally so happy with all of these! 

What are your Real Technique favourites? Would you buy this set? 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Newbies #7

This week I bought ALOT of new things but oddly these were the only beauty bits I actually picked up! These were just things I was rather curious about and wanted to try out! I'm supposed to be 'skint' this month, but somehow I always manage to find money to buy make up haha! 

High Beam is one of Benefit's most famous products so its strange really that this is the first time I have ever tried it. I don't use a highlighter often, in fact, I rarely use one, but I thought I would pick this up to try as I reckon it will be a great contouring tool during the autumn/winter season. I know this probably won't be something that I will be reaching for often, but I can't wait to try it for nights out or even just to create a gorgeous healthy sheen.

The second product is supposedly a dupe for Benefit's They're Real Eyeliner, but I haven't actually tried that yet so I won't be making the comparison. I really like this so far. The texture of Maybelline's Black Shock Gel Liner is creamy and the nib makes it so easy to apply, but I would say that you definitely should use an eye primer with this as it can smudge throughout the day (I recommend the UD Primer Potion). Also I would add that you need to take your time with this as it can be quite tricky at first but the end results are worth it!

What products have you lot been buying this week? 

Saturday, 4 October 2014

I'm a Sucker For a Pretty Face

You know that way when sometimes something so beautiful just catches your eye and you know that it's meant to be? Rather like that awkward eye contact we make with attractive strangers on public transport? Well it's been happening to me for quite some time now. As some of you may know I have worked at House of Fraser for a substantial amount of time, and ever since I've been there this little beauty has been winking at me every time I walk past. Teasing me almost. I mean why wouldn't you want a shiny gold packaged lipstick displayed proudly on your dresser?! 

I finally gave into temptation the other week and bought the little bugger. I could have got a trusty Mac lippy for almost half the price but alas I caved in and spent £25 on a lipstick, and I actually don't regret it one bit. Formula wise its great not amazing but who the heck cares when it looks like this?! Whats more I plan on getting more of these as one is just not enough. So, is this the start of a beautiful relationship with the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick's or have I had one bite at the forbidden fruit too many? I'm supposed to be saving money for New York of all places.

Oh Mac, I really am sorry! 

(Its in shade 34 for anyone wondering)


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn Outfit of the Day

It seems like an age since I last did an outfit post, and they're definitely not my strong point (as you can probably tell from the pictures). However, I did think that to follow on from my autumn make up posts it was a good idea. As you can see I've been loving the monochrome trend recently and everything I seem to have bought in the past two months is black and white! 

My top is from New Look and is supposed to be cropped but I got it one size bigger so I'd be able to tuck it into jeans ect as I'm really loving the Parisian look at the moment. My skirt and belt are also from New Look, but from absolutely ages ago, and my little pumps are new from Office! Accessory wise I got my satchel from Zara last year which is the perfect size for uni, and my watch is Vivienne Westwood

What are your top trends for the autumn? 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Autumn Shades

By the time I came home from my summer holiday this year I unexpectedly found myself in a new season. Now, Autumn is by far my favourite season for make up as there is really nothing I love more than a flawless natural look avec berry lips or a lovely muted pink blush! It won't be long until we are all digging out the classic red lipstick and the sparkly eye shadows for the festive season so I'm very keen to make the most of my favourite autumn bits and bobs as much as possible! I don't tend to do eye shadow much so I've left those out for now, but I may do a separate post on my palettes later on.

BLUSH: During the summer I swear by coral cheeks, but come the autumn time I look for something a little more natural to compliment my paler skin. My all time favourite is Mac Mineralize in Gleeful which is such a gorgeous natural pink but with lots of shimmer to really highlight those cheekbones and give an amazing sheen. I also have a few other options which are much more budget friendly such as Sleek Flushed  which is less than a fiver and so so pigmented! It looks scarily red in the pan, but on the cheeks it gives the effect of natural blushed cheeks; it's perfect for winter too! Lastly, at just a quid MUA's Cupcake Blush is a lovely muted pink which is guarenteed to suit every skin tone and is great for creating a natural look.

LIPS: For an autumn lip I normally choose dark reds or berry shades, and tend to go for lipsticks rather than glosses or lip butters. Mac Rebel is an amazing pink toned purple which adds a gorgeous pop of colour to a neutral face and the longevity is just incredible! If you don't want to spend lots of pennies though, Topshop's Inhibition is a really similar colour for half the price, but with all of the quality in my opinion! (As you can see from the picture this one has been worn to death!) Another high street fave of mine is my Kate Moss for Rimmel in 107, which is a dark blood red. These lipsticks are the way forward if you want long lasting colour without a hefty price tag. I've also thrown in my Revlon Red Velvet Lip Butter for those of you who don't like lip stick or are a little shy for a bold lip. Again the Mineresse Lip Lift Moisture Shine in Neutral is one to go for if you prefer a nude lip; this is very moisturizing and not at all sticky and the dusty pink colour is so subtle and natural. 

NAILS: I normally switch summer pastels for deeper tones in the autumn time and this year has been no exception. I've been wearing Barry M's Cocoa so much as its such an interesting colour and really makes my nails stand out. I also love how glossy this is, and with a little help from my favourite topcoat this lasts a good 4 or 5 days. Another one I've been loving is the Topshop Matte Nails in Mystic Pink, which is a lovely raspberry colour just bright enough to make your nails pop, but not quite as loud as the neon brights of the summer. This has a matte effect which is great for autumn too! 

What are your favourite autumn shades?

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