Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Latest in Beauty Glamour Beauty Power List

Hello everyone!! I'm actually sitting here so excited typing up this post as this is definitely one of the best beauty boxes I've ever received ! I think that Latest in Beauty's boxes are always amazing value for money and usually contain a lot of products that you would actually use, but this one is just something else! Packed full of high end and drugstore beauty bits, and containing skincare, make up and one hair product, not to mention full of generous discounts should you wish to purchase anything; I think I'm in beauty box heaven! Oh and that packaging *swoon*! Lets take a look at what is actually inside the box then shall we...

I'm really happy to see this in here! Now that its coming in to Autumn/Winter I can see that my skin is noticeably drier and in much need of some serious TLC. Now this product is probably one of the most hyped up products in the beauty world, and my mum swears by this stuff ! This sample also came with a muslin cloth which you can never have too many of in my opinion! Oh and it smells amazing so I'm very much looking forward to my next bath time.

Now I rarely use fake tan on my face as I find that most of them break you out or clog up pores, but this one I think might actually work! I opened this up to find that it doesn't have the strong smell that most facial tanners do, and in fact if you didn't know you'd never be able to tell it was a tanning product. It also contains amazing skincare ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, and hyarulonic acid! 

I was pretty excited to see some Phillip Kingsley in my box as I'm a bit weird with hair products and constantly trying to find things that work for my hair type. I actually find that most of the time cheaper hair brands work for my hair better than high end, so I'm glad that this is a heat protectant and leave in conditioner rather than a shampoo or a treatment. This sounds pretty good as my hair gets really tangled and damaged because I wear it down quite a lot! It's also a nice generous sample too! 

Yaaaaay! Finally I get to try this mascara! I've heard that this is a good dupe for Benefit's They're Real, which is my go to mascara. However, I've noticed that it seems to dry up really quickly even though its expensive so I'm really hoping that this one will sway me back into using drugstore mascaras!

Unfortunately for me this lipstick isn't a colour I would normally go for as I always think nudes are so much better suited to those of use who are blessed with full lips rather than people like myself who have very small lips. I will obviously give it a try and if I don't like it I'm sure my mum will! The packaging and the formula of the product seem great though!

I'm quite happy that such a big sample of this has made it into a beauty box as Laura Mercier is definitely high end territory! I've read a lot about this primer but never really wanted to spend that kind of money on a primer so heres hoping I don't fall completely in love with it. Apparently it is infused with minerals and vitamins to keep your skin and make up looking fresh all day. Sounds fab!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't all that excited about these but I've used them already and I think these are amazing! With just a couple of swipes they remove eye make up, mascara, and eye shadow so easily and I think these would be so handy for weekends away or holidays to save you carting around a heavy bottle of eyeliner! I actually think I'm going to use the discount provided to order some of these off the website as soon as these run out !

What do you guys make of this beauty box? What products are yay and which are nay? 



  1. What are the prices like for this beauty box? |

    1. It's £15.99 I think! Amazing value in my opinion considering you get some high end things and most of the samples are a really generous size ! :) xxxx

  2. These all look really nice. :)

  3. The contents are really amazing! I really see hot it's the best you've ever received ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  4. That is a pretty impressive box of goodies! Would like to try out some of those products and for £15.99 that is quite a bargain!



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